Saturday, April 08, 2006

More Pics...

Randy and Lori saying farwell to baby Brent on Friday as he prepared to go home for the second time. Please continue to pray for Brent and his family as he begins his recovery at home with his precious family. Way to go Brent!!! You keep getting bigger and stronger and we will see you soon!!!

Bye, bye Daddy..We will miss you sooooooo much. Please be safe when you fly and come back to us as soon as you can. We love you, Mama & Little Bug!!

Saying goodbye is never easy for Daddy.....He just wanted to hold on as long as he could!!

Daddy whispering in Connor's ear to be a good bug and to get better soon!!!

Mama and little bug.....He can't quite hold his binki in his mouth on his own, but mama is always close by to help out.
This is Connor holding onto his G-tube. He is pretty crafty and he pulls it out quite frequently! Oh little bug, what are we gonna do with you??? Ok, we'll love you forever, how does that sound?


Auntie Teresa said...

Lori, Randy & Connor,

Randy, What a precious picture of you & Connor (telling Connor to be a good get better & especially the one up above it.) It really melted my heart...
I'm sure you will be careful & come back as soon as possible to be with Lori & your little cute "bug". We Love You Lots.

Lori, as for you my dear sister...for cryin' out loud we all have grumpy day's and you of all people deserve to have one! For that matter we ALL need to be forgiven.....blast it all...that stupid P.M.S.!!! HA HA!!

On a different note:
Please remember that we are praying for you constantly & there is not a day that goes by that you are not all are in our minds & thoughts....

Connor, we are looking forward to brighter day's ahead for you....Hope you feel better soon, Little lovebug. Hugs & Kisses XOXO

Auntie, Teresa

Anonymous said...

Connor looks a bit more peaceful in the pix today. Hopefully he is getting stronger and will gain even more weight.We will continue to pray. Just wanted to send love from sunny California.

Before you know it, you will be taking Connor and his girlfriend to places like we're doing for Steven. Yikes, can you believe how fast that happened. Now, Timster is dying to have a girlfriend. Look out, it will be here before you turn around. :) Cudlle that little boy as long as you can.

Love, kisses and sweet dreams!

Linda Hall said...

Dear Lori and Randy,
What a precious little bug you have..Such a little warrior...He has an amazing calling on his precious life..You are doing a wonderful job of parenting him and loving little Connor through this time of great trial...Please know that you are much apart of our thoughts and prayers daily..May you continue to find your strength in the power and hope of Jesus who alone understands the deepest needs of our hearts..In Christ'Love, Linda and Don Hall