Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A great day for Connor

Today has been an excellent day!!! Connor was able to stay off the c-pap machine ALL DAY!!!! He managed to get by wonderfully with a high rate of oxygen. Nurse Gretchen was an absolute God-send to us today. She, by the very faithfulness of God, was able to see my need as a mama to have a "normal" day. We had a bath that was not rushed so Connor got to splash and play in the warm water and he absolutely loved it. Auntie Maureen was close by as our photographer (as you can see below with all those cute pics) and I think Connor just wanted to show off for the camera. After his bath we got to lotion him up really good so now he smells like a bonafide baby!!! We even got to dress our little bug in his own clothes!!! Wow, it was so great to see him in his cute little outfit. I realized that I hadn't seen Connor in clothes for weeks. Praise the Lord for nurse Gretchen's compassion for us. She knew it would do mama just as much good as Connor to have this day today!!! When Daddy showed up just moments ago he was smiling from ear to ear when he saw how good Connor looked!!! What a change of perspective just to see him dressed!!

Earlier this morning we were blessed with a visit from our wonderful friend, JoAnn from church. Thanks for your encouragement JoAnn. Your prayer with us was another highlight of our day. Thanks for making us part of your morning as you were off to work!!

Tomorrow will be the day for surgery for Connor. So far they are keeping it at 3pm, but we will update if this information changes!! Little Brent did really well during his first chemo treatment. I spoke with Susan this evening and she said to keep praying because it will be the next couple of days when the side effects could show up. We are trusting God that his side effects would be very minor and that the doctors would be amazed at how well he does.

We are off to bed now to rest and prepare for surgery day. Connor is fast asleep in Daddy's arms and I think I'm going to have to wake up Daddy and bring him to bed. Praise the Lord for a great day with our little bug!! Our prayers are for a good night for Connor too as he gains strength to withstand surgery tomorrow afternoon.

Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Oh Lori, the pictures of Conner are gorgeous!! He is such a beautiful baby!! I love looking at him!
We're praying for Conner during the surgery and praying for strength for you and Randy. What lucky parents you are to have little Conner.
Dakota and I prayed a special prayer for Brent. Chemo is really tough to go through and we are praying that he just flies right through it.
Our prayers are with both God blessed children.

Happy Birthday from Canada said...

Hi Lori,

So nice to see all the wonderful pictures and to hear he did so well yesterday.
Congratulations on your birthday!
and the very best wishes for a successful surgery for Connor today.

Love Oma and Opa Denessen.

Dad and Mom said...

Lori, I just want to tell you "Happy Birthday" even tho you are there in the hospital with Connor. I remember when you were a little baby, and what a wonderful feeling it was to hold you. I know that you are experiencing the same thing with Connor whenever you get the chance to hold him! Mom and I love you so much, and I wish we could do more to help. Thank you for giving Randy the freedom to come and Mow our lawn yesterday. Randy, I appreciate that very much. I wish I could be there with you today, but my work load just would not let me.
I love you, and Randy and Connor to. Love Dad.

Happy Birthday Lori

In my heart I can still remember saying to the nurses, "Did you say little girl" and they said yes you have a little girl. :)
Oh Lori now you understand more so much more how we felt when we have told you that story now that you and Randy have been blessed with your precious Connor. The only gift I know you want is for Connor's healing and that soon you will be able to go home and be a family and that's exactly what we are praying God knows your heart and He has everything in His hands.

We pray so much that the Lord guides every minute today and that the doctors will have unusal wisdom and confidence as they care for Connor. Oh Jesus hold Connor and give him strong strength and calmness in his little body so You can do Your work.

Lori I know I've shared this verse with you so many times but it's a good Birthday verse Zephaniah 3:17
"The Lord you God is in your midst, (right there in the hospital) a victorious warrior,
He will exult over you with JOY,
He will be quiet in HIS LOVE,
He will REJOICE over you with SHOUTS OF JOY."
yEA for your special day and also Grandma Robertsons special day too I think that's so neat to celebrate together :)

Please give our love to Little Brent's family we are praying so much for himm too just think when Connor and Brent are big they'll have lots of stories to tell about how the angels watched over them when their daddy's and mama's were so concerned for them there at childrens hospital we are so thankful you have met each other so you can be there to give support and so much prayer for your precious little ones.

Happy Happy Birthday and we'll talk to you later ok
We Love you very much and pleace give Randy our love too and big hugs for our little bug :)

Teresa said...


Happy birthday to a wonderful sister!!! So glad yesterday was so good! See you later - We just said a prayer at breakfast for a successful surgery for Connor & that he turns a corner to Great day's ahead!

Love & prayers, Teresa