Saturday, August 26, 2006

Day 3 after surgery and still going strong !!!!!

Dad here for a quick update. As you can tell I like pictures and like the saying goes " a picture is worth a thousand words", so if my calculations are correct this post has at least 5000 words in it !!! Not bad huh!

Ok here goes....Today started out with Littlebug doing very well with all his numbers looking good except that he still had that nasty garden hose in his nose....AUGH

How would you like to have that big tube up your nose....needless to say when the doc's decided to extibate, Daddy and Mommy were very at about 0830.....

...out came the ventilator tube and finally our Littlebug had some also helps to have your little buddies around for support too!

If you've ever wondered where we live....well, its here Lot 4 Emergency Parking. We were preparing for a long haul with this suregery so....

.... we asked Grandma and Grandpa Robertson for the use of their motorhome, which they so graciously let us use...Thanks Mom and Dad! But now we are "hoping" that we may not have to use our "home away from home" that long!! And maybe, just maybe, my hope as a Daddy can come true sooner than we all expected and that is to............. at home with my littlebug all snuggled up, sleeping in Daddy's arms on our couch!!!!???????

Lovebug hugs....Randy Lori and Littlebug


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates. I look every few hours and we are so happy things are going so well. Praise the Lord for all the good news. So glad Lori is getting some rest and you are there to relieve her Randy. Praying for a speedy recovery and that there will be no infections! God bless, Shirley R.

Anonymous said...

Wow what another great praise report! I am sooooo blessed to hear all of these great things and to see this progress already. Randy you are such a great husband to send Lori home for a break. The 2 of you are such an incredible team. Connor looks great in the photos and it will be so fun to look at each photo coming up with one more and then another "one more" wire or tube being taken away!

Shawn said...

The pictures of Connor will bring about a great celebration at church today!! Looking forward to the day we see Connor dancing in the aisles and clapping his hands worshipping His Creator. Shawn Z

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

What wonderful news! I can't wait to update our church this morning. Praise the Lord for all of Connor's great progress. And, good job Randy on giving Lori a much needed break. I will pray that she can just rest and "unwind" a little while she is away from her favorite guys. Yes, I think you should get her to do this more often.

Have an amazing Sunday filled with hours upon hours of healing.


Auntie Heather Milliren & Kids

Bug said...

Oh man you guys he looks so good!!!! I love the post Randy... Bug Hugs Shiela and Sky

Anonymous said...

Great job Randy at the post! You are becoming a natural! The pictures are amazing. Connor looks great. Looking forward to seeing praise report after praise report and news that you will get to go home way sooner than expected and get back to those naps on the couch at home!
Have a great night!
Love, Sue, Randy & family

Susie - Maggie's Mom said...

What great pictures. I just love seeing the chubby little cheeks, legs and arms!! He is a growing little boy - that is awesome!!