Monday, April 10, 2006

All time high!!!!!!!!!

11:15pm the phone rang in my sleeper room as I was just crawling into bed. The nurse said to come down immediately. When I entered Connor's room he was screaming and thrashing and throwing an absolute fit. His temp had risen to 104.7 and he was burning up. His heart rate was dreadfully at an all time high.....252!!!!!!!!!! It was not a good scene!! Morphine was given with no result. Adovan was given with no result. Tylenol was given with no result. After laying Connor on a ziploc bag full of ice water his temp finally lowered to 101.3. Not terrific by any means, but at least lower. He maintained his heart rate in the 190's and he obviously went back on the c-pap!! Oh how I wish we could get to the bottom of this cycle. He is tiring out from the process himself and he just looks tired. I left him just a moment ago (12:45am) as the Morphine kicked in and he is out like a light.

Please Lord give the docs wisdom and guidance tomorrow as they search for answers on Connor's behalf. Please God give Connor peace in his heart and bring that rate into a normal level for his body. Grant him health Lord and make him strong enough to handle all that is coming his way. Amen!!


Randy and Cynthia Drake said...

Oh Lord please give Connor the rest for his body that he so desperatly needs. He is so very tired and needs to be able to have sleep to regain strength. Lord we pray that you turn the tide for Connor. Please give Lori and Randy peace and comfort as well. Let them be able to say from the bottom of their hearts "It is well with my soul." Amen

Anonymous said...

Dear Lori, You don't know me but my family were neighbors and attended church with the Robertsons for many years. I started reading your blog last week and your positivness has encouraged me so much. It makes my personal health issues seem so very small. Thank You for sharing beautiful Conner with us in BlogLand I love the pictures so very much. I wrote to you on your e-mail and told you about the special child GOD has given our family Baby Noah (he is my great-grand nephew) he also has downs, but has been such a blessing for me. You are in my prayers daily!
In Christ Love. Ofelia Loya-Ayala

Michelle said...

How scary that must have been to see him in that state, I can't even imagine. And his poor little heart beating so fast! Poor little guy. I pray he is able to get some rest and the docs can figure out what is going on soon! You've got a lot of people praying for you!

Dad and Mom said...

Good Morning Lori and precious Connor,

Oh how we pray that Connor's fever is down this morning how scary for you last night. To think when we left he was just trying to talk with us with his big eyes watching so intently at our faces. Oh Lori we will be praying so much as the doctors's come in this morning and also the lab people that the Lord will give insight to the exact reason for these fevers.

Oh Lord we pray hold Connor close to yourself and give him strength and rest and be close to Lori and also to Randy as he reads everything when he lands in Germany may you oh Lord show yourself strong to them, we thank you Lord for all the prayers of so many even one's we don't know help us to draw so close to you for strength in your mighty name Amen

Yesterday Lori when Mike and Tonia were there she helped me remember the words to a little song we used to sing at Bible Study
God's got an army marching through the land,
Deliverance is His song with healing in His Hands,
Withe everlasting joy and gladness in His heart, and in this army
We've got a part.
Oh Lori there is an army of warriors praying right there in Connor's room it's overflowing with crys out to the Lord.

We love you and Randy and Connor so much please give him big loves from grandpa and grandma.
Love to you Dad and Mom XOXOXOXO

Dad and Mom said...
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Lynette Maulin said...

Dear Lord,
I pray that you are with Lori, Randy and Connor today. Please bring Connor's temperature and heart rate down so that he can rest peacefully and his body can heal. Protect Randy as he serves our country. Be so close to Lori today so that she can feel your comfort, peace and guidance. Amen

Aunt Teresa said...

My heart goes out to you guys. How difficult to have to watch this cycle. I wish I could do something for you but prayer is all I have to give.

Prayer can make a blind man see, Prayer can set the captives free, Prayer is powerful, believe in it in the difficult times & in the good times.

Dear Lord,

I pray for your constant presence with Randy, Lori & Connor today. Jesus, We lift up little Connor to recieve your healing, You made him a fighter but he needs you now. Please bring his heart rate & temperature down. Give the doctor's great wisdom on his behalf. Send your holy spirit upon all those caring for him. We love you even when we feel you far away....Come close to all of us today.

Where ther is doubt replace it with HOPE
Where there is fear replace it with FAITH
Where there is angst replace it with PEACE
Where there is sickness replace it with WHOLENESS, In Jesus Name.

We Love You all, Teresa

Aunt Teresa said...
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Shawn Z said...

Dear Lord, You are the I AM, ALPHA, OMEGA, JEHOVAH JIRAH, JEHOVAH SHALOM, VICTORIOUS, DEFENDER, HEALER and so MUCH more. Please make yourself so ever present today in the life of Randy, Lori and Connor. You word says you have not forsaken.

Candy Bennett said...
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Candy Bennett said...

Lord, I know you feel this burden. I know you carry this burden on yourself. Please, heavenly father, show your mercy. Your word says you ARE our peace, you ARE our hope, you ARE our healing, you ARE our victory! You are these things and you live in us - moving, breathing, living! May Lori, Randy & Connor see the evidence of all these things in their lives today. Bring healing I pray in the name of Jesus!
Thank you Lord. Love, Candy

heidi henninger said...

Dear Lord,

Please reach down and cradle Connor in your arms. Touch his little body and calm his heart. Let him feel your love and healing touch run through him. I pray that You also grant Randy and Lori the same...envelope them in Your love and comforting arms. Give them the strength and energy to deal with this situation. We know You never allow us to go through anything that we cannot handle with You. Please let them feel your presence surrounding them. Be with Randy while he is overseas during this period of time. Give all of the family a peace that surpasses all understanding. I thank You, Lord, in advance for what You are going to do in all of their lives while they stand firm in You through all of this.

Randy & Lori,

I know that anything I might say right now would probably sound very "cliche", but please know that we are continuing to pray for both of you and Connor. We love you all and lift you up daily.


Anonymous said...

Continued prayers for little Connor. I hope this fever breaks soon.

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