Friday, March 17, 2006

Successful surgery....PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!

God is faithful....He has answered our prayers!!! Connor came through his surgery with flying colors. He returned to the ICU around 5pm and when we met with the surgeon he said that Connor was an excellent patient. They were able to do the surgrey laproscopically which was a great relief and answer to prayer for us. He has 4 incisions on his belly that all have stiches in them and 1 incision is where the feeding tube (G-tube) was inserted. When they where inside of Connor's belly they also found that he had a hyatal (sp?) hurnea (sp?) so they fixed that as well as doing the Nissan procedure. They found what they had suspected all along that Connor has what they call a supermodel stomach.....very small and long in size. This made the procedure a little more difficult, but our surgeon had great skill and accuracy and was able to band off the esophagus very well. Dr. Kim (our surgeon) felt the surgery was an absolute success!!! PRAISE THE LORD FOR ANSWERED PRAYER!!

Connor is pretty heavily sedated at the moment and he has the ventalator as well as a nasal decompresion tube to drain out all the extra secretions and air from his stomach. He will be kept sedated for several days so he can heal and more than likely we won't be able to hold him for 5 or more days. Randy and I feel a great sense of relief just knowing that he is out of surgery and that he did so well. We know the next days will be touch and go for Connor as he begins the healing journey, but we are at least, on the way to better health. The outlook for how long we will be here is still up in the air, but they say at least a month more! Once again we need prayer for strength and endurance.

There is much on my mind that I want to journal to you, but I will be honest, my body is weak and my mind is weary. We are going to go to bed early and catch up on some much needed rest. I will journal tomorrow from a more introspective heart.

Lovebug hugs,


Anonymous said...

Praise The Lord Lori and Randy! This is such great news and I bet you will have the best sleep ever tonight.....what a relief that the procedure is done. Once again, God is sooo faithful. We will continue on with non-stop prayer for the WHOLE family and for extra strength. I look forward to coming up and seeing you guys in person some time soon.
Love ya

Heather Bennett said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!! God is so good. We will continue praying for the two of you for strength and rest as well as for little Connor to recover quickly, easily and with little or no discomfort. Get some rest please! :)

Love you!
Heather B.

Heather Milliren said...

Praise the Lord that Connor's surgery was a success! We give all of the glory to the Lord. He is our Rock and our Salvation!

Oh, Randy and Lori what an incredible miracle from the Lord. And, way to go Connor. You are a hero in our eyes. We will continue to pray for the Lord's healing of your little body.

Goodnight, sleep tight. Don't let the lovebugs bite (at least not too much)!

Lovebug hugs to each of you,

Auntie Heather and family

Anonymous said...

Praise God! We will continue to pray for a quick recovery and for Connor to get even stronger for his next surgery. Also for Mom and Dad to get some much needed rest! :) Hope you all get to go home soon!

Stephanie, Chris, & Christopher from Illinois

Anonymous said...

Randy and Lori we are so thankful to the Lord for answered prayer. He is so faithful we were praying so hard for you today. Connor is becoming alittle hero to so many as they watch his journey. His little life is speaking so loudly you can't help to listen to every move he is making. Remember Lori when we first came to the hospital and Connor was laying in the big crib and his eyes were open so wide and he was looking at the ceiling for so long and I said to him. Connor are you looking at your guardian angels....and he just kept looking so intently more and more I believe that Connor is seeing into the heavenlies and sees a whole lot more than we could even think. The Lord has said a Child shall lead them and we feel Connor is doing just that.We pray the Lord holds Connor close to His heart and heals him quickly, God Knows. We pray you and Randy have a good sleep and that you fall asleep knowing that God has everything in His hands. We love you both and just like you and Randy have thanked everyone for praying we too want to thank everyone for their love and support there is no greater gift at times like this.

With much love,
Dad and Mom and Grandpa
and Grandma XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

Lori, I must tell you, I have been praying and praying for Connor and you and Randy. You have always been such a sweet friend to me, and I love you. Connor truly is a blessing from God !! I know that through all of this, that God is going to use COnnors experiences and yours to bless others who are going through and will go through in the future. Connor is soooo beautiful, a TRUE Angel from the Lord. May his smile continue to light up the room, and his eyes sparkle like the brightest sun, and his laugh bring joy to your hearts!! I will keep posted and updated by this, it took me all afternoon to find your posts. Ill continue to pray for you. OUr whole church is. love, Darina

The Scevers!! said...

Randy,Lori and Baby Connor
WE are so Happy the Surgery went good!! We are Very Joyful that he Went through with Flying Colors:)"God Answered our PRAYERS" Get Some REST and Hope to See you Soon We love you Very Much! Give Connor Lots And Lots of Lovebug Hugs For us!!!
Love The SCEVERS!!

Anonymous said...

PTL that Connor's surgery went so well and for the great doctor's report. We are praying for all of you and especially Connor daily. This web site is a fablous way to keep us up to date. Rest well tonight knowing that this hurtle has been over come.

Richele & Nick Pogreba

Anonymous said...

Randy and Lori,

We are all so happy to hear that the surgery went so well. Connor sure is a tough little guy. Get some much needed rest...Talk to you soon.

Gary and Lynette

Anonymous said...

Randy, Lori, and Baby Conner,
You probably don't remeber me but I go to church with Les & Marsha &.......everyone.
Marsha has been keeping up on things that are happening with Conner and I want you to know that the three of you are in my prayers many times a day. I know it's hard to keep in mind sometimes but the Lord has a plan for everything that happens and I truly believe that.
I am so proud of how you have been handeling everything that has been going on and it's wonderful that the Lord is always on the forefront of your minds.
I pray that Conner becomes well and brings you more joy than you can ever imagine. God Bless. My prayers are constantly with you.

Love~Tia Lloyd

Anonymous said...

Dear Randy,

God is so good! We have been and will continue to pray for your little bug! You know, God never wastes a hurt, a trial , or even a tragedy. Little Conner's life has been not just a blessing, but a that none of us will ever forget.

One day God will do great things through your son.
God promises to use "all things" for His glory.

In spite of all this difficulty...God is and will be glorified. You will both come through this with an amazing testimony of God's love.

I want to encourage you Randy as the man who holds the title of "Priest" in your home.
Remember...God is faithful!

In your deepest hour of trial...He is there.
When all seems lost...He is there.
When circumstances seem stacked against you...He is there

Conner's life isn't in your hands...believe it or is in better hands.

Conner's life is in God's hands

I know you are both so extremely tired. I pray God give you rest.

One day soon, the sun will rise and those "walks in the stroller" will resume.

People will ask questions, and you and your bride will be able to tell of "all the good things the Lord has done."

Sleep well loved ones...your father is watching over your little bug.

Pastor James Ludlow
Eastpointe Church

Cousin Erica!! said...

Hey Lori and Randy and Baby Connor
I hope you guys are getting some Good Rest. I have a Special Surprise for You Connor and I Can't Wate to Come down and Give it to you!! I will Continue to Pray for you guys everyday!!
give Connor lots and lots of lovebug hugs for me!!
Love Cousin Eica!

Candice Bennett said...

Oh Praise The Lord! We are all rejoicing on Connor's behalf. Lori & Randy - we just want you to know that you are in our morning, afternoon, evening, middle of the night prayers. We are asking that God give you HIS strength just as His word promises. We check the site daily and are grateful for the opportunity to keep updated on Connor's progress. We send ALL our love. Mike & Candy Bennett