Saturday, April 01, 2006

I know, I know, Here's the Blog!!!!

Hi everyone ~

So sorry for skipping a day of blogging, but I never got the opportunity to get to a computer. Here's a catch up from yesterday:
Connor was running a fever of 103.9 most of the day so they took blood for a culture to see if he was fighting off some kind of infection. So far, nothing has shown up in the cultures and the temp finally came down in the middle of the night on Friday. He is remaining on the c-pap machine for now with only 1 - 2 hour breaks twice a day. Since he is still having a difficulty breathing they feel that the constancy of the c-pap will help him the most.
Friday was a wonderful day of visiting for mama. Our first visitors of the day were special friends Shawn and Racquel. We had a great time of girl friend chatter along with a white chocolate mocha (thanks gals!!). This was both of their first times seeing and holding Connor so it was special for all of us to experience cuddle time together. We also received a visit from our special friend Rhonda as well. What a breath of sunshine you are, dear friend. Thanks for the visit and for the blessing of your friendship!!

Yesterday evening was the scheduled birthday date from daddy!! We kissed our little bug good bye around 6:30pm and we headed into Seattle for a comedy show that highlighted the differences between men and women. We had a lot of good belly laughs (which was good for us!) and we even went out for a steak & lobster dinner afterward. Let me tell you, the cafeteria can't hold a candle to that dinner!!! Thanks honey for the wonderful night out, we needed it.

When we returned around 11:30 Connor was still laboring with his breathing. They had to keep him pretty sedated through the night so that he would calm himself down. Today he has been awake off and on, but he doesn't seem as comfortable as we would have hoped from his surgery. The nurses say that it will still take a few more days of healing before we will be able to see much of a difference. Slow but sure they tell us, so we will continue to pray for the best for Connor. They started Connor back on Pedialyte today for 4 hours and he tolerated it quite well. Since about 2pm today he was able to get "mama's milk"!!!! We are so happy to see this transition take place. If he continues to tolerate it, they will SLOWLY begin to increase the volume.

Today daddy got to spend the entire morning alone with Connor. I understand they had many good talks and daddy even rigged up his mobile with his little critters on it so that Connor could watch them zoom by!! Connor told me, after daddy left, that he tells really good stories. I guess daddy was telling Connor all about Abbey and about all the fun times that he has planned for the 3 of them when Connor comes home from the hospital. He even told me that Daddy said we were going to go camping this summer!!! Connor says he has a lot of healing to do before daddy will take him on a trip, but it was evident from our little bug that he wants to work extra hard to get better so he can go. While daddy was with Connor today, mama went out for her annual planting event. Every year Fred Meyer does a plant sale and if you bring in your pots they will plant all your flowers (in the good dirt) for FREE. So now we have the back of the pick up truck filled with planters full of hope!!! Yes, hope!! The hope that they will actually grow. The hope that they will bud and then bloom. The hope that they will flower all summer long. And the hope that they will bring forth a sense of new life!! I can't wait to see the first bud, and then the first flower and to see how it will correlate with Connor's progress. It's always great to plant something so mama got a real dose of encouragement today!!!

Daddy went home with the big truck this afternoon to get all those planters watered and taken care of and he will return with us tomorrow. We are looking forward to a calm and restful night tonight. Oh, by the way, are buddy Brent's story was on King 5 news this morning in the health link section. I hope you all saw it. If you didn't you can go to and look for the story there. Baby Brent is on his way home today, so praise the Lord for answered prayer for the Emery family!!!! Way to go Brent, you keep getting stronger!!
All our love for today, we'll blog more tomorrow.
Lovebug Hugs,


Heather Bennett said...

YEA!!! You're back! I knew the last couple days had been busy for you, so I expected a delay in the blog, but it sure is good to hear from you again. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed you're night out.

We will be praying that tomorrow is a turn around day for Connor. No more pain from the surgery, no more laboring for breathing, just peace. I know so many will ask for his update tomorrow at church. We believe that God is healing Connor. It is a process, but it is healing. Isn't that so true of most things God "heals" in our lives. His works in our lives are usually not immediate. They are gradual and methodic. It is amazing when the work is done, we usually look back over a long process and see His hand at work "healing" us. I often have to remind myself of God's perfect timing. Wow, look at that Connor! You just continue to teach me so much about God! It amazes me! What a blessing you have been to so many lives already. I'm telling you, I believe you are well on your way to becoming that mighty man of God! I love you little guy! I just can't wait to see you and cuddle you. I have a special little work in progress to share with you some day. :) It's a surprise, but I can't wait to share it!

Randy and Lori, God's strength working in you never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for being so open to God through all of this.

I love you all!
Auntie Heather (#2) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,
Today, I was on the way to visit my mom and dads grave, and this little red car, went passed me. All over the back of it, were ladybugs, dragonflys, flowers, and other little cute bugs, and I just thought to myself, instantly, Oh God, Please continue to touch Connor today! I was so happy to get that in my view today, just added little reminders to say prayers through out the day. I am so glad you had a wonderful time for your birthday with Randy. I can't wait to meet him someday, and to get to hold little Connor. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!! Darina

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
It was good to hear from you again! I am soooo glad to hear that you have been getting out to do some regular things that we can often take for granted like buying plants and going on a date! I am glad to hear that you and Randy are keeping a good perspective. Once again, you 2 amaze me. We will be out of town for a few days so I am going to be going through Connor blog with drawals but I will expect to catch up on some awesome reports when we return on Wed. I still need to find a time to get over to see you guys...possibly at the end of next week?
Love and Prayers