Monday, March 13, 2006

Another day in our journey

Good Evening All ~

Here I sit at this computer screen trying to figure out how to post pictures to a blog. What effort it takes to do the simplest things these days!!! Above you will see a quick pic of Connor in his Teddy Bear outfit before coming to the hospital and another pic of Connor with his best pal "Abbey"!! To the left you will see Connor with the ventilator in place a few days ago. My oh my how a few days changes the life of our family. One minute snuggling with a furry friend to the next minute having a breathing tube inserted to help you stay alive. Whew....what a journey.

I realize that for many of you this is your first pictoral introduction to Connor. How I wish we had been blessed to take the typical drive down to JCPenny's to get our first photo taken in our best outfit. Believe it or not I had tried to do this on the day that Connor came to the hospital because Randy was going out of the country and I wanted him to carry a picture with him. But he was so agitated when the photographer took his pictures that I had to tell her we would have to come back another time. When we drove home that day I would have never realized in just a few more hours we would be headed to Children's Hospital for an indefinite stay. I can't wait until the day I can post that JCPenny's photo in Connor's best outfit with a great big smile on his face and wide open eyes!!!

Today we switched rooms in the ICU because our little roommate was suspected of having a respitory virus that would be contagious. So we packed up all of our things and moved 3 rooms down the hallway. It was a fairly good day for Connor except for one refluxing episode that sent him into absolute orbit!! Grandpa and Grandma Robertson were there at the time to witness how upset he was. He got a dose of Adovan to help him calm down and he slept most of the afternoon.

Daddy got to snuggle with him a while before he left for home tonight. Randy will be bringing the trailer up to the parking lot here at Children's so we will have a place to sleep that we don't have to sign up for every day!! We have been blessed to get a sleeping closet each night we have been in the ICU but our time is running out to have this commodity!! It will work out best to have the trailer here since our time here will be much longer than we originally anticipated.

Today they scheduled Connor for his surgery on Wednesday AM. He will be getting the Nissan Fundoplacation and also a G-Tube for feeding. They tell us the surgery will last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours and the will try to do it with a laproscopy tool, but if that fails they will revert to a typical incision surgery. Please pray that Connor will be strong in his body on Wednesday to withstand the surgery and the additional stress on his heart. Connor, unlike other babies, doesn't have a lot of reserves to draw from so he has to be a fighter and an overcomer to make it through this.

We are gaining daily strength from all of your prayers and words of encouragement. Please don't stop!!! We love you all and we will blog more tomorrow.

By the way, thanks for the visit today Grandpa and Grandma Robertson!!!


Heather Bennett said...

OH HOW BEAUTIFUL! He is just so precious! Randy, So glad you're able to be there with your family. Praying for your strength! Lori, my dear friend/sister, how I miss you and wish I could be there with you. I was about 2 minutes from getting on an airplane last week. :) You are amazing. I have always known you are an amazing woman of God and I see it shine through now more than ever as you walk through this holding Connor in God's strength and love. Connor, we have more people praying for you than the stars in the sky! :) You just keep on fighting! One of these days, Auntie Heather #2 is going to come visit you and you can show me all of those strong muscles you are building up! I love you so much!
Please let us know what time the surgery will be scheduled so that we can be in prayer at the very moment. Love you ALL!
Heather Bennett :)

tammy said...

Hi Lori
Wow, you 3 are amazing! As I sit here and read about little Connor......I am in awe! It is so apparent that God's strength and power is so strong in that hospital with all of you. Connor is an overcomer!! He is SOOO CUTE!! When I look at his little photos it makes me want to kisss his adorable face. WE will be praying tomarrow morning and can not wait to hear all of the miracles.
Tammy Ludlow

Princess Xomaria's Gramma said...

I hope you do not mind if I visit once in a while to see Baby Connor's progress!
It took a lil while to figure out how to comment, but I figured it out! ;o)
I just wanted to show support for you and your family, and let you know what a Blessing your Lil Man is, and lucky to have been born to such wonderful Parent's!
You are in my Prayer's,,, from one Childrens hospitol family to another, may he bring you all the love and happiness you deserve in life!

Gramma to:
Xomaria JayLee Sue Flores
Childrens Hospitol 2006