Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Morning & Back to the ICU

I don't have much time here, but please pray for Connor. At 4:00am he started in on one of his episodes and he just couldn't recover. He spike a temp at almost 105 and his heart rate and respiration rates were higher than ever. We went back to ICU at 6:30am and he is now back on the c-pap machine and they are discussing re-intibating him, that means going back on the ventalator. How we pray that he doesn't have to have the ventalator, but whatever he needs, he will get.

This isn't how we were supposed to celebrate Easter. By faith I can celebrate the empty tomb, and the hope of new life, but in my human heart I feel as though all hope is lost. I don't want to feel that way, but I do. I know God hasn't forgotton about us, but why on this beautiful day of celebration do we slip backwards?????????? Hold us close dear Lord, we need you!!!!!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Emery six said...

Oh Lori,
I am so so so sorry this is happening.

Dear Lord,
I can't lie to You, You know I am struggling about why little Connor is struggling so hard. Please increase my faith, and all of our faith, as we trust You with this precious little soul. You are the author of life and you have created and formed Connor. I ask You for Your divine mercy upon him for healing. Please sustain this dear family during this fiery trial. I especially lift up Lori to you as she has been carrying so much of the load. Give her the strength and hope that she needs today, Lord. Especially today... on Easter. I also remember the other little children in the ICU rooms near Connor's may Your spirit be present in that ICU today touching each of these little children. May all glory go to You Lord. We are weak but look to you as our strength. May this dear family feel your love today in a very strong way.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen


Uncle Randy said...

Uncle Randy sends his love and prayers. Holding him and talking to him yesterday was so wonderful. I know how precious and special he is. Connor could not have a better Mommy and Daddy. Lets continue to trust. Dig down deep for the strength you know you have. Love you a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Lord, it is sooo hard to understand this and I am not even Connor's mommy. We know Lord that you are in control and yet it is still so hard to understand all this suffering. Please give Lori and Randy today on this Easter Sunday "the peace that surpasses all understanding." Lord, please give the doc's wisdom and urgency in coming up with the best plan for Connor. Bring Randy home safely and quickly to his lovely bride and beautiful son.

melanie said...

Oh Lori,
My husband and I are praying for you and Conner and Randy. I was reading my Bible the other day and I came across a verse, although I cannot remember the exact scripture reference, I will give it to you later, but it reminded me of little Conner. It said 'by His stripes, we ARE healed'. It occured to me that it said we ARE healed, not might be, eventually, or if He feels like healing us He will, but that we ARE! Then today our pastor said something that really made me think. He said 'Faith is not denying that something is there, it is denying that, through Christ, it has no right to be there.' We have hope in Him, even in the bleakest of circumstances. Know that He is holding you and Conner and Randy in His arms, even if it doesn't feel like it.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear this news today especially after the news of yesterday being so positive. Sorry he's also back in ICU. Praying for little Connor to get through this without having to be intubated. Praying for strength for you as you are dealing with all of this.

Anonymous said...

I too am so sorry you have had a setback and are returning to the ICU. We will be praying that Connor is able to manage without being intubated as well... and for much strength for mom and dad during this difficult time.

Princess Morgan said...

Dear Lori,

Hope can never be lost--just misplaced at times. I wish I had something clever or encouraging to say that would make you feel better, but I'm at a loss. All I can say is we are in your corner and are here if you want to vent, scream, cry, or yell. We are all praying for Connor, and for you and Randy as well.

Love and Prayers

Dad and Mom said...

Dear Lori and Precious Connor,

Just got home alittle bit ago but my heart is still right there in the room with you. After our experience this morning God has had to take me by the shoulders and turn me around and tell me over and over that He has everything in His hands and He knows every part of this journey and we need to totally trust Him.

When I was driving home I thought to myself we didn't even say what we always say every Easter HE HAS RISEN, HE HAS RISEN INDEED!!!!!!! not maybe but INDEED.

Give Connor kisses on his little cheeks for grandpa and grandma and we will be praying so much for the doctors tomorrow as they meet that the Lord will show them what the very best plan is for Connor, Jere.29:11 has already given the bet plan that's for sure.

Hopefully mabe Randy has gotten home and will be there before you know it give him our love and our love for grandma r too:) and love for you Lori I am so glad that we were able to be together with Connor.

We send you so many lovebug hugs and kisses and our prayers.

Remember now INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara Blanchard said...

Oh Lori,

You are SO covered in prayer right now. Hold tight to His strength, and "lean not on your own understanding" but trust in His. Our prayers are with you. You are not alone in this. I promise you.
And neither is your beautiful baby Conner.

In His Love,
Tara Blanchard and family

Anonymous said...

I hope that your day got better than it started at 4am. I am hoping that Randy is back right now. I can only imagine what strength and relief you will feel when you first lay eyes on him walking down that hospital hall! The 2 of you are truly a stong united one-flesh and a great example for all other marriages to see.

Anonymous said...

we are praying for a restful night for you, Randy and Connor and a miracle in the morning!! We love you guys and please know that you are in our prayers continually.

Sue & family

Anonymous said...

I am praying that things look brighter in the morning. I talked to Ruberta this morning before I checked the blog and she told me what had happened during the night.
I just want you to know that my heart and mind are with you this easter, and my continuous prayers.
Jesus rose to a new beginning. I am praying that Conner will do the same.
My love to Ruberta, she is such a love.
I hope having family with you today eased some of the pain you are going through.
I pray that God gives peace in your heart and even a little more understanding.
God Bless~Tia

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Have any of you noticed that there has been 4,420 people who have viewed Connors blog spot? Didn't someone say that Connor was going to be a missionary of some sort?! He has already impacted more lives than some old time missionaries that I know! Connor you are amazing and if you are this amazing laying in a hospital bed................. Well just look out world when Connor get's out of here!! Satan, you better be REAL scarred!

Jo Ann Collins said...

Lori & Randy
So sorry to hear in church yesterday that your precious little guy had a set back. It was
an unexpected shock after the previous days good news. We prayed in Sun. School and again the whole church prayed in morning worship. God be with the doctors who are making decisions on the care of your little missionary. It has given opportunity to tell people at work and open doors to talk about faith in God at times of testing. Your faith & courage in the face of all this is an inspiration to all of us. We love you and are holding you in prayer before our Lord. All the Collins family (including O'Briens, Webbs, Still (Lisa))send our love and prayers and our whole church (LifeSpring) are joining the hundreds who are holding up your hands for you. We love you, Rip & Jo Ann

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Oh Little Bug~

I just wish that you didn't have to go through all of these episodes to get the attention of the doctors and nurses. You are just as cute as can be. Isn't that enough? Apparently, not!

I am praying for you today. And, for your Mommy and Daddy, too. I am also praying that today's meeting with the cardiologist, etc. will result in some relief for you. I pray that the Lord will heal your body and make you strong enough to have your heart surgery soon.

Oh, Little Bug, hang in there. So many people are praying for you and we just won't stop. I can't wait to hold you on Thursday.

I love you,

Auntie Heather

allie said...

you are all in my prayers, especially baby connor.

Auntie Teresa said...

Lori & Randy,

I read a qoute today (actually on my paper towels of all places!!!) I found is so true ....."I cannot control the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails..."I found peace in this. I hope it speaks to you even just a little.
God is listening to all our prayers...We are fervently praying for Connor and I know that in time things will be brighter & you will see a light at the end of a tunnel. Keep the Faith & hope....We are!

Give Connor Big hugs & Kisses from his Auntie! We love you little bugaboo.

P.S. WOW! I can't believe that many people (4,420) have already been on Connor's site!: Amazing!!

P.S.S. Like I said before if & when you want company there or have something you need to do or REST...I'm available..REALLY you just need to ask!! We love you too ya know, Both of you so much.

Oh, Thanks you guys for Jake's birthday present!! He love's it... I couldn't get him to come to breakfast this morning because he wanted to play!

Love, Teresa (& Big buddy Jake...thanks little buddy for the present, maybe one day we could play together?!!)

Anonymous said...

Randy & Lori,

THE WILL OF GOD WILL NOT TAKE YOU WHERE THE GRACE OF GOD CANNOT KEEP YOU. Praying fervently for your little bug, as well as you and Randy.

Heather Bennett said...

Hello my dear friends! I am hoping as I write this that Randy is home and joining you and Connor. I am also praying that Connor is doing better. I have been thinking of you so much these last 2 days especially and wish I were there to just sit down and chat with you and hold little Connor's hand.
I know yesterday was so difficult for you. I am so sorry. All I can say is don't lose hope. I know it is easier said than done. As we come off of the great celebration of our Savior's resurection and the great hope that it brings I am reminded that His hope does not rely on situations and circumstances. His hope is eternal and stands on its own... regardless of what is swirling all around us. HOPE!!!! Randy and Lori, there is hope for little Connor's life, there is hope for you in this very moment when you are tired and discouraged. Keep your eyes up. I am reminded of the old hymn... "Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of this earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace." His grace is sufficient and His mercies are new every morning. Each morning they come afresh and new in proportion to that days needs. So.... don't stop hoping.

Jesus, hold Lori and Randy and Connor closer now than ever before. Encourage and strengthen them with what only You can give.

I love you all!!!!
Auntie Heather #2

Bonnie Stskset said...

Just a quickie note to let you know that you are all in our well as in our hearts. Your little "lovebug" messages have been very inspiring to me and I'm sure to everyone who reads about Conner's journey. I pray for that little guy and all of you...grandmas and grampas, too!