Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Musings.....

What a night we had on Sunday!!!! So many worries with fevers and heart rate and then this morning came. Praise the Lord for the morning!!! Connor was peaceful and resting and cute as can be!!! I held him for the majority of the morning and we just snuggled and kissed. Yes, I said kissed. Quite frankly, I smothered that boy with more kisses than you can imagine!!!! I loved every minute of my slobbery journey over Connor's face!!!

After meeting with the docs today they shared with me the info that came out of the consultation with the heart surgeons. They are proposing that we do a pulmanary artery band surgery on Thursday. They have him tentatively signed up on the OR schedule for Thursday, but Connor's behavior will dictate whether they do it or not. If he remains in a good status and he stops the cycle of high heart rate and fevers, they will hold off (this is our preference!!). If he can't maintain his breathing and continues the cycle then they will proceed. I will be meeting myself with the surgeon tomorrow to discuss the options and the probability of going forward. If they do the surgery, it is open chest but not open heart. They go in through the chest and work only with the pulmanary artery. They say it is fairly routine, but I can't imagine them cutting Connor's chest and attempting this procedure. I know this is routine to them, but it's our son and I can't even imagine it at this moment. Please pray the Connor will get stronger and God would heal his body and spare him from this procedure.

This afternoon Connor only had one episode of high fever and heart rate. During that time, Hector the blood guy came and was successful at getting a blood draw. We love Hector!!! He is so confident when he works with Connor and he goes in there and gets the blood every time!! When the counts came back, the white blood cells were elevated once again, showing the infection is still there and this could be why he is having these temperatures. We will have to wait until tomorrow to see if any blood cultures grew. Mom stopped by today and was able to hold Connor during his afternoon nap. He was so comfy being snuggled and he looked so peaceful. It was wonderful to see him this way. Bryan, Heather and the kids also came and brought dinner tonight. Thanks for the pizza and salad!!! It was great, and who knew you could make healthy brownies....what a treat!!!

Connor will celebrate his 3 month birthday tomorrow and he has officially spent more than 1/2 of his life in the hospital. Tomorrow is also a special day for mama. The ladies from my bible study decided to bring bible study to the hospital...YIPPEE!!!!!!! I have been so dry and in need of time in bible study. I can hardly wait for the living water to revive me once again.

What fun it was to turn on the blog tonight and see a blog from Daddy!!!! I heard from him by phone this afternoon as well and he was so worried about our little bug!! Please pray for Randy as he serves our Country. He worries about us so much while he is gone and can't be here. Pray that God would give him a peace in his heart regarding Connor and also for his safe return. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm head over heels for that man!!! I am the luckiest woman in the world to be married to my best friend. Thanks for your devotion to us honey, we miss you!!

I am off to bed now and Connor is fast asleep. May he be at rest tonight and find peace in his heart and healing in his body.

Lovebug Hugs,


Daddy said...

Hi Honey.....hey save some room for my kisses too!!!! I'm glad our littlebug had a GREAT morning!! And I'm sure he loved all those cuddles hugs and slobbery kisses....and honey...keep it up cause Connor told me he loves it!! :-)

Still here at Iwakuni the mission is in delay so tomorrow its off to Guam? I'll try and call later OK, and tell all the lady's at bible study "Hello from me" ok.

ps Lori...I just wanted to tell you how much I love and appreciate you..xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxox and how much I miss you!!!!!

Dad and Mom said...

Good Morning Lori and Precious Connor,

Oh how we pray you both had a good nights sleep. It was so good for you to have heard from Randy both on the phone and on the blog (I just can't get used to that word) just seeing your face yesterday made me feel so happy for you. Just holding Connor too was such a gift after he had had such a hard night he is so precious. He sure has a way to grab our attention and to not stop praying.

I keep thinking about when we were leaving the hospital when Braydon took our hands and said,"Let's all pray for Connor right now and then he started to pray, his little words speak so loud, don't they?

May the Lord be close to you today and we pray that the Lord gives real wisdom to the doctors when they come into see Connor and may the Lord bless you today too as the ladies come for bible study. It's so great that they are coming to bring encouragement I can just see that chapel filled with so much love and prayers. God does have an army marching through the land right there marching at childrens hospital.

We'll talk to you later and please give Connor hugs and kisses for grandpa and grandma and for you too.
Love to you Dad and Mom XOXOXOXO

Teresa said...

Little bug!

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Connor, Happy Birthday to You!!!

Happy 3 month birthday Connor, We love you.

Lori, Have a good time with the ladies from your bible study..Let this be a time of refreshing for your weary soul...I'll never forget one time in my life...a Woman came up behind me and whispered something in my ear...she said "God told me you needed to hear this...

"I am the wellspring of your soul, let me pour out springs of living water that will never end"

Just those few words resinated in me and I will never forget it.

at first I thought " who is this lady" then I realized she was my angel at that time. Mind you I did not know her at all, she did not know my situation & she only came to our church Once....?!
It was just what I needed in that chapter of my life & I know it was a word from the Lord.

Let these Ladies speak encouragement to you...I love Ya, sister!