Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Temp came down!!!!

PRAISE THE LORD......Connor's temp came down to 97.8!!!! X-ray looks compromised, but not inoperable!!!! If all stays well Connor will keep his appointment with the surgeon this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Dear Randy, Lori and Connor,

You are all so much in our thoughts and prayers today as we await surgery. We are glad to hear that Connor's temperature came down. Zachary, Lucas and Savannah are right here and they say to keep up the good work Connor. We love the website and we look at it throughout the entire day. The pictures are absolutely adorable, especially the one with the big orange binki...We are going to say bye for now and each of the kids want to send Connor a message. Love, Gary, Lynette, Zachary, Lucas and Savannah

Anonymous said...

Dear Connor,
I have been praying for you everynight at bedtime. See you soon.

I love you buddy,

Anonymous said...

dear connor, i love you buddy i have been praying for you so are so cute. I hope you get better soon. i like all the pictures they are so cute. i will see you soon.

love savannah

Anonymous said...

Dear Randy, Lori and Connor,

I hope Connor is doing well. I want to see him again soon. I love you guys.

Love, Zachary

Shawn Zieglmeier said...

Yeah, Go Connor, Go Connor: great work on getting the temperature down. You are a mighty warrior and proving that you can handle many battles. God is certainly with you. I must say, that you are a handsome little guy, cute as a button!! I printed some pictures for the Ladies Bible study at Northwest Family Church yesterday and they squealed with delight at the sight of God's precious child. Your braveheart and determination are continuing to encourage your Daddy, Mommy and so many others as we look at our own lives and the "obstacles" that come our way. Thank you for being you and showing us that we can be overcomers. Blessings from your Lakeland neighbor, Shawn Zieglmeier

Heidi Henninger said...

Randy, Lori, & Connor...

This is wonderful news! Connor is being so tough through all of this! We know that God has his angels all around you. We are still praying for all of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy, Lori,and Connor-
we love the website, we have been checking in every so ofton throughout the day to get updates!
Connor, we love you and are praying for you!
love, Dylan and Kacie

Anonymous said...

PTL!! We can not wait to hear the next miracle of the day! Connor is becoming such a little hero already! We will keep praying.

SRobertson said...

Nice to learn of his recovery - Steve

Anonymous said...

Continued thoughts and prayers to you all from the Wilson
Family - E.J., Sharon, Sara, and Savannah

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy, Lori, and Connor,

We wish you lots of strength through your journey. Please know that we are thinking of you. Best Wishes.

Love from Heidi, Ron, and Oscar.

Auntie Kathy said...

Dear Sweet
Baby Connor

Uncle Loren and I are praying constantly for you Connor. Last week I had the privilege of spending three days with you and your mommy at Children's Hospital and I saw what a little fighter you are, keep up the good work. I love you and can't wait to get you in my arms for some cuddle time and a great big kiss. I know someday when you are older you'll say "OH AUNT KATHY I'M TOO BIG FOR KISSES'. We pray that God will continue to help you to get stronger so you can get your surgery and start feeling better.
I'll see you tomorrow. Kisses and Hugs Aunt Kathy.

Dear Randy and Lori~
Our prayer is that God will pour out his goodness and give you both strength and peace. Being in the Hospital watching your son go through what he has, is not easy. I am sure you both are disappointed that the surgery was delayed, but just remember God's timing is always perfect.
Connor is such a lucky little bug to have you both as his parents. I have seen the way you take care of him, he is truly blessed. I pray when you get discouraged that you will feel Gods tight embrace. I've asked God to wrap his arms around you and hug you tight. Take comfort in knowing there are people all over praying for Connor. I will see you tomorrow, (Happy Birthday Randy) Love your sis, Kathy

Anonymous said...

Lori, Randy and Connor,

You're in our thoughts and prayers daily. If there's anything we can do, we're 15 minutes away, just give a call...206-362-8632.


Steve, Janel, Erin and Anna

"cousin" Molly said...

Dear Connor,
I have never met you before but we are related. Right now I am sharing my space with your "sister" Abbey. She sure does have a lot of energy. She wears me out a lot. I'm 6 years old which is 42 in dog years. She's just a pup and likes to remind me of it all the time. It isn't too bad having her here. Now I have someone else to blame things on. Anyways my mom said you didn't get your surgery today. I sure am sorry about that. I hope you get it soon so that you can come and play with Abbey and me. Maybe you can keep up with Abbey better than I can. I better tell my mom to get me some gerital for dogs or something so I'll be able to keep up. Well before I get caught on the computer(I could get in big trouble for it) I want to tell you we all love you here and are praying for you all the time. I even bow my head and pant a word or two to God. Get better and get stronger. We love you
Love, Molly
PS Abbey says she misses you and loves you and can't wait to lick you.

Candy Bennett said...

Dearest little Connor, Though we have never met we know your Mom & Dad. They are great people of God and because of that we know you are cared for with a greater love than most. We are praying for you. We know that God looks down on you with so much love and will not only watch over you but is with you right now. If you get a chance tell your Mommy & Daddy they are in our prayers too and we can't wait to meet you and see them again. All our love & more importantly our prayers, Mike, Candy, Michael, Ani & Cidney Bennett