Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Bye, bye ICU!!!

Well, it's official. We are definately being moved to the floor. I'm happy, nervous, excited, and scared all at once. I'm just packing up the sleeping room to bring all the things downstairs so that when we move, I only have to move the bags once. Just packing up Connor's room is going to be a job!!! He has quite a jungle growing in his room so it will probably take a few bags just of animals!!! What a graduation day we are having. It's quite a way to celebrate Connor's 3 month birthday!!!

I better run now and get things packed up. I understand that our floor experience will be quite a bit different than the ICU. I am nervous that we won't get as much care because the nurses are spread pretty thin. Please pray that I would be able to watch for all the specific markers that show that Connor is having difficulty. I will now be sleeping right in the room with him 24/7. As far as I know, we were not able to get a private room so we will be sharing our room with another kiddo. Please pray that there will be times of rest for both Connor and I.

I will update more later. By the way, what a cute pic that daddy posted of Connor at 3 days old. That was enough to make mama fall into a pile of tears here at the computer. How cute he is!!!


Emery six said...

You can't imagine my delight to hear that Connor has made enough progress to leave the ICU. I know your mixed feelings. It is true that the nurses are spread thinner. The doctors seem few and far between. It is also quite a transition to leave your 'safety net' of the ICU. There is an odd type of comfort zone when you have become familiar with your medical team and surroundings and then you are taken to a new and unfamiliar place with nurses that you have never met.

I pray you would have as good an experience as we had when we took that big step of leaving the ICU. Watch out for ICUitis- when you are scrambling to figure out the new 'rules' on the floor i.e., you can just walk right into your room without going through the desk and security doors, you can eat in your room, you can have more than two people at once, you can do more with your baby without asking permission, etc. I cried when I first came to the surgical floor, especially when I found out I could pick up Brent whenever I wanted. After we floundered around a bit, we came to know and love our new nurses. It ended up that we hated to leave the floor.

Best wishes and love to you and your little bug as you move to new uncharted territory in your adventurous journey! Love, love and more love, (I know you can use it right now)
Susan (and John and Brent)

Dad and Mom said...

Dear Lori and Happy Birthday Connor,

Oh my what an exciting present for your 3month Birthday :) sure wish all your little critters could come alive and help you and mama with your big move.

Oh Lori we sure can understand how you must have so many emotions our prayers will sure be with you and Connor for your first night away from ICU. The Lord is going before you and He will be with you, He promised and He's not a man that He would lie.

We love you and we'er so happy you were so blessed today with all the ladies. Yes the picture that Randy put on the blog is so neat we had never seen it before oh so cute. It was so good to see the things Randy shared today too.

We love you and Randy and Connor so much we'll see you tomorrow ok
Lovebug Hugs Dad and Mom XOXOXOXO

Princess Morgan said...

Dear Connor,

Way to go! I knew you'dhow those doctors who's boss! Keep up the fight and you'll be home before you know it! Daddy and Mommy are so happy for you and your Mom and Dad--Daddy's a bit of a Star Wars fan, so in his latest movie metaphor he says "The Force is strong in that family" and for Connor he says in this funny muppet voice "Judge him by his size do you? Well, you should not!! For his ally is....the Force!" (and I think we know what "Force" Daddy is refering to)

Dear Lori and Randy,

The power of faith and prayer never ceases to amaze. Your little boy is so blessed to have you as his parents, and you are so blessed to have him as your son. May good fortune continue to flow.

All our hopes and love

Michelle said...

Congrats on moving out of the ICU! I'm sure that's a major milestone in hospital stays and hopefully means he's on his way home soon! Praying that you'll be able to get some rest with the new roommate too!

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Oh Lori, Randy and Connor~

Yippee! Hooray! Way to go Little Bug! Congratulations! Keep up the good work! As the Brady Bunch would say, "Far out!"

Oh, I am just about to bust my buttons with excitement. I am so thankful that you are moving out of ICU. I can understand your mixed emotions, but God will not let you down. I think that Auntie Maureen is right, this is one step closer to the three of you leaving CH for home. Oh I can't wait! I don't even mind if we have to cancel our lunch plans on the 20th if it means you could be on your way home. I know, I may be jumping the gun a little bit. I do firmly believe that Connor is on his way to becoming an even stronger little bug.

Oh, the way he was trying to turn to the sound of your voice yesterday. It was so beautiful to watch him with his bright blue eyes. I am holding that image in my heart until we can visit again. Thank you for taking so much time to visit with us yesterday. I know that your heart and mind were on the fourth floor while we were eating and visiting on the fifth floor. It was so good to be together as a family even if Dad and Randy were away.

I will be praying that all three of you can get a good night's sleep. And, that Randy can return home ASAP. Thank you Randy for serving our country.

Good night Little Bug! Kiss your Mommy before you drift off to sleep. And, keep thinking "BIGGER, HEALTHIER, STRONGER!" You can do it!


Auntie Heather

P.S. Brayden prayed out loud again today at breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime for Connor. He had such a tender heart for the Lord and really wants Him to answer our prayers for Connor. We keep reminding him that He is. . . He is. . . And, Olivia, too. She made us laugh today as she thinks we are going to cover our kitchen door with Connor's pictures from the blogspot. I told her that we just might! It brings us such joy to look at him and pray for him continuously. Little Bergen offers his little prayers too with folded hands and utterances of "baby!" We love you! Good night!

Cousin ERICA!!! said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear CONNOR
Happy Birthday to you!!!
hope you have a wonderful 3 month old Birthday!! It's so good to hear that you are doing better!I love you to the Moon and Back plus 1,000,000 times more!!
Love Cousin ERICA!!

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Oh, I am so embarrassed! I have been talking to the kids all day today about Connor's birthday. I didn't even wish my Little Bug a happy third month birthday. Shame on me. . .

Happy Birthday Little Bug! What a wonderful birthday gift to be getting better so that you can hopefully leave CH soon. Keep working on in it Little Bug.

Sweet dreams and don't let the bedbugs bite! Well, maybe just a little--right Mommy?


Auntie Heather

cousin Erica!! said...

Dear, Randy Lori and Baby Connor
I love you guys so so much and I'm praying for you everyday! give your little love Bug lots of hugs and kisses for me!! I glad that Connor is out of ICU and doing well! I hope to come down and see you very soon!!
Love you lots
Love Erica!!!

cousin haley said...

Hello Randy and Lori and Connor

Happy Birthday Connor, WOW 3 months Old today1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haley's Mom said...

Lori and Randy

As you can see Haley wanted to type this herself with NO help!

Haley's Mom said...

Lori and Randy

As you can see Haley wanted to type this herself with NO help!

cousin carly said...

Dear Randy and Lori

I Love you baby Connor and have a happy 3 month old birthday. See you soon. Night Night love carly

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the entry you wrote about the bells and alarms ringing so bad that one morning? You then talked about the parallel that the Lord was showing you about trusting in Him and trusting the doc's and nurses. Well I thought about that today when I read about your mixed emotions of moving out of the ICU. I can understand your fear and concerns and yet happiness. Please know that you are at the best hospital ever regardless of the floor that you are on. We hear raving reports of childrens hosp and not just child hosp ICU. The angels wings are soooo big and God is omnipresent........thank goodness huh?? I know you already know all of this and I would be feeling the exact same concern as you but I hope you can really rest tonight with the good news of Connor taking 1 step forward and knowing that He is in God's hands. You are sooooo incredibly awesome and I can not wait to hear about how the bible study went and if any of the other moms from the hosp were able to join in with all of you? Take care and have a great sleep!