Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Calling all midnight bloggers....PRAY!!

I just left Connor's room and he is struggling!!! His respatory rate was so high they had to put the C-pap machine back on him. His blood pressure and heart rate are skyrocketing and he is screaming like there's no tomorrow. What horror for a mom to see and not be able to pick him up and comfort him or even stand close enough for him to hear my voice.
We are concerned for him in these times that he is not getting the comfort that he needs and deserves. Please pray tonight for the nurses. I could tell when I left that they had had about enough and were giving him a double dose of Adovan to quiet him down. I HATE DRUGS BEING USED THIS WAY!!!!!! I know that he needs something to bring him back down to a mellow place, but, for the first time here, I didn't sense kindness in the hands of the nurses. I sensed frustration and experienced grumpy faces and voices from them. Please pray tonight that Connor would be visited by angels unaware and that they would minister peace to his small and fragile little body. My heart hurts for him and I cannot help......Feeling helpless with your own child is a desparate place to be. How I want our baby to be calm and healed and lying in our arms. Please pray for sweet peace to descend!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that we are are praying and lifting you all up to the Lord in prayer. Thanks for the blogs. Keep sending them because we are interested and want to know specifically how to pray. We love you and know God has a purpose for little Connor to fulfill. Much love, Walt and Alvina

Anonymous said...

God, you see desperation. The sense of hopelessness, when you seem so far be even more real. Show yourself in a sign, any sign so that your presence is unmistakeably present and not absent. Give the medical staff a Damascus road experience. May they find the ability to suck it up and get tough when the tough really gets going and give them an abundance of patience and love for baby Connor.

Anonymous said...

I just came across this blog and I really feel bad to know a sweet lill baby has to go thru all this thing. But dont worry, I am praying for the betterment of your baby.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori. I will be praying and I am just heading off to Ladies bible study this morning and all 35 ladies will have a prater time this morning for your beautiful little bug. I expect to hear great reports when I return.

Auntie Heather said...

Lori and Randy,

How my heart aches for what you two must be going through as you watch Connor labor for every breath. I pray that the Lord would send you a specific sign that Connor will do much better today. I pray that the medical staff has an overabundance of patience today. I know that you are receiving the best medical care at Children's, so try not to be discouraged. I pray, too, that you will receive positive word this morning from the OR. God in His mighty wisdom didn't want Connor to have surgery yesterday. Maybe today is the day!

Oh, how I want to get in the car and race down to see each of you. I long to hold Connor and hug you both. Please let me know if I can help you in anyway.

And, a very happy birthday to you Randy. I just know that you will receive the best "gift" today.

Lots of prayers and lovebug hugs to all three of you,

Auntie Heather (Your sister-in-law/heart)

I love you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori,
I am praying for Connor and for you and Randy as you make your way through such a scary journey. I am so sorry that life has been so difficult! Connor is such a cute boy! I hope you all get to enjoy a healthy and happy time together soon.
Praying for you in Georgia,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Randy!

I wish I could be there with you all during this time! You are always on my mind and heart and I check the blog MULITPLE time during the day to catch updates. We are in prayer for peace, healing and comfort.

We have friends here in St. Louis who just had a baby last week who are going through nearly the EXACT same journey as you right now. Their baby has a likely Down or Turner's Syndrome diagnosis with a heart defect. The baby, Ellen Ruth, remains hospitalized and will have to undergo heart surgery soon. These little babies are so strong as they fight for their lives! We remain ever so encouraged, even during the difficult times... May you be as well.

Lori, you are one of my dear heart friends...don't ever forget that.
Ruthie, Lou and Jessica
St. Louis

Jacqueline Hendrickson said...

Randy, Lori, and Connor
Guaranteed you are all in our prayers throughout the day and night. We love you all so much and wish we could be there to support you in person, but we praise God for giving us a perfect route through prayer to fill in those miles.
Thank you so much for posting the pictures and updates on Connor, we really need that and appreciate being able to focus our prayers on specific needs.
Happy Birthday Randy! We know exactly the gift you want today, and we are praying that you will receive it!
You both look so good in those pictures. We stand amazed at how well trailer trash cleans up!! Ha!
Connor is so fortunate to have you for his mommy and daddy. You two are a walking testimony of your Father's Love and Provision. He is a Great King, and there is no petition too great for Him.
I'll talk with you soon,
Love, Auntie Jacqueline and the guys.

Anonymous said...

We have got you covered! I am on my knees for that little bug. Boy does this all bring back such vivid memories! We will be praying! Love you.

Amy, Isabelle, Ethan & Jack

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for all the cheerleaders the encouragement is just like medicine to your heart. We love you so much and our hearts are with you every minute. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDY and we sure know what your wish is today .... Lori thank you so much for your dedication to share everything about Connor we appreciate every word and we truly see between the lines the things that are still in your heart. Words could never express the love and concern in our hearts right now. May the Lord continue to give you strong strength. Remember now the Lord has gone before you down every hall, opening every door,is sitting at every staff report and is upholding you with His faithful arms. He will NEVER LEAVE YOU EVER. We must go back home now as Dad is kinda tired we love you so much give Connor BIGLOVES from grandpa and grandma and a butterfly kiss too. Just think Connor is sure challenging us to learn this computer uffda : Much love to you Lpve Dad and Mom and Grandpa and Grandma XOXOXOXOXO