Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One more pic...

This was me first thing this morning. I actually got
to get out of my bed and into a bouncy seat for the
first time since I was at home. My nurse thinks I'm
kinda finicky because I like it to vibrate and I like to
be bounced. That means you can't walk away once
you put me in it. I guess I just like having people fuss
all over me. My mama says I look really cute in my
bouncy seat, but I think I look the cutest when mama
and daddy hold me, that's my favorite!!


Anonymous said...

Good Evening,
Oh Connor looks so adorable!!! Oh Lori, I did not know that it was just a fever that brought you in, well praise God you took him in for that. God is soooooooooooooo Good!!! We will also pray for Brent. Love ya, Darina

EMMA said...

Dear Connor,
I hope you have a good night of sleep tonite. You look soooooo cute in all your pictures!!
I love You.

Love, EMMA

Chloe said...

dear baby Connor,

You are so sweet. I like your orange binki, I see it in almost every picture!!! I love you & hope you rest well tonight.

May God's angels watch over you.

Love, Chloe

Haley said...

Dear Connor,Lori & Randy

I Love you, I Love you, I Love you,
so much. I love to see all those pictures. Night Night Sleep Tight Little Bug. Love You Haley

Carly said...

Dear Lori & Randy

I'm praying for Baby Connor to have a good day tomorrow. I love to see all those pictures. It looks like he liked his bath!!!
I Love you all-Love Carly

Teresa said...

Lori, Randy & Connor,

Love all the pictures...they are the best yet!! Connor is so adorable with those big ocean eyes....I can imagine he is saying I am the luckiest guy to have great parents like I do!
Praying tonight for good rest for all three of you & that surgery is a success tomorrow! Sounds like you have a very good doctor performing it.
Will actually see you tomorrow so good night and see you soon!

Love bug hugs, Teresa