Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Another surgery...

Dear friends ~
Connor spent the majority of the morning today wide awake and bright eyed. I had hoped that mama could squeeze one of the irresistable smiles out of our little bug, but somehow they must be reserved for daddy only. No such luck for mama today, but I did get to hear the priceless sounds of those cute little baby coos!!! Auntie Maureen was here with us for most of the day and she reminded me to capture all of those sounds in my heart because they only happen for a limited time only. So today, I recorded Connor's sweet voice in my heart and I will replay it on those particularly hard days to remember that there are better days to come.

The Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) team came for an evaluation of Connor today and they did a scope to look for any obstruction of his upper airways. Not surprisingly they did find an occlusion near his larnyx. I will have to get the paperwork to pass on the exact name, but the essence is that he has a "floppy" airway. They were concerned enough about it that they immediately put Connor on the surgery schedule for tomorrow. Yes, that's right, one more surgery. And to think the thing that brought us to Children's Hospital 29 days ago was a fever!! Who would have thought that our journey would take us this far.

We would certainly ask for your increased prayers for tomorrow at 6pm. The surgery is actually a lazer procedure where they will go in through Connor's throat and lazer away at the airway. The procedure is fairly new and was developed by the very doctor who will be preforming it. We have every confidence in Dr. Manning and he believes that this will dramatically increase Connor's breathing ability. The surgery will last only 40 minutes to an hour and he will be away from us for between 2-3 hours in pre-op, surgery and recovery. He will remain on the C-pap machine for at least 3 more days and then as he heals, they will be able to tell, fairly quickly, if the procedure worked for Connor. We are hopeful with the doctors that this is a step in the right direction. Please pray for a steady, accurate hand for our surgeons and for caring hands in the pre-op as they prepare Connor for surgery.

Today when Connor was off the C-pap machine, mama was blessed with snuggle time!! Oh how I love the feel of our little bug in my arms. We look forward to Daddy rejoining us tomorrow night as we will await surgery results together. Thanks, once again, for all of your mighty & powerful prayers. We are forever grateful for your love and support. Tonight our hearts are heavy with prayer for our little buddy Brent who we have mentioned in previous blogs. He is the son of John & Susan, our parking lot trailer buddies and he is starting his first Chemo treatment tonight. If you would, would you please say an extra prayer for 5 month old baby Brent. He needs God's strength and peace tonight as he proceeds with this new treatment for him. We will keep you posted.

All our lovebug hugs,


Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Dear Lori, Randy and Connor:

My heart leaped tonight when Grandma RaeAnn shared with me the results of today's ENT team consultation. Praise the Lord that they saw Connor today and immediately put him on the surgery schedule for tomorrow night. And, Praise the Lord that the doctors who have perfected this procedure are part of the Seattle Children's Hospital staff. Make no mistake--this is no coincidence. God is so good! I will be praying for Connor and the surgeons hands, too.

The three of you have been on my mind and heart today--and everyday. I just long to drive down to see you and give you each a big hug. I can't wait for the day. Please know that I am sending lots of lovebug hugs, prayers and smiles your way.

Tonight at the dinner table Brayden asked to pray for our meal. It was such a tender, heartfelt prayer. When he finished I jumped up to write down what he said to the Lord. I wanted you to read it so you know that your four year old nephew is truly praying for you.

"Dear God,

Thank you for a GREAT day. Thank you for this food Mommy made.

Please help Connor Scott to grow UP because we don't want him to grow DOWN.

And God--I love you God! (Can you hear it in your head?)

Abbey is my best friend.

Please bless Auntie Lori and her WHOLE family, because we love them!

God--I love you God!

In Jesus' Name,

Goodnight sweet family! I love you all so very much.

Auntie Heather

P.S. I printed out two close-ups of Connor and I have them in the kitchen. Whenever I walk past (which is many, many times a day) I just can't help but think Connor is the sweetest little nephew in the whole wide world! And that is the truth!

Auntie Maureen said...

Randy, Lori, and Connor,
Yikes! Was I really there most of the day...time flies when the company is as entertaining as you are little bug. Thank you for the sweet coos you gave to me as your mama was cuddling you. You certainly have the cutest blue bug eyes. We will be praying tomorrow as we do daily for you sweetheart. Although the boys don't blog you (that sounds kind of funky doesn't it) they do ask how you are doing on a daily basis and look forward to Uncle Randy calling their dad so they can hear what is going on with the bug.
Thank you for sharing your little bug with all of us. He is definately the kind of bug you love to have around.
We love you all forever,
Larry, Maureen, Kyle, Tyler, Derek and Mollygirl

Denessen's said...

Randy, Lori & Connor,

You all are in our prayer's continually. This is a wonderful God given laser surgery that our "little bug" will have tomorrow & we pray the presence of the Holy Spirit be upon everyone in that room tomorrow!! We also pray for a neverending flow of peace during the waiting period. I pray that God will uplift & Comfort you when you need it most.

Connor is the luckiest in the world to have you two as his parents!!!

We love you all,
Ted, Teresa, Chloe, Emma & Jake

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,

We pray for Randy,Lori and our precious Connor right now, We pray that you would give Randy and Lori a perfect peace as Conner goes into surgery tomorrow. We know Lord that you and your heavenly angels will surrounding our little lovebug during his surgery. Guide the Doctors hands give them wisdom in preforming this procedure.

We love you Randy,Lori & Conner !!!!!!!

Love from Les,Marsha,Erica,Carly & Haley

Randy and Cynthia Drake said...

Dear Randy, Lori and Connor,

We are praying for the hand of God to direct the hands of a man for Connor tomorrow evening. We believe that God will answer all of the prayers sent to the throne of grace on Connors behalf.
We love you and know that we are always here for you.

With a grateful heart,

Randy and Cynthia Drake