Thursday, March 16, 2006

End of the day blog

Today was a long day!! Maybe it was because we did not get a lot of sleep last night or maybe it's because sitting and waiting is so exhausting. Connor slept for the majority of the day and then had a bit of difficulty this evening. He was supposed to get a blood draw for possible surgery tomorrow, but after 40 minutes and 6 pokes, and no blood, they gave up. He will have to get poked again in the morning, so pray that they will be successful the first poke. His pour little feet and veins look like he's been through a war. Since he has remained back on the c-pap machine they didn't want us to hold him a lot today. But, for an hour this afternoon he came off the machine and mama got some snuggle time with her sweet little bug. Auntie Kathy got to fill her arms with his sweet little snuggles too. I think just having my arms around him is therapy to my heart.

Connor got the cutest posters today from the missionett group at Ferndale Assembly of God. Thanks girls, the posters are great. He also received a clever little poster from Grandma & Grandpa Milliren with little cut out bugs all over it. What a fun idea, thanks so much dad and mom!!! Auntie Kathy came to visit and brought lots of birthday cards for Randy and also some yummy cookies and frosted rice krispy treats........Uuuummmmmmm, Yummy!!!!!

We can tell that Connor is weary in his little body. He has little circles under his red eyes and the little bruises on his wrists, hands and feet are just plain sad. His little cry has turned into a big cry and we know he just wants to get better so he can go home. How we want to spring him from this place and run home to our safe haven called "home". It seems that Randy & I don't even talk about the subject of when we will go home because it seems so far off. Please pray for our endurance!!!!

Randy enjoyed a few hours away this afternoon to go and play with our dog Abbey and do some training with her. Randy is an excellent dog trainer and he loves Abbey so much. I think it was a good birthday present to him to just go out in the fields and train with her. When he returned we took a short little trip down to the University Village for a birthday dinner. It was a quick trip as both of our bodies were tired and both our minds were still here at the hospital with Connor.

Update of surgery - As of right now, we understand that Connor is on the surgery schedule for tomorrow, Friday. He hasn't been assigned a time slot yet, so we are still waiting, but we are very hopeful that tomorrow will be the day. As always, we will keep you posted on any progress we make in this department.

Signing off for now to try and get a decent nights sleep. Once again, Randy says thanks for all the sweet and sincere birthday wishes.

Goodnight & Lovebug Hugs,
Randy, Lori and baby Connor


Anonymous said...

Hi Lori
THE ladies at bible study prayed for you Connor and Randy today. You have been on my mind so much and I can not even tell you how many times a day I check the blog. Many times I just find myself praying in the spirit for all of you, especially when there are no words to say.....but God knows! I pray that you'll continue to find all the comfort the 3 of you need in the strong presence of the Angels in that room. I know you are tired and wearry, I could hear it in your last entry but tomarrow will be a new day and we will pray for a good blood draw and surgery to follow!! Connor is an Overcomer and you and Randy are SOOOO incredible! I pray that you will all get a great night of sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

Lori, I have been glued to your "blog" (whatever that is!)since I heard about Connor and his "Journey". The pictures are great since I wasn't at Grassi's the day you came to show him off. He is so sweet! I love your make me feel like I am there...just know that I am praying constantly for you and Randy and Connor. The stress that you are under I cannot imagine. I can feel your pain as a mom knowing Connor is crying and hurting and you can't scoop him up and make everything OK. Just remember that God only gives us what we can handle so I know you are strong and will endure. Connor has the greatest mom ever! God knew who to give him to!!! Thank you for the daily updates...I try to keep everyone informed at Grassi's. We are all thinking of you and praying for a swift recovery for Connor. All my love to you and Randy and Connor, Marianne

Anonymous said...

Lori and Randy: It's tough to read the blog each day, but I can't keep away. Tony and I have been where you are. When I see your pictures our journey seems like only yesterday, when in fact it was six years ago today. We pray for you daily. Taylor turns 9 today and he prayed for Connor this morning. Just remember: God is good and he is our peace.
Deb, Tony, Kit and Taylor Wendtland