Monday, April 10, 2006

Daddy here....from far away but close in heart !!!!!!

Hello all you bloggers out there. YES… I know you are probably shocked!!!…its “Daddy”….blogging?....but, yes it’s really is me!

I must say right off that it is such a blessing to see the number of family, friends and some folks we don’t even know….just care so much about us and our “littlebug”, thank you all for your concern and prayers.

As you can see from Lori’s last entry Connor has had quite a high fever….!!! And it really scares me being gone like this knowing our littlebug is in intensive care….and I’m overseas!!!! I’m constantly on my knees praying that God will protect Lori and Connor while I’m away……I wish I could hug them close right this very minute!!! In time, but until then keep praying.

Well I’m not too big on emotional things but I wanted to let you all know that Daddy has emotions too. I know Lori does most of this blogging stuff and she is an excellent writer, but Dad is here too (or at least only 5467 miles on the opposite side of the earth)….but still only a prayer away!

I guess the hardest thing for me is when I’m all alone with Connor, holding him in my arms and I see his big blue eyes look into mine….it’s then I feel he’s saying to me “Daddy…I love you…why am I here can we to home?” I just want to rush out of that hospital and head straight home. Many times I’ve wondered if the comfort and security of our loving home is better than all the machines, IV’s and drugs. I think maybe he’ll just heal better at home so “lets get outta here”. I even tell him that! But then the stark reality hits me again and I succumb to reality and look at all those machines and wires and cords and lines and drugs and….AUGH….I’m overwhelmed again, just as I’m sure Lori is “DAILY”…..thanks Honey for being strong for our littlebug!!!! By the way Honey…..before I left the other day he told me he thinks you’re the greatest Mom in the whole wide “universe” (added emphasis….the Millirens will know? J) and that he loves you soooooo much!!!! And I DO TOO!!!!!!

So in time my wish and prayer is to see our littlebug back home with us where we can be a family at HOME…not just residents of Children’s Hospital.

Well its time for Dad to sign off…..”lovebug hugs”…from the monsoon’s of Iwakuni AB, Japan….and next off to parts unknown????????


Anonymous said...

It must be extremely difficult for you to be away at this time with Connor having so many health issues.
Thank you for your service. John and I will be praying for your safe return. We pray, also, that Connor will be stronger and well enough for you to take him home on your return.

Anonymous said...


Great to hear from you.....constantly praying for your little guy that he will gain strength and soon be able to be home with you guys.

Thanks also for the job you truly are a hero my friend. Keep safe!!!

Larry & Maureen said...

What a wonderful blessing you are to Lori right now. The praises you just gave her here for all to see truly proclaims you love for her. You're a lucky man to have married the greatest Mama in the whole wide world!!
Keep safe and sane. We love you.
Love, Larry and Maureen
PS Mom and DAd picked up Abbey last night before she could destroy anything(just kidding...she was great.) But she did have a little separation anxiety when you left but Molly got her mind off it.
You're all in our prayers constantly.

Teresa said...


So nice to see your writing on the blog too. How hard it must be to have to be away & keep your mind on flying. We will add to our prayers that you can be focused & safe while serving our Country. We look forward to your safe return to your beautiful family!

Lori & Connor,

We continue to lift you up in prayer. I know this can't be easy while Randy is gone but the time will hopefully go quickly & he will be home with both of you soon! Praying for better day's ahead.

Love all the pictures Lori, and of course your writing.

Love, Teresa

P.S. give Conner hugs & kisses for me!!

P.S.S. I just got done tucking the kids into bed & said prayer's, Conner is first on the list.....Afterward we were being silly & Emma started nicknaming Conner....Conner Wonner, Conner Bonner, Conner Donner....!! It reminds me of Randy always making up names....(Chloinite, Emmonite!!) Just though I'd share this with you..Hope it made you smile.

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a safe trip and the lord will be with you we will continue to pray for you Connor and Lori!! Have a great day and tell Connor I love Him So much!!

Uncle Les & Aunt Marsha said...

Randy-Its was great hearing from you on this blog.
Were praying for a safe trip,your in our prayers daily. Thank-you for serving our Country.We know how hard it is for to leave your family at this time.

Lori, We continue to pray for you and baby Connor everyday. Remember God is still the Great Physician.

Our Love to you Randy & our precious Lovebug Connor.

Les,Marsha,Erica,Carly & Haley

Uncle Les & Aunt Marsha said...

Oops!! My ending was suppose to be

Our Love to you Lori,Randy and our precious Lovebug Connor

Anonymous said...

It must be so incredibly hard to be away from your family. Knowing that you have other responsibilities that Lori and Conner are counting on you to take care of doesn't help. What goes on inside of you during your trips away must be incredibly hard to handle sometimes. I don't think that people really realize what a father has to go through in a situation like this. To have the worries of your son...your responsiblilities, being the man and staying strong for your beautiful wife, and on top of everthing else the responsiblity you feel to your country....You are truly an amazing person Randy. I pray for you constantly and I want to truly thank you for everthing that you the sounds of it, a great father, a great husband, and a great soldier for this country we call home. God Bless you and may you come home safely to be with your family soon.