Sunday, March 26, 2006

Million Dollar Smile.....

Let it be known to all those in blogger land that on this the 26th day of March 2006 our little bug has intentionally smiled for the first time!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!! What a precious gift Randy and I received tonight from Connor!! He had been on the c-pap machine throughout the night again and all day today, but for a brief time they decided to give him a break from it for a couple of hours. During that time Daddy was able to hold Connor. At almost the same instant as being placed in his arms, Randy was talking and smiling to Connor and just then he flashed a big smile right back in Daddy's direction. And where was Mama you ask?? Regretably, I was on the other side of the bed so I didn't see it. But I rushed over just as soon as I heard the squeals from Randy that he had smiled. From that moment on, the next 10 minutes were sprinkled with many smiles and girggles of laughter.

How precious that in spite of all the circumstances here at the hospital, Connor has the ability to show and exhibit joy!!! Just like it says in Proverbs, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Let me tell you, those little bug smiles were like a triple shot of the strongest medicine in the world to Daddy and Mama. I'm sure that Daddy will never let Mama live down the fact that "he" got Connor to smile for the first time. HA HA!! To tell you the truth, I couldn't be happier that it was Daddy that saw that slobery, gummy smile for the first time. I know that it will be a priceless picture he will hold in his heart forever. Just think, the next time Daddy goes out of the country in his airplane, Mama won't have to worry that we haven't been able to get that JC Penny photo done yet because he holds the most precious picture in his heart, Connor's first smile!!!
Needless to say, we will go to bed tonight feeling as though this has been the best day of the journey. We feel a bit like we've hit the jackpot because we received a million dollar smile from our little bug!!!

Thanks for the visit today Gary & Lynette, Lucas & Savannah. We had fun visiting with you! Hey Gary, we love your new phone toy!!! That was the coolest thing!! I'm glad Connor was awake for most of your visit so you could see those precious eyes that are as blue as the ocean. Although today was really no different than yesterday as far as progress goes, at least Randy & I were both able to hold him at different times and we were blessed with that cute little smile.

Tomorrow we will be meeting with a Pulmanary Specialist to go over Connor's lung situation. The docs were honest with me earlier today that Connor has significant lung damage. They say it is really just a matter of time for healing and that, more than likely, there won't be any permanent damage. We should get a better feeling of a treatment plan after tomorrow's visit.

I must say goodnight for now as my heart is jumping to return to our little bug for more smiles. Boy oh boy, this little guy sure knows how to melt his mama's heart.

Lovebug Hugs,


Heather Milliren said...

Oh Randy and Lori,

I am so glad that you received such a wonderful gift from Connor today! Remember to hold his smile close to your heart as there is nothing like that of your baby's first smile. I pray that Connor gives you one soon Lori.

We are praying for a good night's sleep for all three of you. And, that the doctors have some encouraging word for you tomorrow.

Love, Auntie Heather

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy & Lori,
I just learned of Conner and your situation the other day from Ryan & Tracy McD. I have been and will continue to be in prayer for Conner and all of you in this journey. I know, as you do, that God is faithful and He will see you through all of this.
Blessings and God's Peace,
Mark Zier

Anonymous said...

oH lORI, I was so excited to hear that Connor smiled for you all today!!! That is precious, and that you were able to hold him in your arms. I know that feeling. I am praying for you daily. I have not been able to listen to your audio blogs, I dont know why. Love and BugHUgs, Darina

JoAnn Collins said...

Hi Lori, Randy & little Connor
Sis. Bennet brought pictures of little Connor to Bible Study and it was sooo good to finally see pictures of your little guy. What a beautiful baby he is! Everyone was saying "so this is little Connor we've all been praying for" It puts a face to our prayers. It certainly has been a roller coaster ride for all of you but you have so many people praying for you and we know God is going to answer all our prayers. You are being continually kept before our church in prayer. We believe that soon you will be taking little Connor out in his stroller to see the beautiful spring flowers. WE love you all so much . Jo Ann & Rip