Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sleep....It does the body good!!!!

Thank you for all your encouraging comments to resign myself to getting some rest. After Grandma got here today, I waited for the team of docs to do their rounds and I went out to the trailer about 1pm to get some sleep. I slept until 5:30 and woke up feeling a little bit better. I have a ways to go before I'll really feel caught up, but at least I got rid of the shaky, dizzy feeling of exhaustion. Thanks mom for coming and being such a loving grandma to Connor. I realize now that I'm a mom you were not only coming to be grandma to Connor, but you were coming to be mom to me!!! Thank you for insisting I go out and sleep!!!

Connor had a very mild day. Not too eventful and the docs are still evaluating him and his level of need at the moment. Just before coming in to write this blog, Connor cycled once again through his little episodes, except this time he got clammy instead of getting a fever. This can have many meanings, one of which is over-circulation of the blood. He had to repeat the doses of morphine and adovan to calm his breathing down. The docs are also concerned that he may be withdrawling a bit from the narcotics he's been on. They are currently looking in to a "detox" plan!!! WOW, 3 months old and already in detox!! Poor little fella!!!

We're hoping to get a better night's sleep tonight. Mom decided to stay so we will take shifts through the night!!! I have much on my heart to write about from the past couple of days, but I will be honest, time permits me from expressing myself in great detail at the moment. I don't feel like I have the liberty to leave Connor in the room (although I know Grandma is there) . He needs constant monitoring because of all of his respitory distress and heart rate climbs. We are still climbing our mountain of recovery and there are still peaks and valleys.

Our request remains the same......Peaceful healing for Connor, rest for mama and safety for daddy as he is serving our country overseas!!! Thanks honey for your sacrifice of service!!!

Lovebug hugs,


Tara Blanchard said...

Hey there Lori,
Tara Blanchard checking in again with you here. I just wanted you to know that I've now taken to reading your blog (which I've never read a "blog" before this :) ) every night before I go to bed. Just to be sure Conner is o.k for the night, and to know exactly what needs to be brought to the Lord in prayer for all of you. :)
Thanks for being so honest with your feelings and trials. You guys are ALL such a wonderful examples of faith and endurance. Just rest in His promises guys, you are in NO WAY alone in this, and neither is Conner. Look how many lives he's touched ALREADY, and he hasn't even been out of the hospital that much! :) God is using ALL of you guys! Even Grandma! He's being glorified, and you are all serving Him well, even in your time of greatest weekness. Rest assured in that fact Lori, and you too Randy. These incredible trials WILL be turned into something AMAZING, and in my opinion, they already are. :)

Your sister in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Good for you Lori, I knew you were a smart lady! LOL I will pray that the interruptions tonight will not be tooo crazy for you and your mom and a good night of rest for Connor. He is an OVERCOMER and just like your mom says......."sure knows how to get everyone's attention!" Wow, look out. LOL

Emery six said...


I know that during those times that your strength fails and you are forced to get some rest, our loving God is there with Connor, cradling him in the palm of his powerful hand. I look back at our journey and can see at different desperate times God was there watching out for our little guy when it was beyond our knowledge or ability. I know that God is there for Connor and has been there, even before his precious little body was formed.

Thinking of you with love. So glad your mom is there. She is a Godsend. This is something that one cannot do alone.


Emery six said...

P.S. Lori, We'll be at the hospital this morning from 8am to 9:30 or 10am at the outpatient oncology clinic, 6th floor whale. Call their desk and leave a message of your new location if you want us to come and find you for a visit! Love, Susan