Thursday, May 11, 2006

Waiting for news.....

Connor just went into the OR at 3:45pm. They were running a couple of hours behind so they just came and got him moments ago. It has been a difficult afternoon. About 12:30pm Connor started flipping out and I mean really flipping out. He was completely inconsolible and beside himself. For 3 hours it remained this way. They couldn't give him anything because of his pending trip to the OR. He had all the doctors in looking at him and just about all of them scratching their heads of what could be the trouble. I was in tears the whole time and my gutt tells me that Little Bug is hurting and he is in pain. He isn't "just fussy". He is struggling somewhere inside of him. I am waiting now for word from the OR on how the Bronchoscopy went. Once he returns they have scheduled him for more blood cultures, X-rays and the like to see what has triggered todays events.

Please Dear Lord, let the docs find something, anything that will help them make Little Bug feel better. I feel pressed on every side, but even still, I trust you Lord. Reach down even now and touch our son!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Debi said...

You are in my prayers...poor Little Bug...moms know best I truely believe that..

I pray Lord for guidance through this journey ....peace for Little Bug and is so hard for us as parents to watch our children suffer....and truely Lori feels he is...please help her through this with your arms wrapped around them bringing her comfort....we never know the plan however we do trust in you..

Lori I am sorry for the rough day and will continue to pray...I pray for Randy as this is such a tough time to be so far away....

Loves and Hugs to your VERY special little guy....

Blessing ....


Heather Bennett said...

We are trusting you to work miracles in Connor's life right now. We pray for the eyes of every doctor today who looks at Connor. May their eyes be opened to what has been unseen. May their wisdom come from you and you alone who have created and can see the tiniest detail of the innermost workings of Connor. HEAL CONNOR's PAIN. We cry out to you on his behalf today. We stand in his place and ask for 100% relief for him. Speak peace into Lori's heart. Give strength where there is only weakness.
Thank you Lord for the work you are doing at this very moment.

Lori, something that has been brought to my attention through many songs so many times over the last few months is that in our weakest times all we need to do is speak the name of Jesus. I find that I do this so often myself and it truly calms my fears and brings healing and peace. So often, it just seems there are no more words to say or if there are, I just don't know them. Sometimes, I simply can't speak any other words except my precious Savior's name. WOW! JESUS! Even just a whisper of that one word and it seems that He just says back "PEACE, Be Still!" to my soul. I'm sure that you have been in this very place often over the last couple of months. But don't forget to speak His name.

I love you!

the haners said...

My mother heart hurts for you Lori. May you physically feel God's arms holding you and your little bug and bring peace, comfort, and healing solution to what is going on with him. We pray for wisdom for the doctors and divine direction and supernatural discernment, in Jesus name.


Anonymous said...

Wow Lori,
I can tell you that I am at a lost for words, but as always will continue to pray for answers to all of these questions as to what is the root of all of connor's struggles. Lord, please give those docs widsom and answers today. We know that you are never early and never late so we will continue to trust in you!

Lori, You are so incredibly strong and devoted and I know you must feel week but please do not forget about the army around you!!


Jacqueline Hendrickson said...

We are upholding you in prayer. You need a fresh wind.

Love, Jacqueline and all my boys

Anonymous said...

we are praying praying praying for answers and miraculous answers at that!!! We love you and thank you for your faithfulness to keep us updated even when you feel week. Jesus renew Lori's and Randy strength now and reach down and comfort little Connor and touch his little body with your healing touch we pray AMEN!
Sue, Randy & family

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