Thursday, March 16, 2006

Randy's Birthday!!

Good Morning ~

After a long, virtually sleepless night, we awake to a new day!! Connor remains on the c-pap machine. He was off for about an hour this morning, but was put back on because of labored breathing. The team of doctors made their rounds this morning and assured us that they are trying to work swiftly on our behalf to get Connor his surgery soon. It will not happen today, but they are hopeful for tomorrow. We will keep you posted.

We are headed down to the cafeteria with Randy's folks to have a whoopin' big celebration of his birthday over grilled cheese sandwiches. This certainly is not how we planned to celebrate, but we will all make amendments to our schedules. We understand that Auntie Kathy is on her way to see us today as well, so we will look forward to her visit.

Connor is resting comfortably at the moment, so we are thankful. He is so tired from this difficult journey and it is good when we see him sleep on his own without the help of drugs!!!
Randy says thanks for all his birthday greetings by message, email and postcards. It's nice for him to sit and be encouraged by all of your kind words.
Thanks for your love,


Anonymous said...

Dear Randy,

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you.... Try to enjoy your day even through all the worries. We Love You and support you all.
We Keep praying for Connor....It's God's timing not ours. Maybe he's teaching us patience...Man it stinks!

Hope you enjoy your grilled cheese sandwich!!

All our love to Lori & Connor.

Give Connor & big hug from us!

Love, Ted, Teresa & kids

Heidi and Oscar Denessen said...

Hi Lori, Randy and strong little Connor!
Oscar and I are just sitting here reading your story and we are marvelling at your bravery and strength - you're amazing!!! Connor is lucky to have such lovely parents. Oscar wanted to say that he can't wait to hang out with Connor at one of T & T's summer patio parties. Lets look forward to the sunshine!
Love Heidi and Oscar Denessen

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Randy! Just a note to tell Randy, Lori and Connor that your church is praying for you. Keep fighting Connor!
Love you guys so much
Don Howard
Pastoral Care

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy, Lori and Connor,
Aunt Sandy forward your blog information and I am so glad. That little guy of yours is just the cutest. Thanks for putting the info and pictures on the web. Happy Birthday, Randy. Love, Linda Morse

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows how much a miracle a baby is, it's me, after losing my baby to birth defects. God bless this little miracle. May all go well with him and his upcoming surgery. I wish you the best, Lori, in all that you do. You and Connor and your husband will be in my prayers. Enjoy your little bundle of joy. I know that he could not be more loved because you are a very loving person.