Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Today has been a quiet day of reflection for me as I recount the many days of our journey here. We've made friends with families and nurses and we've also said farwell to friends that get to go home and others that the Lord takes to Heaven. We celebrate victories with eachother and we grieve losses together as well. I look at Little Bug laying in his bed and the last 71 days seem to flood by in slow motion. Wow, what a road we have traveled. We've circled around a lot without making progress. We've slipped backwards. We've leaped forward. But we're not there yet. We have more ground to cover, more mountains to climb, more battles to fight!!!

I had a good heart to heart conversation with Connor's doctor today about the upcoming Bronchial Scope Study. The bottom line is this. If the study shows that Connor has a floppy airway, the only thing they can do is keep him on the c-pap to create that positive airway pressure. The catcher is this, you can't go home with a c-pap machine for infants and floppy airways are normally grown out of by 18-24 months. Yikes, I thought, we have to stay in the hospital for 2 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, that's not an option. The doctor explained that if this is the case then we will have to discuss a Tracheotomy. My heart is sinking just to think about that. At this point, this is the worst case senerio and we shouldn't jump to conclusions. But, the reality is that this very well may be the case. He already has a floppy upper airway and that is why he had the Epiglodyplasty surgery last month. The probability for the lower airway to be floppy as well is high, but not confirmed. So here's the deal.......We need to target this area in our prayers. We need to ask of the Lord what only He can do.....Heal Connor's airway, lungs and breathing patterns. As a mother I want to see Connor spared from yet another procedure, surgery and the like. I want him to develop and explore normally and not be impaired by outward devices. I am trusting in the Lord to preform a miracle and when they do this next study that he would pass with flying colors. God can heal Connor, I believe this!!! At this point, I am not sure of the day that they are planning to do the study, but I will keep you all posted.

Little Bug, I know you are a stong boy and you are such a fighter. We are proud of you and we know that eventually you will overcome all of these obstacles. We believe in you and your abilities. Please show those doctors that God is healing you from the inside out and let them see that your airways are strong!!!! Your daddy and I are praying for you constantly and we believe in you!!!!! Be strong and courageous!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Teresa said...

Dear Lord,

Hold connor in the palm of your hand. Provide your healing touch in his airways & Help him to get strong in Jesus Name! We ask for "peace that passes all understanding" to wash over Lori & Randy right now and give them an abundance of strength. Amen!

We ask for a hedge of protection over Randy on duty and give him assurance that you are right there with him, guiding him & protecting him so he will come home soon!

I ask for Lori an insurmountable abundance of faith & hope. We ask that your everlasting arms are around her climbing this moutain with Connor.

Our thoughts & prayers are with you, Teresa & Family.

Candy Bennett said...

Dearest Lori, I have pledged myself to daily prayer for Connor and you and Randy. Every day you face adventures that we can not even begin to imagine. I'm sure when you stand before our Lord some day you will understand and comprehend the incredible reasoning behind all that God is asking your family to do...until then have faith in the truth that God never makes a mistake, is not distracted in his devotion towards us on a personal level, and feels every frustration, pain, smile and relief you feel on every level.

While we are too far away to help in a physical way, believe me when I say that we are carrying your burden in an emotional and spiritual way. We bring your burden before the Lord daily in earnest.

We will focus on Connor's airway in prayer. We will praise the Lord with you when the prayer is answered!

Love, Candy Bennett

Anonymous said...

Psalm 112:1-2,7,8

Praise the Lord!How blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in His commandments. His DESCENDANTS will be mighty on earth; the generation of the upright will be blessed. He will not fear evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

Lori and Randy, I know your hearts are steadfast and you are in complete agreement by faith that there will be a healing of these airways without a trach. Our faith is united with yours and believing today for a great outcome and report and that HOME will be in the next week!

Much love and heartfelt prayers,

JoAnn Andro

Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Dear Lord~

We come to you on this beautiful spring morning and ask for some specific prayer requests for Connor Scott. Lord, we ask that you once again be his mighty healer. Intervene on his behalf and help the doctors see evidence of your miracles. Lord, you know Connor like no one else. After all, it was you who formed him in Lori's womb. Please Lord heal Connor's airway, clear his lungs and help him to be strong. We all love this Little Bug so dearly. We, too, do not want to see him undergo any additional procedures. But, we trust in you to give wisdom to the doctors so that Connor's breathing improves dramatically. Lord, we thank you for being the Great Physician. Lord, we thank you for giving humans knowledge for medical intervention. Oh, how we pray that little Connor wouldn't have to endure another surgical procedure before his pending heart surgery. We know that you can perform these mighty requests. Thank you Lord!


P.S. Lord, please wrap your arms around Randy, Lori and Connor today. Draw them closer to you and one another. We know that you can stand in the gap as Randy is on the other side of the planet. Keep him in your care and out of harm's way. Thank you Lord!

the haners said...

Lori, your post regarding "Kissing Heaven", was so very touching and beautiful. God has gifted you with such a great writing ability and I hope you that you compile all that you have written on this blog into memiors to savor in the future.

We want you to know that we prayed especially for little Connor in our prayer time today for divine healing from all his medical problems. We have been and will continue holding you all in our hearts and prayers.

It's so uplifting and inspiring to see how the Lord is holding you and using you in this difficult journey. God is using you in touching so many lives. As Esther was called for a specific purpose in her life, know that you are there for such a time as this and only eternity will tell all that has been accomplished for the kingdom of God.

May you continue to be sustained, comforted, and held close to God's heart as you continue this walk of faith. May you see God's hand move in powerful and supernatural ways of healing and restoration for your little love bug. Also, may you continually feel yourselves being held in the everlasting arms of our loving Lord.


Auntie Teresa said...


Hope Connor is having a good day. You all come to our minds often.

By the way, Ya know that cookie sheet that I STILL have at my house from Lynette's 40th that I borrowed from you???.... I did Art in Emma's kindergarten class yesterday & guess what they made?....they got to experiment with clay (playdough type) and they all made LADYBUGS!!...Of course this made me think of "little bug"!!! By the way sorry I got a bunch of kid's names on your cookie sheet with sharpie marker (had to write on bottoms of ladybugs!!! Kylie, Ben, Emma & Connor. I made one for little love bug....Anyway, hope you guys are having a good day!

Hoping for a mother'd day miracle!

Lovebug hugs, Teresa