Saturday, April 22, 2006

Connor will you please come home to play with us?

Connor we really want you to come home soon....and dinner is on us OK...and if ya don't like pheasant....that's ok...we know where Grandma keeps the ice cream!!! :-)

Lovebug "licks" from your buddies
Molly, Abbey and Maggie


Anonymous said...

Okay, this is hilarious!! Can someone please help out and clue me in? I was thinking all along that Molly Abbey and Maggie were people! Haven't there been several entries from these 3 on the blogs. All along I have been thinking these were some cousins Of Connor's (well I guess they are) This is too funny
Tammy or do I want to sign my name to this???????? LOL

Teresa said...

How funny!! I can see that people wouldn't know Abby, Molly & Maggie were dog's!!! Cute picture. I can just imagine Connor in a few years toddling around and all the dog's licking him all over & him not even minding it one bit! He's such a trooper...He'd be Giggling! What a great picture in my mind.

I am soooo glad he got vent out on Friday. It must have done your heart GOOD to cuddle for a couple
hours. Hoping and praying for more & more good day's! Lot's of cuddly wuddly time for you both. By the way that picture was the Cutest!!
(Connor & Herman)

We will continue our prayers!

Sending Love your way,

Teresa, Ted & kids!

Tara Marie said...

That was so sweet, and very funny. We are hoping you are home soon Connor!

Cousin Molly said...

Hey I made to blog-land!! How do I look in that picture? (I'm the wise one on the left. I must be wise because your Mama calls me Yoda and he is wise!) It doesn't make me look old or make my hips look too big does it? I sure hope not.
Well like it says we can't wait for you to get better and come play with us. We can go camping and hiking and walking and swimming(my favorite).
If you don't like pheasant, and Grandma is out of ice cream I'll share my Science diet with'll love it. Look what it's done for me!!
Please get better so you can come dog training with me and Abbey.
Your favorite four-legged cousin,

Tanna McGill said...

Hi Little Bug,

Your Labrador buddies sure are cute! Almost as cute as you are..
My husband and I just wanted to tell you what a brave boy you are and thank you for sharing all your thoughts on your web site. We are continuing to pray for you and your family. God bless you all.
Tanna McGill
Shelton, WA