Friday, August 25, 2006

Littlebug is recovering better than expected !!!!

Hello all you bloggers....just a quick update. It's Dad here so you'll have to put up with incomplete sentences and the like but I'll do my best!

Littlebug is doing good. He's still on the ventalator but yesterday they removed all 3 of the chest tubes and the pace maker wires!! YEAH!!! So he's progressing quite nicely. Today was a possible day for extibation otherwise known as removing the garden hose out of his little nose...AUGH, I can hardly wait. It looks so uncomfortable. But we also don't want to rush it and be forced to intibate again otherwise known as craming that garden hose back down his little precious nose OUCH!!!!!!!! So we are hopeful that soon it will come out. He did spike a slight fever but we think is was mostly due to agitation and not infection. And if you are wondering what to pray for it is just that.....NO INFECTIONS....that is what we really don't want at this delicate stage of recovery.

Well my other patient should be getting back about now....Oh you might not have heard? Lori's toe decided to act up the day of Connor's surgery and we ended up in the UW emergency room that very night!!!!!! Talk about multiple EP's (that emergency procedures in pilot lingo). Connor's in ICU, Lori's hobbling around...what next....maybe I should just go check in at Harborview and make it full circle....just kidding.....Lord forgive me I was only kidding. Sometimes the Lord gives you what you ask for so I better be careful!!!!!

Overall things are going good here and Littlebug is getting better. Keep up the prayers and Littlebug sends you all..........

Lots of Lovebug hugs and kisses

Randy Lori and "Littlebug"


Heather Bennett said...

YEA!!!! God has been so good! We'll keep praying for complete and perfect healing for Connor and we won't forget Lori's toe. :):):)

Hey Little Bug, you are AMAZING! I am SOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU! You have such an amazingly strong will. That's good for now, but take it easy on mom and dad when you get a bit older. OK? I love you little guy. Keep getting better.
Love Auntie Heather #2

mum2brady said...

Sooo glad to hear Connor is recovering so well - yayyyy! Sorry about Lori's toe - hope it improves soon. Keeping your little bug in our prayers for nooooo infections and a quick recovery and homecoming!!!

the maulin family said...

We are so thankful that the past 48 hours since little bugs surgery have been so great. He sure is a strong little boy. We will continue to pray that he does NOT get any infections and he stays on the road to a very successful recovery.

We love you all, Gary, Lynette, Zachary, Lucas and Savannah Maulin

Anonymous said...

that is such great news you guys! Not about your toe though Lori!! LOL Maybe the Lord just wanted to give you a little distraction from everything. Well I hope you 2 are getting some rest and thanks for the update and we will keep lifting those prayers up!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear Connor is recovering so well.

Prayers that your little guy stays healthy and continues to get stronger everyday.

Cheryl & Jon Maulin

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!!! Way to go Littlebug! Everyday you amaze me more and more. You are in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts for no infection to bother your precious body. As you have proven time and time again you WILL overcome this. Bless you and your beautiful family. Oh how lucky you are.
With love and prayers, Tiff
STONE lives in us all
P.S. Lori I hope your foot is feeling better soon.

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Randy, Lori & Connor~

What wonderful news about Connor! We are definitely praying for no infection and only good healing. Now we will add Lori's toe to our prayer list. Ouch! And, please, Lord, don't send Randy to Harborview. :)

We love you and are praying for a good night's sleep for each of you,

Auntie Heather & Kids

P.S. Bryan sends his love from Copper Ridge near Mt. Baker.

Bug said...

It was so good to talk to you guys, I am so so HAPPy that baby Connor is doing so great! I hope and pray he will have a strong and steady recovery so you guys can all be home again soon! Big Bug Hugs Sheila

Shawn Zieglmeier said...

Doing the Holy Ghost Hip Hop for what God is doing. I just returned from a visit to WI and it seems God has been answering prayers left and right in the midst of our congregation and "family" here in Seattle. So great that our God never goes on vacation. I am continually reminded when reading Connor's victories about the scripture we shared in January...He who began a good work in you (Randy, Lori, Connor) will be faithful to complete it! Tootles.

Anonymous said...

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