Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend News...

Daddy left today to go back overseas for the next two weeks. How we hate to say goodbye and experience life here without him. We had a busy day of visitors today so it made the day go by really fast. Dr. Oriel, our pediatrician came by this morning to see Connor. It was so great to see a familiar doctor face that we really like!!! His concerns for Connor are so genuine and we appreciate him so much. Connor decided not to have a very good morning though, so the visit was a bit fragmented because Connor was very fussy. This morning he spiked another temp and his heart rate was up in the 200's for almost 2 hours straight. They tried getting blood, but once again the attemps were futile. He finally settled down when Grandpa and Grandma M. came and he took a nice little nap. During that time a friend from church came. Thanks Rose for your encouragement!!! Mike & Tonia also showed up to lend their love and support!!! What a blessing to have so many people that love and pray for us. Just about dinner time Grandpa and Grandma R. came and got to see Connor wide awake and feeling much better. Lori and all the grandparents enjoyed dinner together before going back to Connor's room for some pics. I really hope you are all enjoying the pictures. It's kinda nice to see Connor in his hospital environment so that we will all appreciate him in his home environment soon. Thanks everyone for your company today. It made the day go by quick as we were really missing daddy today.

As I am writting, Connor has fallen back to sleep. The doctor came by to get an artery blood draw (which they thought would be easier) and still there was no success after 3 trys. Our little bug is really getting a reputation around here. They decided to hold off until tomorrow when they do their normal labs on him, so we will pray for better success!!!

Tomorrow the docs will be discussing Connor's heart status with the cardiac team where they will hopefully get some direction on where to go from here. He seems to be hovering in a state of "sick and not getting better!" The docs are concerned about this and they need to make a plan!!

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Erica!!!!! said...

Have a safe trip RANDY
I love you lots!!
Love ERica