Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day of waiting

Hi Faithful Friends ~

This morning when we awoke at 5am we anticipated a different day than we received. We prayed over breakfast, "The Lord's Will Be Done" and surely it was. As you know from the previous blogs Connor had a rough morning fighting off a fever and a few episodes of respitory distress. After they switched the surgery schedule around they told us we would be able to send Connor in for his surgery in the afternoon and then as the afternoon progressed, it became evident that the surgery would not take place. Finally at 5:30pm the surgeon came out and said that it wasn't going to work and we would have to look to another day. So, the Lord's will was done!!!! Apparently, Connor was not supposed to be in that operating room today. Yes we are disappointed and frustrated because we do not have a rescheduled appointment yet, but, by faith, we believe that this was the best thing. Unfortunately, Connor will have to wait for an open spot in the O.R. and that could be as early as tomorrow (but not likely) or as late as the 1st of April. Let's all pray that God will work it out for Connor to be put on the schedule soon. He is suffering so badly from this reflux and aspiration pneumonia. His little lungs are working sooooo hard just to breathe that it is actually painful to watch.

Throughout our day of waiting, we experienced many sweet surprises along the way. We were joined in our wait by Grandpa and Grandma Robertson and Auntie Maureen and we even played a couple of hands of Rook!! Connor had several special deliveries that brought us great joy and smiles. First, a colorful flower delivery from our home church, NW Family Church. Thanks Pastor Bullock & church family. Next, Connor received a really cool stuffed jungle bear and balloon from special friends in California. Thanks Barry & Heidi!! And last but not least, Connor had some special visitors....2 clowns came to see him and they sang him the sweetest lullaby from the movie "Dumbo". We tried to put a video clip on the blog, but somehow it's not coming through. I will continue to try and post it with better luck, but if I cannot make it work, let me just tell you it was the sweetest thing. Connor is such a lucky guy, he also received another jungle friend from sweet friends in Colorado. Thanks Ted & Debbie & Joseph!!! We all feel so blessed by kindness and love that keeps pouring out through all of your encouraging words, emails, postcards and letters. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Randy spent some time today setting up our new "homestead" property out in the back 4!!! Parking lot 4 that is here at Children's. Depending on how long we stay, we might end up claiming the homestead laws for property ownership...ha ha!! Tomorrow we will celebrate Randy's 46th birthday here in the hospital. Not exactly what we had planned, but we are learning to make small celebrations everywhere we go.
Got candles? YES!
Got cake? YES!
Got presents? YES!
Then I guess we'll have a birthday!!!!
We started celebrating a little bit early tonight as Randy's folks got us out of the hospital for a couple of hours with Larry and Maureen to celebrate Randy & Larry's birthdays!! Thanks for the Chinese food Dad & Mom.

As I write this message, Daddy is up snuggling with our little bug and mama's getting lonely for her two best guys. So I will sign off so I can get down to the room and be a family for awhile!!!

Praying for a better day for Connor tomorrow and progress in the surgery dept.
Saying Goodnight with Lovebug Hugs,
Mama (Lori)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Randy! :)

Lori, Randy, and Connor,

We are still praying. I have always said that when God sent us Christopher, He had a plan. He knew, Christopher knew. Our job was to figure it out. :) Things work out for the best. We will pray for an opening as soon as possible for Connor to get his tube placed.

I can't believe how much he looks like Christopher when he was a baby! They could be twins! Well... Connor is a little bigger.

It is a VERY good sign that he wants a binki. We could nenver get Christopher to take one. He didn't have the strenght. That tells me Connor is a VERY strong little boy...and a very lucky one.!!

Have a good day today! Sending hugs and prayers.

Stephanie, Chris, & Christopher from Illinois