Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm so tired of being in the hospital!!!

I like to think of the days that I will get to spend at home. It makes me yawn because I think I'm going to be doing a lot of rocking in the rocking chair with daddy and mama. I'm sleepy now so I better go night night!!! Sweet dreams to everyone, love you sooooo much.
Little Bug (aka Connor)


Shawn said...

Good Morning Lori,

I am checking in before heading to bible study. Be rest assured that Connor, Daddy and Mama will be bathed in prayers. The women have received a closer glimpse of what is taking place and their hearts remain full of compassion and determination. On our knees, NW Women's Bible Study

Cousin Emma said...


You are so sweet. I Hope the surgery goes well!

Love, Emma

Cousin Chloe said...


I love you and we are praying for you.

I hope your surgery goes well today.

Love, Chloe

Cousin Jake said...

Hi little buddy Connor,

I kind of have adopted that nickname for you. I hope you will like calling me big buddy someday. I love to call you Little buddy. Stay a fighter & get strong. Love you! From, Your Big buddy Jake

Shawn said...

Lori, As I was reading over my personal bible study, "Calm My Anxious Heart" by Linda Dillow I came across a portion on infusion. The very word used last week in the chapel when praying for you! So I thought I would share..."Paul followed his declaration about being content in all circumstances with the secret of HOW (Phil 4:13). This often-quoted verse is translated literally from the Greek as, "I am able to face anything by the one who makes me able to do it. Paul recognized that the source of strength and contentment is God Himself. Phil 4:13 (Greek New Testament) 'I am strong for all things in the One who constantly infuses strength in me.' At ALL times, in ALL circumstances, Christ is willing to infuse my weak body, soul and spirit. Infuse means to pour, fill, soak, extract. Just as a tea bag is infused in boiling water, so God's Word seeps into our minds to transform. The longer we seep the more we are infused and transformed." And to think as you continue to read God's word to Connor he too is being seeped and becoming stronger and stronger.

Cousin Carly said...

Dear Connor

I'm praying for you!!! I Love you very much. I will pray for you as you go through the surgery today.
Haley,Mom and I are saying a prayer right now. We will lay our hands on Connor picture and pray for him. Love you cousin Carly

cousin haley said...

Dear Conner

I Love you, I Love you, I Love you my baby cousin Conner. Dear Jesus I pray that you just heal connor and make him feel better and feel strong. And Dear Jesus I love him so much.xoxoxoxoxoxox
Love from your cousin Haley

Jacqueline said...

Oh Lori,
My heart is just so heavy for you. I don't even know how to put it into words, so it all goes to prayers.
I think Haley said it best, so I will just echo her blog. What good and sweet prayer warriors all Connor's little cousins are for him.
I love you all,

Cousin Brayden said...

Dear God,

Please help Connor Scott to grow UP not DOWN.

And God. . . I love you God.

Please help Auntie Lori and Uncle Randy's hearts not to hurt.

I love you!


Cousin Bergen Luke said...

Hi Connor!

I said "bus" for the first time this morning. Do you want to come to my house sometime and play with all of my school busses? I would like that.

I love you "BEBE!" Get well soon.

Love, Cousin Bergen Luke

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori I'm Lynn, Heidi's Mom. Willy and Heidi have been sharing your story of Connor's progress with Lorne and I. We just want you to know how much we think of you and are sending our love and strength and hope to you and your beautiful 'Little Bug' Connor. :)

Uncle Les & Aunt Marsha said...

Dear Randy and Lori

The Angels are all around Connor right now singing JESUS LOVES YOU THIS WE KNOW.... Connor will be going into surgery this morning with millions of prayer warriors on their knees praying that the Doctor's have wisdom and a steady hand. We pray that this surgery will strenghten Connors body.This little lovebug has touched the lives of so many people around the world. We pray that you will have peace and know that Jesus is with Connor holding him in his arms. We Love you!! And were sending Big Hugs to you.And Hugs and Kisses to our precious little lovebug. Love Les and Marsha

Tara Blanchard said...

Our prayers are with you all, especially in this time of waiting while Connor is in surgery.

Lord, how we pray to You that the time goes fast for Randy, Lori and their family. How we pray that the time goes smoothly for the doctors. And Lord how we pray that the time is a beautiful dream for Connor to wake up from, with as little pain as possible. Let Your grace, strength and love be shown today Lord, in all Your might! We thank you for this beautiful family, their wonderful example of faith, strength, endurance, and for sharing such a preciouse moment of their life (that may feel like eternity now). May playdates, giggles, and snuggles be in the near future my Lord.

In Your precious name we pray.

Your devotedly praying sister in Christ,
Tara Blanchared (and family ;) )

Anonymous said...

Randy, Lori,& Connor:
How we are praying for all of you today! Connor is such a little warrior! He may not be wearing the physical armour of metal, but he is wearing the amazingly strong, resilient, and capable armour of God!!! May the surgery be successful & equipping for whatever God will be calling him to go through next. But, I'm also praying that he will be allowed some "oasis-time" of rest, and a time to regain his strength to overflowing! May God give to you both, Lori & Randy, an extra measure of His love, endurance, and peace. May you not just "know it", but may you "feel it". May it be your vitamins to help you "keep on keeping on"!
Psalm 29:ll "The Lord will give strength to His people; The Lord will bless His people with peace".
I love you all! Thank you for letting us love you, and allowing us to be a part of the journey that you're on!

Anonymous said...

I have posted a thread about your amazing family on the Downsyn forum at: http://www.downsyn.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=14143

I really enjoy this forum, it is full of wonderful people often dealing with similar situations, and I know there are plenty of little ones with the AV canal defect that are members. We love questions, comments, and all the stuff you post on your blog. I know you don't have much time now for extra time online, but I feel confident when you do, that you would make an excellant contribution to the forum.

When you have a bit of extra down time, like when your little bug is sleeping, and you are not, maybe you can check it out. I think you would find a great deal of additional support-that you could add to the long list of people all of the US that are praying for your family-especially Connor.

Anonymous said...

Love and prayers to all of you...especially today. May you rest in His presence and find peace in His embrace...you are not alone!

Much love (for an incredible family),

Anonymous said...

You are in my deepest prayers. Jesus holds you all in his hands & will keep you safe. I pray that this will be Connor's last surgery & that he will be home soon. What a lucky little boy he is to have such loving parents. God Bless all three of you....