Sunday, May 07, 2006


This is my favorite picture of daddy with Connor. Oh how precious is the sight of my 2 favorite guys!!!!

Mama and little bug after bathtime......just playin' around!!!!

Sunday after bathtime with Grandma & Grandpa M., Uncle Larry & Aunt Maureen and Daddy & Mama of course!! Oh, I forgot, Little Bug's here too!!!

Aaahhhhhh, Look at that......3 generations!!!!!

Oh so sleepy after my bath.....Little Bug's almost asleep, but Mama and Daddy keep taking pictures.....UUUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!! What's a cute Little Bug to do????? Suggestions anyone???

Connor and Daddy having a little guy time telling stories about the Big Red Barn!!!

Our famous Nurse Amy.....How we love you Amy!!! Thanks for all your TLC with Little Bug!!!

Connor's nighttime med supply!!!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok guys, you call me "Little Bug" and I think that's great, but was it necessary to give me a real antenna???? Oh, that's not an antenna, it's my new IV line.....What more are they going to require of me???

Son, here's the deal...Daddy has to leave on a trip on Tuesday so it's your responsibility to get better so Mama can take you home. When I get back I expect to see you playing at our house, OK??

Daddy, Mama & "Sleepy Bug"


Emery six said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful tender pictures.

It is hard for parents to process all that they and their precious child are going through in a situation like this. Having an avenue to share a part of the journey with others, such as this blog site, helps to share just a little of the burden you are going through and gives other people a chance to share the joys, sorrows and helps to know how best to pray. Bless your precious family tonight.
Love from The Emery Family

Cousin Derek said...

connor you will learn that even when you dont want to get your picture taken randy will keep taking pictures.
love derek

ps. Abby is here and sends her loves and wishes with you

Anonymous said...

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