Thursday, April 13, 2006

Complicated...Maybe? Unique...You Bet!!!!!

Connor had a fabulous night of sleep after his 10pm episode. He rested well until about 8am this morning. Mom and I got some sleep which was good. Between 8:30 and 10am Connor had major complications. Thankfully, one of the docs was able to witness the episode so she could speak very clearly about it with the team during rounds today. There are concerns that something else is going on that we are not addressing. They are considering a lower GI test, an abdominal ultrasound or a CT scan to try and interpret the problem. Hopefully we will find out later today which they have decided on. For the past few weeks the docs have nicknamed Connor, "The Complicated Boy". Maybe he is complicated from a medical standpoint, but one thing for sure is that he is unique in every way!!! For the time being he is resting in Grandma's arms (with the help of morphine and adovan) and is comfortable.

I'll check in later today with more details. God is still on the throne and he is being glorified in our trials. Praise the Lord for his peace, his comfort, his guidance and his presence during this time.

Lovebug Hugs,


Shawn Z said...

God's creation is complicated because it cannot be comprehended by human minds. God's glory is revealed where science fails to understand. Lord, continue to use Connor to bring glory go you and let it be said this Easter season that you have risen, risen indeed! Connor, thank you for being a vessel - broken and poured out that others may see a greater glimpse of our Father.

Anonymous said...

I'm very proud of you, Lori.


Eric and CJ Newhouse said...

What a lucky boy to have such loving parents! We constantly keep your family in our prayers. Eric and CJ Newhouse

Amy Fields said...

Hello my dear,
You are doing such an amazing job running the Children's Hospital gauntlet of diagnosis and information overload! I am so proud of you. I have Saturday morning though Sunday morning available to help you out in any way I can. I remember feeling so alone on the surgical floor when it came to actual eye's on care for Isabelle. Can I come help out with a "shift" and sit with your sweet boy so you can sleep, shop, blog, whatever! I am more than happy to come down and spend as much time as you need me. Let me know if that would be helpful for you. 360.510.9522 Love you! Amy

Michelle said...

glad to hear you were able to get some rest (as was Connor!). Praying they will be able to find out some answers with these other tests they are planning on running.

Teresa said...

Mom told me you got my message! I know how very busy you are & how your mind is so in focus of Connor's recovery. Want to let you know though that I am here for you when you need someone to come & be with Connor....You need good rest to be the great Mama that you are!I can't say that I understand completely but can imagine how all consuming this is for you. I love the little lovebug & want to help in any way I can!

P.S. Give Connor sweet hugs & kisses from his Auntie!!!!

praying constantly, Love, Teresa

Cousin Emma & Oma said...


Ich liebe dich (Ilove you) in German!!!

Ik hou van jou Dutch!!!

Kusje, van Oma

Heather Bennett said...

Hello my dear Lori! I am soooo glad you and your mom were able to rest last night. And Praise the Lord for the doctor being in the room with Connor when he had his episode so that she could see EXACTLY what is happening. I will be praying that the Lord just continues to give the doctors amazing wisdom and insight into Connor's little insides. I'm off to bed as it's almost midnight here in VA, but I'll check first thing in the morning to see what the latest is and update my prayer specifics. :) Take care of you my friend.

Connor, you just chuggin' along. Lauren and Brennan like to watch "Finding Nemo" and then they keep saying "Just keep swimmin' Just keep swimmin'" just like Dory. Then they apply it to whatever else we are doing. When they just don't want to walk anymore or whatever. So we say to you, "Just keep goin' Just keep goin'" Just keep doing it. You hang in there. You are such a brave little guy. We are so proud of you.

Love you!
Auntie Heather (#2)

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori, We are so glad you could rest and that as you are mothering Connor, your Mom has been able to Mother you! We are praying continually for your little bug and for you and Randy too! Jesus renew Randy & Lori's strength, be with Randy as he is away from home and Lord give the doctors amazing insight and wisdom on what to do next. We love you guys!
Sue & Randy & family