Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Little Bug" Thoughts For Today.....

I often have little conversations with my ladybug, but today, I decided to have a conversation with all of you, my blogger friends.

So this is what daddy and mama keep talking about....Blogging!!!! I guess this is where I can talk about all my thoughts, and then all my friends get to send me comments in return. Wow, how neat!!! No wonder they are addicted to coming up here to check for messages! I hear them talk a lot about how much this little blog site encourages them and how they love hearing from all our friends and family, now I finally get it. I think I'm an official blogger now.

I love how you all call me little bug!!! I especially like it when daddy and mama whisper "little bug, I love you" in my ear. I hear that A LOT!!!!! I know one thing is for certain, I may be a little bug in stature, but I'm a big bug in heart!!!!! And, I have lots of big bug thoughts!!! You see, I've been watching my daddy and mama be worried about me for a long time now. They hover over me and swoon side to side to make sure I'm OK. They peek in on me real close to make sure I'm breathing, or to make sure I'm warm and dry. I don't think they realize that I'm aware of every word that is spoken and every time their strong, safe hands touch me. I love that they protect me the way they do.

I guess I've had some pretty scary episodes that have frightened them quite a bit. I wish I had the words to tell them that Jesus whispered a secret to me the other day. He told me that I was going to grow to be a big strong boy real soon. I had to laugh a little when he told me that because my mama tells me that story all the time when she holds me. She tells me about what it will be like when I grow up to be a big strong boy and how I will have such a testimony to tell all the world of how God healed my heart and made me strong. I'm not sure what a testimony is right now, 'cause I'm only 3 months old, but I'm pretty sure it means something really good.

The other day my daddy and mama had to say goodbye to me in a big long hallway and they were crying. I wish I could have told them not to be sad and that I would be right back to them, but they had to wait for lots of hours before I came back. While I was away from them I went to a big white room, I guess they call it an operating room. I didn't know that bugs could go into operating rooms, but apparently it's a good place for them to go to feel better. Anyway, while I was in that big, bright room the people that were in there had to open up my chest to help me with some difficulties that I'm having. It was pretty chilly in that big room and I wanted to shout at the top of my lungs, "Hey guys, can you shut the windows, it's cold in here!!" I knew I was inside because I could see walls, but it was a curious thing to me that I could feel wind on my skin. So I peeked open my eyes, and to my amazement I saw what seemed to be an army of angels fluttering their wings round about my bed. Well what do you know, their wings were creating that wind that I felt on my little bug skin, and suddenly I didn't feel cold anymore. I just felt the warm wind of healing spread all over my little bug shell. Because I'm such a little bug you'd think it would have scared me to open up my eyes and see flying creatures around me, but Oh no....I may be a little bug, but I have a gigANTic amount of bravery. I looked those angels right in the face and we all had a little talk. They introduced themselves and everything.

My favorite angel was named "Herman". Herman told me that he has known me since the day I was born. He was a funny angel too. He talked to me about how he was there when they gave me to my mama for the first time and how she said "I'm a mommy" with tears in her eyes. He also told me about how my daddy helped the doctors deliver me from mama's tummy. I didn't know that the first hands to touch me were my daddy's hands. But Herman knew, because he was there. He also told me about the first day I met my dog Abbey. I guess it was quite an introduction and she even licked my head!!! I really thought that was funny.

Herman started introducing me to all the other angels and I realized I recognized all of them. Some had known me from the naps I would take at home where they would protect me as I slept and I remembered that they stood watch over my cradle. Some knew me from the hospital where they hovered around the doctors and nurses and whispered to them to be gentle with me. So you see, I realized that all these angels were there to keep me company and protect me while my daddy and mama couldn't be there. I thought to myself, "WOW, what cool parents I have that they went to all this trouble to employ the help of hundreds, even thousands of angels to be with me." Then, I looked up and saw a new face. I asked, "When did you get here?" And the voice answered, "I've been with you all along!" And as I looked closer, I knew that face too!! It was Jesus. We had gotten to know eachother so well when I was in my mama's tummy and I had to say goodbye to Him on the day that He sent me to my daddy and mama. He reached down and touched my heart and I think it tingled a little bit. He assured me that He had never left my side and that although I may be having a bit of a struggle right now, everything was going to be OK and I was going to grow up to be a big strong boy!! He really knew how to rally those troops of angels, by the way. They started singing and rejoicing the second He started talking to me because they believed what he was saying. And I believe it too!! I know that Jesus is going to continue to help me grow big and strong.

About the time the singing started, I knew I was about to go away from that big white room. I quickly said goodbye to the army of angels and Herman tucked back under my covers. You see he's my personal guardian angel and he goes with me everywhere. We wheeled back down that long hallway and before I knew it, my daddy and mama were looking at me and they were even kissing my feet. They didn't think I could feel them, but I knew they were there. Everyone let me get some sleep after that, but before I really fell into a deep sleep, Herman popped back out and told me a secret. He said the only explanation he could give for that army of angels I saw in that big white room, was that there is a whole army of people praying for me, and God decided to dispense an angel for every person that was praying at that moment I was in the operating room. I just think that it great, I have an army of angels and an army of prayer warriors. I've never doubted for a moment that God had a plan for me, and now after my operating room experience I know it's a great big plan that only this little bug can accomplish!!!

Stay tuned because I have lots more bug thoughts that I will share with you. By the way, thanks mama for typing for me, I don't think the ICU nurses would have appreciated me jumping out of my bed and heading for the keyboard.

Lovebug Hugs,


Michelle said...

that was beautiful!

Anonymous said...


So great to hear from you little bug!!!! I will continue to pray for you Conner that Jesus heals that big ouchy on your chest and that you get to go home with mommy and daddy VERY soon!!!!

How special you are, little bug!!!!

Tara Blanchard said...

O.k. Connor...whew! I can't stop crying. :) You write SO beautifully! And to THINK, you're only 3 months old!! :) (Hee Hee ;) )
Sweet "Little Bug", Jesus didn't just touch your heart, He touched your life! And in a BIG and MIGHTY way, my dear. :)
I don't think there is one BIT of fiction to what you shared with the "blogging" world today. :) Christ has given you, and ALL of us, a beautiful gift through one of the greatest trials in your life. Thank you for sharing it with us so graciously. And please thank your parents, and extended family as well. :)

Sleep tight little one.

Your family in Christ,
The Blanchards

Auntie Maureen said...

Wow! Wow! Wow!
(it has to be three!)
What a beautiful picture you paint with your words little Connor bug. You are the most specialist 3 month old baby bug I know! It is indeed an honor to call you my nephew. May Herman and the other angels guard your precious heart tonight as you sleep.
Good nite, sleep tight but don't let the bed bugs bite!
Love, Auntie Maureen

Emma said...

Connor, I've been praying for you for so long! Your friend Brent told me all about you, and now with this wonderful blog thing his mommy and daddy discovered, I can keep track of both of you! Your pretty words gave me lovebug tingles and funny water drops coming out of my eyes. Herman has a very large job, and so far he's doing it divinely! I hope to hear more from you really really soon! Sleep well, my little friend.

Auntie Kathy said...

Wow! that was beautiful, I can't wait for Connors next blog. I have been drawn to the computer multiple times today just waiting for pictures and to hear what Connor had to say. Connor is so loved by many and I am so thankful that there are prayer warriors all over the world praying for him. THANK-YOU EVERYONE from his very appreciative Aunt. We love Connor so much and he is one talented little blogger (he gets it from his very special mama). Thanks Lori for keeping us up to date and with the knowledge of exactly what to pray for. Connor, Keep up the good fight and remember that Jesus and the Angels are right along side you each moment of the day. Sending you lots of hugs and Kisses, Love you, Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was so beautifully written. The army of angels representing the army of prayer warriors is an image I will never get out of my heart. Thank you little bug for ministering to me tonight!!! I bet your Mommy & Daddy think you are the bestest little bug in the whole wide universe!! Love you guys
Sue & family

Anonymous said...

Little bug, you are a great writer, and it was so nice for your mommy to type for you. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts in the future...

I hope that ouchy on your chest heals quickly, and you are feeling much better soon. You are an amazing little boy-a hero to all those you have met, and to those who only know you in bloggerland.

Keep up the good work little bug-we are all cheering for you Connor!

Anonymous said...

Hi Connor,
You have the most amazing family and I know you already know this. Your mommy and daddy are sooo proud of you and they just can't get enough of you!! I am wondering if you will have any cheeks left when you get out of the hospital from all of those kisses you keep getting?! You are sooo busy I know, working so hard on getting healthier and being busy evangelizing on the mission field. I am not sure how you do all of this but one thing is for sure.......YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER!

Tammy and James

Anonymous said...

Dearest, most Sweetest Connor, To think at 3 months old you are already a missionary for Christ. You must be so very special to be hand-picked by GOD to carry out this mission. Since Jan. 11 you have reached so many people from so far away. Your mama and daddy sure got the most precious gift the day you were born. THANK YOU baby Connor for being so willing to be in "THE LORD'S ARMY" Your friend Ofelia

grandpa and grandma "m" said...

Good Morning Precious Connor, your little thoughts are very big to your grandpa and grandma. Every time we see you you speak so loudly to us with your eyes and now your mama was able to put them into words. Oh Connor you bring us into a heavenly place where you get our attention for sure. Thank you for introducing us to Herman too, we can't wait to hear more of your adventures with him. You tell daddy and mama that we love you all so very much and that we're asking Jesus to touch you more today with His healing hand.

May the Lord give you and daddy and mama strong strength and hold you close to His heart.

With much love and prayers for you love grandpa and grandma xoxoxoxoxo

Keith, Tracy & Brendon Fowler said...

Connor -

I have to tell you that you're the only bug we know of with an entire legion of angels at his side...and for that we are indeed thankful. (Imagine trying to get rid of a pesky cricket with that kind of firepower behind him!!!)

Seriously, though, we want you to know how proud we are of you and how much you have been in our thoughts over the past week (since we first met you).

Please continue to grow strong so we can marvel at the beauty and simplicity of you and Brendon at play together...giggling and chasing each other around as little boys were meant to do.

We love you!!!!

Auntie Heather, Brayden and Bergen Luke said...

Good morning Connor~

We loved reading your entry and seeing your darling picture with your ladybug. I see that you hand is almost signing "I Love You!" again. Aren't you an advanced Little Bug!

We will pray that today is a great day of recovery for you. We love and miss you. Please give your Mommy and Daddy butterfly kisses from all of us.


Auntie Heather, Brayden and Bergen Luke

P.S. Olivia and Uncle Bryan are away at school right now. I know that they will be tickled to read your entry tonight.

Jeanette Merod said...

Hello Conner and Family:

My friend Tanna McGill (who is a friend of Connor's uncle) sent me a link to your page today. I just want you all to know that I will be praying for little Connor through "his journey" as well as for the rest of your family.

In reading your blogs to this point I can see your faith and strength in Christ. What a blessing and ministry to everyone who will read about Connor.

I will continur to check in and will pass Connor's link on to my friends for prayer.

Love, Jeanette Merod
Puyallup, Washington

Teresa said...

Hi Little bugaboo!

You sure have a way with words. So heartfelt like your sweet wonderful Mama. Yes you are right you do have a lot of angels with you & an Army of prayer warrior's on your side! I smiled when I saw your most ADORABLE picture...You looked like you were carrying on quite a conversation with your little bug friend! I think she really likes you too by the looks of it! Keep bloggin'...Your good at it!! Love you Lots, Auntie Teresa

Lori, I'm logging off now, I won't be the one to have this up for 4 Hours!!!. Ha Ha!

Hope you got to go home today, Even if it was only to do laundry. Bah hum bug. P.S. Our wonderful friend (Erin- Nurse in ICU, Bellingham) wanted me to pass along that you TOO need to take even a 2-3 hour "Break" for Your sanity....Now is the time while he has a set of eyes on him constantly...from what I can tell the nurses are pretty good at hearing those alarms & noises too?!!....

Here is a qoute I love so much.

"When you become a mother you wear your heart on your sleeve."

I know your heart will be at Children's always but physically it might do you good to go. You are an awesome mother ya know...!!! We all need to hear that sometimes.

Take Care Lori, We love You!

Hi Randy, I hope everything goes well at the base. Our hearts & prayers are with you all the time but especially when your away from your family.

Love & Prayers!! Teresa
P.S. Good to see you yesterday, Hope Connor has a better day today...

Debi said...

You are such a special little bug...way thank you so much for sharing your stories...we enjoy hearing them...those angels are pretty special ....huh...

Tell your mommy and daddy that they are VERY SPECIAL too....

Lori you have a wonderful gift to write and share with all of us...thank you so much...

I hope that you had a good day today...Connor take care of your mommy and daddy... talk soon...

Love and Hugs to the Little Bug....

Debi said...

Hi to each of you, Randy, Lori and Connor. So wonderful to finally find this blog - it is wonderful and thank you for the frequent updates. Connor - you are a very pretty little guy - I know you won't like to hear that when you are older but you are truly a beautiful baby. I hope that you get well real soon and can go and play with those puppies. They are so cute. You are in my prayers and I know God has a wonderful purpose for your life. I will be checking on you every day at least once and probably more! We love you down here in So. Cal.

Love and hugs to all three of you!