Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prayer Focus For Surgery Day Tomorrow!!!

The Lord laid it upon our hearts last night to come up with an hourly prayer focus for our army of prayer warriors that will be upholding us tomorrow when Little Bug goes into the operating room. It is our desire that we all be in one accord and that our hearts be in unity as we pray for Connor and the entire medical staff that is responsible for his care. If you wouldn't mind printing this post out so that you can have it close by tomorrow for prayer, that would be great. We ask that you take the first 5 minutes of every hour to say a specific prayer for Connor as we have listed out requests hour by hour. Thank you for your faithfulness and we anticipate God's healing hand to be upon Connor and we hope for a miracle of healing to touch his body. We will update frequently as we get info from the operating room tomorrow. Our family will be here fighting the battle with us for Connor tomorrow, so we are not alone. Below is the hour by hour prayer focus!! Thank you for praying!!!

Please remember this scirpture throughout the day:
"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us...to Him be Glory throughout all generations for evermore!" Ephesians 3:20-21

7AM - The Surgeon (Dr. Lester Purmitt) - Pray for calm and steady hands, for accuracy and for keen wisdom and decision making ablility for every step of the surgery.

8AM - Anethesiologist Team - Pray for accuracy of IV placement and for optimal pain management for Connor so that he doesn't feel any pain, cuts or pokes.

9AM - Connor's Overall Strength - Pray for strength to tolerate the intrusion of surgery and for strength of his spirit to fight the fight of his life and not give up!!! We are not ready to say goodbye to our Little Bug, so we are asking you to pray that God would spare his life and allow him the opportunity to grow into that mighty man of God we all keep talking about.

10AM - Connor's Heart - Pray that the repair would be done without complications and that his heart would respond quickly to the help that the surgery will provide for his body.

11AM - Connor's Lungs - Pray that his lungs would reduce fluid and that they would respond to the heart/lung bypass machine without rejection. Pray that he would quickly come off the artifical means of heart and lung support without having to go on complete life support.

12PM - Connor's Parents - Pray for increased faith to believe in Connor's healing. For strength to withstand the hours of waiting for news reqarding Connor's progress. Pray that hope would rise within us and that we would be joined in unity as we battle for our precious son.

1PM - Operating Room Team - Connor should be close to trialing off the heart/lung bypass machine and he should be ready for pressure tests within his newly repaired heart. Pray for quick response time and wisdom for the docs to see any potential hazards or obstacles that need to be addressed.

2PM - Post Operative Care Team - Pray for his nurse Mari (whom we love!!!) for her alertness to Connor's needs, swiftness in acting upon any complications, and safe administration of any additional critical care.

3PM & On - Connor's Recovery - We are asking God for a miracle in Little Bug's recovery. Zero infections, complete lung strength and healing, complete heart function and heart strength and for an overall quick recovery time.

We are prepared for a long haul tomorrow and beyond, but we also know that God could, in an instant, heal Connor completely. We ask for this miracle to be done on Connor's behalf and if it be the Lord's will to preform this miracle for Connor, we already give him the glory, the praise and the honor for his mighty works. We look forward to sharing Connor's continued story of healing and we will update best we can throughout the day tomorrow.

Pray for a peaceful night for all of us as we prepare for this most important day in Connor's Adventurous Journey!

Lovebug Hugs,
Lori, Randy & Connor


Bug said...

Its printed and I will be diligent in our prayers for little bug... May God give you all rest tonight for unveiled strength tomorrow!!! Love You ALL Sheila

Auntie Maureen said...

Fellow prayer warriors,
If I may add one more request. Pray tonight before you go to bed that the entire team of doctors, nurses, and others who will be with Connor have a restful night of sleep and are refreshed in the morning and able to focus completely on our Little Bug and his physical needs. Thank you in advance for your faithfulness to Lori, Randy and Connor.
Love, Auntie Maureen

Debi said...

Bless you for outlining the day for us....we will all be praying throughout the evening (thanks Auntie Maureen you couldn't have said it better!!) tomorrow and all the days to come with strong prayers for this precious little one...and for your family....Lori take care of yourself I will be praying for you....

Many prayers and blessing to all of you....


Princess Morgan said...

My Dear Friend Connor,

I will be there with you tomorrow, during your surgery, holding your hand while you dream. I will not let go as you endure your great fight! You are strong & have the strength of so many behind you. I'll meet you at the second star to the left of the moon. Sweet dreams! Love & strength to your wonderful parents too!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori and Randy
James and I are out of town but have been praying today and will continue to do so as you listed for tomarrow as well. We love you guys and are looking forward to hearring great things
Tammy and James

Dan and Carol said...

Hi Randy, Lori and Connor,
Carol and I will be praying and thinking of you tomorrow and in the days ahead. May the peace that only Jesus brings be with you. Love, Dan and Carol

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy & Lori,
We will be definitly praying tomorrow and for the days to come. We are looking forward to hearing good reports of how everything went. I am passing on this post for others to pray pray pray. We love you guys
Sue & family

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Dear Randy, Lori and Connor Scott~

Thank you so much for writing the specific prayer requests for tomorrow. I will definitely be praying them. And, Dad and Mom Milliren will call me with any updates. As soon as I hear from Bryan, I will also give him the prayer requests and updates, too. I am truly sorry that we cannot physically be present with you at CH. But, we will be there in prayer. We love you so very much.

"Please, Lord, give our little family a good night's rest and be with the entire medical team tonight, too. Lord you know that tomorrow is a huge milestone in Connor's life. Be with this precious Little Bug tonight and throughout the surgery. Thank you Lord. Amen."

Goodnight sweet family!

Love, Auntie Heather

Kristine Sorensen said...

Count me in as one who will pray tomorrow.



Heather Bennett said...

Good morning! Yes, I know it is a difficult morning, filled with many tears and fears, yet it is still a good morning. This is the day that the Lord has made. God has always known that this day would be the day of Connor's heart repair, even when nobody else knew. When you were wondering if the doctors would ever make the decision to go forward, God knew of this very day. He knows what this day holds and what tomorrow and everyday going forward holds for your family. You can REST and TRUST and HOPE in that. When you are waiting for the Doctor's report, God is in the room with Connor and already knows the report. He knew long ago. You hold on to God each and every moment of this day. I know that your family is there with you holding you up as the battle rages around you. Know that an army of prayer warriors is standing along with you and your family, holding you up, holding Connor up, and fighting in the heavenlies for you all. I pray that you will know a new peace. A peace that surpasses any peace you have felt before.

I love you all!
Sister in love!

Anonymous said...

May the Blessed Lord be with you, touch you and hold you and baby Conner today. You will be in my prayers throughout today as you have been for months now. God Bless your family.

Brent's dad said...

Praying the 10am prayer right now in Cannon Beach.

wyndi steve and izabell said...

we are praying for you connor and your mom and dad! your a strong little boy!

love wyndi steven and izabell

Susie - Maggie's Mom said...

Just letting you know that we are all praying for Little Connor today - especially today as he gets his heart repaired. And praying for you and Randy as well to have the strength to make it through this most difficult day.

Bug said...

Staying strong in prayer for you little bug, your in my thoughts every min today! I hope you are doing incredable!!!! Hugs Sheila and Skylar (big bug)

Michelle said...

Have been praying for Connor all day today - and for the doctors, nurses, recovery, good health, and for his parents as well.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you ALL!

Prayers for little Connor.

Jon and Cheryl Maulin

Jackie Glassaman said...

I am praying Connor's surgery goes smoothly, and he recovers quickly.

Heart Hugs,

Jackie Scott and Trevor

Sheila and Keith Eichele said...

Wish I was there to give you guys some BIG hugs, by far this has got to be the hardest day yet. Please know Im thinking of each and everyone of you there...

Anonymous said...

Dear Little Bug,
We have been praying without ceasing all day. Jesus Loves the Little Children, All the Little Children of The World!!! You know, Little Bitty Bug is still in heaven and is asking Jesus to keep Big Brother safe.
Lori, Mom & Cliff are on their way up to Washington and hope to see you and Little Bug.
Love & Prayers,
Karen Carver & Crew