Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I got my own band....

PA Band that is!! The surgery for Connor was a success. He did very well with the procedure and the surgeon felt very good about the outcome. When they opened him up the surgeon found that Connor had very abnormal looking lungs. More than likely, this is due to the severe reflux and the over circulation of blood that has been flowing through them. It will take him quite some time to heal, but they feel that there is no permanent damage. He remains on the ventulator and he is heavily sedated at the time because they are concerned with him pulling out the breathing tube. He's already woke up and turned over on his side, but they don't want him to do this quite yet. But you can tell, he is a fighter. His incision is about 2 1/2 inches long and then there is another hole where the drainage tube comes out. I don't think there is really any amount of preparation that can get you ready to see your baby with that kind of scar!!! It was hard to see our little bug laying there on the table with so many cords and iv's attached to him, but we do know in our hearts that this is the first step to helping him feel better and healing his body so that he can have the heart repair surgery.

Thank you for all your prayers today. I know I keep promising to write more and put more pics up, but we have been so tired and weary from worry. I will try to find time tomorrow to do this!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Michelle said...

So glad to hear the surgery was a success! That's wonderful news. Will continue to hold Connor up in my prayers that he continues to get better and recover from this latest surgery. He sure is a fighter!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that all went sooo well today. We will pray that now each day will only get better! I believe that these cycles have now come to an end. God is sooo awesome and we will pray that the 2 of you will be able to sleep a little better tonight now that the BIG surgery day is over. Try to get some rest and we look forward to hearring all the great news.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear the surgery went well, and yes your little Connor is definately quite the fighter.

Tara Blanchard said...

Well praise God Lori and Randy. And way to go Connor! I'll sleep with a big smile on my face tonight, as I hope all of you will too. :)
God is SO good, and I just know that you will all look back on this and see how LARGELY He was present in ALL of it. I'm sure He's smiling tonight too.

Rest well dear family. :)
God bless you all.

In His beautiful name,
The Blanchard family :)

Anonymous said...

Lori and Randy,
We're rejoicing with you for Connor's successful surgery! Our hearts are joined together with you with the same mindset that nothing shall be impossible with God. Surgery is never a fun ordeal, but praise God that it's helping Connor and also gives the doctors more insight on next steps. We know it's hard to rest at a time like this so we will pray for renewed strength and complete healing.

Love Mike and Tonia

Anonymous said...

Randy & Lori,

I'm so glad everything went so well for Conner. I thought of you many times today. I can finally go to sleep now knowing that your little bug did so great today. Talk about addicted to this blog site.....I've checked it 50 times today waiting for this update. I don't think you guys can even begin to fathom the number of lives your little guy has touched.

I will pray that your little bug keeps getting stronger and stronger each day. God is good!!!

auntie Kathy said...

Randy and Lori~
Thank-you Jesus for answered prayers today!!!!! What a stressful, anxious day it must have been for the both of you. I hope you felt the many prayers being sent to the throne on your behalf today. I was so relieved to get the phone call today that Connor was out of surgery. He truly is a fighter!!!!! and a missionary to so many people. I can't wait to share with you a phone call I received today, regarding how the blog postings are touching peoples lives. I know in the midst of everything, you do not fully realize the blessing you are to others. We are here for you and we LOVE you lots. Give my beautiful little nephew lovebugs hugs and kisses for Aunt Kathy. Lori and Randy sweet dreams tonight you both deserve a good night of rest. Remember Connor is in his Heavenly fathers palm tonight being rock to peaceful, restful sleep.

Anonymous said...

Randy and Lori,

We rejoice with you in every miracle in the healing of little Connor. It is rich to see God's hand on his life. How blessed are the tales of God's faithfulness and love for him. A legacy that you will be able to pass down to him. If he ever doubts God's plans or purpose for his life (As we all do at one time or another), he can look back and see how God used so many Doctors to give him miracle after miracle to keep him alive.

I pray you will be able to receive rest and that peaceful times are ahead.

Our prayers are with consistently.

Steve, LeeAnn, Steven and Timothy

Anonymous said...

Lori -

So glad to hear that Conner is doing well! Our prayers continue, but isn't God good? That little incision doesn't look so little on his precious body! Tell Conner that I love him and can't wait to meet him!!!


Anonymous said...

Grab a Coke and relax for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths, Lori.

P.S. Chocolate never hurts.

Candy Bennett said...

Lori, you crack me up! Worrying about all of us receiving information when you and Randy are so tired. You're such a trooper! Don't fret about all of us. We just log in every day in order to find out how to pray and to rejoice in what God's doing. How great is that?

As for that scar???? They fade. Ani had one approximately 5" running down the side of her tiny head. You would never know it now :) Some day Connor will have a "really cool" story to tell all his friends!!

Love you guys.

Candy Bennett