Saturday, April 15, 2006

Saturday News!!!

Not much to report on today, which is good news in itself. Connor had a fairly good day today and only needed the ativan once (so far). Once the Easter weekend is over, I am sure they will get back to more of a plan in finding out the source of his irritations.

I met three wonderful new friends today. Deb is a NICU nurse and lactation consultant here at the hospital and we have been trying to contact for the past few weeks. Tracy is a friend of Deb's and their son is here recovering from the G-tube and Nissen surgery. Barbara is a new mom from Montana and just gave birth 3 days ago. We are all moms to children with down syndrome. I believe that today we not only found strength in eachother, but we offered up strength and hope to eachother as well. I can't wait for our friendships to grow and for the kids to grow up and be great friends!!!

We heard from daddy last night. He was in Hawaii and he had hoped he would be back on his airplane today to make it home for Easter, but as of a few minutes ago, it looks like that is not the case. The plane is having difficulty and they won't be able to get out until tomorrow or Monday. We miss you daddy and can't wait for you to come home and cuddle with us.

Mom M. is here with me not only for company and support, but for sleep relief. Thanks mom for sacrificing your own sleep, so that I can rest up when I can.

We are looking forward to Easter Sunday and Connor celebrating another 1st in his young life. I already have his Easter basket filled and eggs are ready to be hid underneath his blankets for him to find. I will post pictures tomorrow night of the events over the past few days. Sorry I have been deficient in posting pics, but I just haven't had time. I will catch up tomorrow!!!

As you all celebrate Easter tomorrow, may you know the true meaning of the empty tomb and the saving grace and knowledge of our risen Lord. Easter to me, is all about Hope and New Life. When you celebrate the ressurrection tomorrow and think of New Life, would you specifically pray that God would infuse Hope into the lives of all of our new friends here at Children's Hospital. Please remember to pray for Brent, Ashley, Andre, Skylar, Katie, Brendon, Kelsey, Jonah, Nicole, Rachel, Jake, and of course "little bug Connor". We all need to know the hope of healing and the hope of grace as we endure this road of uncertainty at the hospital.

Goodnight & Lovebug Hugs,


Tara Blanchard said...

Happy Easter to all of you. We promise to put all of your listed names on our prayer list. Thank you for passing them on.

In His love,
Dan, Tara, Jackson (2), and Camilla (1).

Auntie Teresa said...

Randy, Lori & little Bug!

Thanks for the update & audio. It sure is great to hear your voice. Praying for a good day for Connor tomorrow & for you both. Happy 1st Easter "Little Bug"!!!

P.S. I will definately be praying for the list of names.....

Happy Easter!

We Love you all, Ted, Teresa, Cousins Chloe ,Emma & big buddy Jake!

Auntie Maureen said...

Happy 1st Easter Connor Bug!!
I hope you find lots of goodies in your basket and eggs. Knowing your Mama she went all out. Nothing is too good foryou!!
Hey how are those hands doing? Aren't they great!! You'll love this new's better than a light bulb.
I miss you and I love you and we always pray for you.
Love Auntie Maureen and all the boys

Uncle Larry & Aunt Maureen said...

Dear Lori and Randy,
Happy 1st Easter being a parent!! I just finished putting together my boys Easter baskets. That is such a fun part of being a parent at Easter. From now on you will be a parent at Easter time for the rest of your life...Wow! I bet you never thought of it like that.
Lori, I had a wonderful cuddle time yesterday with Connorbug and so enjoyed our visit. Thanks for listening to me and loving on me the way you did. You are Wonderful. I wish you a very wonderful day tomorrow. And Randy, be sure to use your sunscreen in Hawaii...I knowyou would much rather be home with your family tomorrow but we can't control the government. We'll miss you alot.
Love to the Robertson-bug family from the Robertson-teenage family!!
P.S. Tyler was just bragging out you tonight Randy to his "friend" what a cool Uncle you are and he also was bragging about those Jelly filled cookies you make Lori and how good they are and how you haven't made them in a long time. I had to explain that you don't have access to the Children's Hospital kitchen but I did reassure him you would once again be able to make them. :)

Jacqueline Hendrickson said...

Randy, Lori, and Little Bug Man!

He is RISEN Indeed! Your attitude over Conor's health shows your complete unguarded, abandond faith in the promises of our Lord's empty tomb. He is who we know him to be, God on high who came to fullfil his promises and indeed He will continue to do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ever imagine. He has heard and embraced every prayer that we have all said on bended knee for all of you. And His answer is always yes, and yes it will be His way and in His time and indeed it is always yes! His promises endure forever...
We send our love to you this morning and can't wait to see all of you.
Bless you,
Love, Jacqueline and Family

Derek R said...

Happy easter lori and connor. ihope connor will get over his episode we are all praying for him andwishing the best.

love derek

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