Thursday, March 30, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning Mama...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Daddy and I are waiting for you to come down to my room so we can have a big party for you and eat this least that's what Daddy's been calling it but I think its a big cinnamon roll. All I know is ya better hurrrrrry up cause Daddy is starting to druel all over the "cake"....I think he's hungry!

Oh and Mama...I got you some of your favorite things??? But I won't have to find them in a special bag I got for you???

And one more thing...Mom...I love you and thanks for taking such good care of me...even though it is a hospital I've had lots of fun with you, you make me feel safe with you always by my side....Thanks Mom !

"Lovebug hugs to you Mommy"

ps....Daddy and I have been talking and think that you need to get away for a much needed break and to relax and laugh a I mad Daddy spend a little money and get you something........? And don't worry about me I'll be just fine OK !


Anonymous said...

Our very best wishes and prayers for a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY,

Your extended family,

Pat and John

Lisa said...

What a great picture - if that isn't the best birthday present staring you right in the face, I don't know what is! Lori, I pray you have a wonderful birthday!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Randy, Lori and Connor,

All of you continue to be in our hearts and prayers at this time. Thanks for all the updates on the blog.It it wonderful to see all the pictures also. Have a great birthday Lori!!

Much love,
Larry and Cathy L.

Brenda said...

Happiest of days to you, Lori on your birthday!!!

Thank you so much for sharing the day-to-day events in your and Randy's life with Connor - it truly is a blessing for those of us physically far away, but heart-close to be able to share in the triumphs and trials, but most importantly, to be able to pray with you.

Praying for an extra measure of blessings to you, Randy and Connor on your birthday!

Love you much!

Tsue said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!
I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you and hope that this day brings you all the Love and Happiness you deserve!
Connor is looking so wonderful, and for that I am glad!
I Pray for his recovery, and your family everynight!
I thank you for sharing this blogspot with us! It is very exciting to see Baby Connor's progress!
Hope you have the happiest of days!
You are Truly Blessed Parents of this fine Baby Boy!
God Bless!
And the Prayers will continue!
Lot's of Love!
Princess Xomaria & Her Mamma Ria,
And Princess Xomaria's Grammy,,
Fellow Children's Hospitol Parent's, (& Grammy!) ;o)

Heather Bennett said...

Happy Birthday Lori!
It is very late here in VA and I am calling it a night, but I am hoping you had a good birthday. I was so glad to see that you had another "treasure" day yesterday. Each one makes your heart soar! :) Praying that Connor's surgery went well today. I'll get up and check first thing in the morning when you will be fast asleep. :) I was so thrilled to see the pictures of Connor yesterday. What a BEAUTIFUL little guy. You can't help but fall in love with him! I'm also so glad to see he conspired with his Daddy to give you a special birthday morning.

I love you all so dearly! Give Connor a special kiss from Auntie Heather.

Connor, give your Mama a special Birthday Love Bug Hug from your Auntie Heather. OK?

Love you ALL!
Heather B.

Emma said...

Hi Auntie Lori & Uncle Randy,

I LOVE YOU! Tell Connor I'm so glad he had a easy time with the surgery today & I can't wait to come see him!!!

Love, Emma

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lori,
It sounds like Randy and Conner had your birthday all taken care of today. That's good to hear. I bet just having your little guy looking so good for the picture taken with Daddy was a great present in itself. Hope your birthday was a great one.

tyler said...

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday. I love you.
Love, Tyler

derek said...

hi lori and randy
happy brithday lori
i hope connor is doing well and you are to.hope you have fun in the hospitial.

love derek

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lori!

I can't imagine anything more precious than to see your little
guy all adorned in birthday attire,
just for you! (Way to go Dad!)
I talked to Maureen at church tonight, she filled me in and said
the surgery went good!
Enjoy your day...Many birthday blessings to YOU!

Love and prayers,

kyle said...

hi i wanted to wish lori a very happy birthday!!!!! what is that like 29 now? and i wanted to say that my birthday present to u is that i stoped smoking cigs! lol
glad the surgery was successful.

love kyle