Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bath time fun.....

Bathtime fun with mama and nurse Gretchen &
Auntie Maureen. I think this is my mama's favorite
picture because I'm looking right into her eyes. She
says I melt her heart...I guess that's just what little
bugs do!!!

Cute as can be in my own clothes with my new blankie
and my new "little bug" and my little lamb.

Warm & clean and snuggly with my little lamb
"bashful" looking over my shoulder. Hey, did you
see that my mama got me a fun new blankie with
a cute elephant on it. When I was on the C-pap
Machine mama and daddy kept calling me a little
elephant because of the hose that was attached to
my nose. When mama saw this blanket, she knew
she had to get it for me. Don't tell anyone this, but
I think I have my mama wrapped around my finger.
I think they call it "being spoiled", but I just call it
being loved!!!

Little bug sleeping peacefully with nurse Gretchen close by.

How cute am I in my bath? Mama had to hold up
all my cords so they wouldn't get wet. Wow, I'm
really plugged in to alot of stuff!!!

Mama and little bug having a litte "make out" session!!
Sssshhhh....don't tell daddy or he might get jealous. Let's
keep it a secret in blogger land, OK. Ha Ha

Wide awake and sharing my binki with my little lamb.

After my bath nurse Gretchen (one of my favorites)
brought me a warm towel for my bottom and a warm
towel for my top. Wow....I think this is like going to a
spa!! No wonder my mama likes to go to those places!!!


Bruce & RaeAnn said...

Lori, this is the best pictures we have seen up to this date. Thank you soooo much for sharing these with us. Give Connor a love bug kiss from Dad & Mom. We love you!

Anonymous said...

I love the pic. of Connor in the bath, looking up at you with his cute little head. He looks SOOOOO sweet!! He looks so good in all the photos, who would ever know that he is sick if it weren't for the tubes in all the photos. We are praying that all of this will disapear soon........a quick healing and recovery for Connor! Lori you and Randy are such great parents.

Jennifer said...


What a handsome little man you have!!! The pictures were fantastic. I shall be praying for you all tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing the pics!!!!
Jennifer Klefstad

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Oh Connor aren't you just adorable! I think my favorite picture of you in this latest entry is the one where you are sharing your binki with your little lamb. Lori, are your eyes "yeaking" yet? What a precious little lamb to share with his little stuffed lamb.

I will be praying for all three of you tonight. I will pray for a good, solid night's sleep so that you are all refreshed for tomorrow's surgery.

Good night Little Bug and Mommy and Daddy!

I love you,

Auntie Heather

Tsue said...

Look at this precious Angel!
He sure looks like he loves his Bath time!
He is absolutely adorable!
And he looks so cute looking at his Mommy!
Thank you for sharing!
Praying for Baby Connor's recovery, and for your Family always!
Princess Xomaria's Grammy
Fellow Childrens Hospitol Mamma (Grammy!) ;o)