Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Day of Sedation....

Our day was spent at Connor's side today watching him battle for recovery. He had a difficult night with the sedation drugs that they gave him. Apparently, he received too much sedation becuase his heart rate and blood pressure dropped dramatically over night. They had to take him off the drugs for a few hours and then when he tried too hard to wake up and pull the breathing tube out they had to sedate him once again. They finally got it down to a science and he has been sleeping ever since. When the docs saw him today they asked for a blood draw because he was very pale. He was pretty low on his white and red counts so they gave him a blood transfusion to help him out. We haven't seen a dramatic difference in his color, but they said it might take some time. His scar is still overwhelming to behold on his tiny little body. I know you all are telling us that it is his badge of bravery, but how we wish that he didn't have to be so brave. I know that one day we will be able to tell him of his great journeys and how he exhibited great bravery, but for now we just want to shelter him from any more pain.

They did remove the drainage tube from his lower chest today. The amount of drainage he had was very minimal and they felt confident that he wouldn't have any additional accumulation from his lungs. We had hoped that the breathing tube would come out today, but when they listened to his lungs, they couldn't justify extibation. So, we will hope again for tomorrow to get that tube out of his mouth and throat.

Today we also had a quick visit with Laura (a friend of the family) who was here with her daughter for some testing. Sorry you couldn't come back and see our little bug because he was having his tube removed, but hopefully next time you can see him in person. We also had a fun visit with Auntie Jacqueline tonight. We can always count on lively conversation, humor and love when we are together. Thanks for the infusion of Joy my dear friend, it was sooooo good to see you!!!

We are off to bed now to get some rest for another day. We hope to see more family tomorrow to help us pass the minutes here in the ICU and shower little bug with lots of love and kisses.

Connor whispered into my heart earlier today that he had some things he wanted to talk about with all of his blogger friends. I told him I would be happy to transcribe his little bug thoughts on my next blog entry. He was adiment that I do it very soon because he didn't think he could remember his thoughts for very long (just like daddy..HA HA). He had to remind me that he's only a little bug who shouldn't be required to remember things for very long (Hey, that's like my daddy too!!! I must be an awful lot like my daddy!! HA HA). So, tomorrow we will hear what Connor has to say to us. How does that sound??? I'm sure you will all be anxious to hear from the heart of our brave little hero and our most famous little bug in the whole wide universe. So, until tomorrow......

Goodnight and Lovebug Hugs,
Lori & Randy


Anonymous said...

Love & best wishes, my friends! May all thrree of you sleep soundly and wake refreashed. Prayers are being sent to the Father on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

You all sound really brave, Connor is blessed to have such lovely parents as you. Am praying for you all,

Anonymous said...

Dearest Randy, Lori & Connor, I've been away and was sooo blessed to see the wonderful outcome of the surgery. Knowing that all things work out for "HIS GLORY!" and yes HE is getting the glory through many different ways. Lori you truly have a gift to write and reading the comments people leave makes me think even more so that your "PRECIOUS LITTLE BUG" will soon be in the arms of the two of you in your home that you both anixously await to take him to. We will continue to pray and ask for God's direction in every step with the decisions that continue to lay before you both.

Lords Love and Ours, your extended family in Las Vegas

Dad and Mom said...

Sleep tight our precious family, you have been in our prayers and thoughts all day. We pray so much for Connor that tomorrow will be a much better day. We'll sure be anxious to hear what he has to tell us :) little ones have a special way of getting right to the heart of things that's for sure.

Night, night now and we'll talk to you tomorrow may each of you rest in the arms of the Lord and that He will hold you close to His heart. Love Dad and Mom XOXOXOXO

Heather Bennett said...

Randy & Lori,
I just wanted to jot a quick note to let you know that I am absolutely praying for, believing for and expecting some amazing miracles in the coming days.

Love you

Michelle said...

Keeping Connor in my thoughts and prayers. Praying he will get well enough tomorrow to have the tube out and his recovery from this surgery will be quick!

Amy Fields said...

Lori & Randy,

You two are going to have to get some serious body piercings to compete with the coolness of that battle wound! What an amazing little boy, God's strength is with him! I am praying he will be able to be off sedation and extubated very soon. Stay strong, your courage is inspiring! Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for the brave little bug and his mom and dad.

The Imperfect Christian said...

Connor is in our thoughts and prayers! I have two daughters with DS. One was born 6 weeks early and has been relatively healthy. Our older daughter also had AV surgery, but is doing very well now. Our thoughts are with you! Get big and strong little bug!!

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Lori, Randy & Little Bug Connor~

I am so sorry to hear that yesterday's recovery was so difficult. I will continue to pray that today's isn't. Simply said!

I am also sorry that I couldn't come down to see you today. I know that you understand. Olivia's hearing aids are stuck in Customs and should be there tomorrow. However, our appointment isn't until Monday. So, plan on us stopping in for a visit and bringing you a homemade, low-fat meal. Aaaahhh, music to your ears, I am sure!

Blessings to all three of you!

I love you,

Auntie Heather Milliren

P.S. We made it down to the tulip fields yesterday afternoon. And, I was right! They all had their heads turned upward rejoicing and praising our Creator for the success of Connor's surgery. My, were they ever magnificent. I am sure today they have their heads turned toward the south again waiting in eager anticipation for Connor's better days. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Randy & Lori,
Anxious to hear what you little bug has to say today! Praying for a brighter day today! The pictures of you holding your son are priceless!!!!

we love you three and are praying continually!
Love Sue, Randy & family

Kenny and Tanna McGill said...


Our names are Kenny and Tanna McGill and we live in Shelton. We heard about little Connor from Larry and just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that your are all in our prayers and our family and friends are praying for you as well. Connor is such a beautiful little baby and God has a purpose for his life. You are such a brave family and your story touches our hearts deeply.

God bless you all,
Kenny and Tanna McGill
Shelton, WA

Emery six said...

Randy, Lori and Connor,
We will be at the hospital a lot in the coming days (Fri. Sat. Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. & perhaps next Fri.) Maybe we can meet up with you when we are there.
Susan, John and Gang