Monday, August 21, 2006

Surgery is upon us.....

The surgery date has been set for Wednesday morning the 23rd. We met with the surgeon and docs today and went over the entire plan for Connor. There is no other road to travel than the narrow road to the operating room. We have been informed of all the many risks and complications that may occur and we are prepared the best we can for Wednesday. Today they placed a central iv line in Little Bugs right juggular vein. When he goes into the OR on Wednesday they will also place an artirial line in his arm or leg. He is basically ready for Wednesday and they are going to keep him fully sedated and paralyzed until surgery and probably for up to 2 weeks after surgery as well. We are home for the evening to sleep and get rest for the upcoming days. We will head back to Children's tomorrow after lunch and spend the rest of the time there with Connor until surgery.

I will post more later but I wanted to get the basic information out as soon as possible.
Lovebug Hugs,


Bug said...

Thank God!!! Connor your going to do so good little bug, your so strong and such a fighter. Your in our thoughts ALWAYS!!!! Love You Sheila

Pogreba's said...

We will be keeping all of you in constant prayer for the upcoming days. Our God is mighty and mighty are his works. He is miaking a mighty man of God out of your precious little son. Keep trusting Him and his plan for the healing of your sweet little bug.

Richele & Nick Pogreba

Anonymous said...

So glad the surgery is scheduled. We will continue to pray pray pray for you three. We pray God will multiply your rest the next couple of days and that he will calm your hearts and give you incredible peace during this difficult phase of your journey. We love you guys!!
Sue, Randy & family

amy flege said...

Someone on our T21 forum informed us of your little guys fight. I hopped on your blog and cant even imagine what you must be going through inside.
Please know we are thinking of you and praying that all will go well for little Connors surgery and that God will grant you strength and peace. Hang in there!!!
Lots of Hugs
Amy and Mayson (T21)

Kristine Sorensen said...

Yahoo... although it must be incredibly scary I'm glad to hear that surgery has been scheduled! We will pray!

If it is at all some help or assurance or feels supportive...I underwent heart surgery (to repair an aneurism and graft a new arota root and valve... genetic deformity...pretty extensive) at the U.W. two years was very, very scary, but I did feel complete confidence that God was present every step along the way, and I did feel I had such good care! As a past patient at Children's and current cardiac patient at the UW I do feel that they do know their stuff and care deeply for the people they work with...
You are walking a scary road, but you are not alone. God is at work, and with you constantly, and there are people who, although the journey is not exactly the same, know and have compassion for the pieces of the journey they have walked.

Peace to you, healing from God to Connor...

Kristine Sorensen

Michelle said...

So glad to hear they have finally decided to do his surgery this week! Will be praying so much for Connor on Wed morning, and for the doctor's, and for you both...I can't imagine what you're going through right now. I pray that as hard as it may be you're both able to get a good nights rest so you have strength and energy for the coming days and weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori, Randy, Bug and Bugaboo,
We are so glad that Connor's surgery is happening on Wednesday. We are with you in our thoughts and hearts. One day, in the future, you will look back on this time with fresh eyes and realise how you have touched so many people - so deeply. Sweet dreams, and we hope you have peaceful time with Connor on Tuesday.
Love Heidi, Ron and Oscar

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Hi Randy, Lori and Connor Scott~

Praise the Lord for the team's decision to move forward with Connor's heart repair. We know that this is the next step in healing Little Bug's body. We will all continue to pray for the Lord to guide each surgeon's hands, for extra attention from each ICU nurse, and for extra rest for the three and one-half of you over the next two nights. We are confident that the Lord and His mighty band of angels will continue to surround Connor at CH.

We love you,

Auntie Heather Milliren & Company

P.S. Thank you for your prayers for my mom. She is at home and doing really well tonight.

Tammy and Parker said...

We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Connor sounds like such a little fighter!

I hope you are able to get some rest.

The Denessen's said...

Randy, Lori, & Little Bug,

We are here praying. Thank the Lord that the doctor's responded to the need to do Connor's heart repair on Wed. It has been a long time coming & we're praying that this is the path to way better health for our precious little Nephew. He has touched our lives so much that I can't even put it into words sometimes. Our heavenly Father knows what Connor's job was though & he has done such marvelous works so far. He is such a little fighter & we love him so. We plan on being there Wed. (not the kid's just us!) to wait for the good news of a successful surgery.

Love & prayers, Ted, Teresa & kids.

Kim said...

We will keep Connor in our prayers. I will pray for The Lord to be with the doctors and give them wisdom and guidance, to strengthen Connor, to give you and Randy rest, assurance and above all to give all of you the peace of knowing that HE is with you always.
Peace Be With You

mum2brady said...

Lori - you are all in our prayers! Praying that Connor's surgery goes well, without any complications, and that your little lovebug recovers well and is home soon. I can imagine how difficult this all is, we didn't have open heart surgery or many medical complications, but I know we could have, and my heart and prayers go out to you! Connor is a very special little boy and has touched our lives. We are praying and holding him close to our hearts....

Anonymous said...

Many heartfelt prayers for Connors upcoming surgery.
He sure is a tough little guy to over come everything he has gone through.

You will all be in our thoughts during this time.

Jon and Cheryl Maulin

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Hi Randy & Lori,

I didn't want to disturb you today with a phone call, so I thought I would leave you a message here.

I will be praying continuously for Connor tomorrow morning and throughout the day. I am sorry, but I cannot be with you at Children's. I will be helping my mom with her post-surgery recovery as my dad returns to work. I will check in with Dad and Mom Milliren for updates. I hope that you both understand. I imagine you will have quite the crowded waiting area, but I do hope that others are respectful of your desire to be available at a moment's notice for the medical team.

Bryan, Olivia and Brayden left this morning for a camping trip. They, too, will be in prayer for the three of you. I will give them updates, too.

We love you all,

Auntie Heather & Family

Anonymous said...

Lori and Randy, We are in prayer for you all today. It is so wonderful to have the body of Christ join togather for the needs of one so small, knowing theat Christ is in control at all times. I am glad that I can rest assured in his confident hand to do the good work he began in Connor at conception. Blessings on you all today. Love, Doris