Sunday, May 07, 2006

Unfortunate moment for dad....

Ok, here's some Sunday evening humor for you....This morning as Randy was getting ready in the 5th floor family bathroom he had an unfortunate event. He had just showered and as most men do, he was standing at the sink, stark naked shaving. I know, I know, too much information, but "bare" (pardon the pun) with me. Just about 1/2 way through his shaving job, the door to the "public" bathroom swung open and to his surprise, here is another parent (a mom, whom I'm sure was horrified) wanting to use the showers. There were shreaks of embarrassment on both parts and the door slammed shut. Randy's not quite sure who the unknown mother was, but he's hoping they don't meet face to face, or any other way again. Boy oh boy, you really have to keep your humor around here, but I think Randy's taking this a bit too far.....HA HA HA....Hee Hee Hee!!!!!!!

Lovebug Hugs,
Lori and one embarrassed husband (if you know what I mean)!!!!

PS ~ Just in case you're wondering, Randy did give his permission to post his unfortunate event!!!


Anonymous said...

It's nice to know that you two still have a sense of humor. Laughter is good for the soul. Randy have a safe trip and once again our thanks for serving our country.

Mo's Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Fun story, thanks for sharing!

I have just read all of your Sunday postings and I am so thrilled! I had been getting quite worried about y'all. It's a wonderful reminder of the miracles that God showers upon us.

Randy, safe travels to you. Thank you to your whole family and the sacrifices you make.
I will be praying for y'all!

Praising God in Georgia,

Emery six said...


Humble dear Randy, you brought some needed laughter to our house this morning by allowing Lori to share this funny story. You should send it in to Reader's Digest and get $300.00 for letting them print the story. :-)

Susan & John

Sister Teresa said...

Okay okay....I know what's going on here! Randy, I'm sure Connor's been getting lot's of attention but You know you could lock the door to the bathroom when shaving in the buff!!! Ha Ha!! Just kidding.

Thanks for the laugh!

Lori, You'll have to write that one down in Connor's baby book!!! What a story. Thanks for sharing.


Auntie Heather Milliren said...


How funny! Now, please, put on some clothes! I don't want to hear that you have been arrested at Children's Hospital for streaking or something like that!!

Your sister-in-heart/law

sis & auntie marsha said...

Randy, How funny!!! You have to remember to lock that door.

Randy & Lori, WHAT GOOD NEWS!!! What great pictures! I love the bug robe he look so cute in it. Can't wait to smother him with hugs and kisses from his auntie marsha!!!

cousin haley said...

Cousin Connor:

I Love you so much. I made a bug in children church yesterday. I will bring it to you See Ya

Love cousin haley

cousin Carly said...

Hi Connor

I glad your feeling better!!! I will come see you soon.

Love Carly

the haners said...

What a great way to start our day!! Randy's embarrasment was our enjoyment!! How hysterical and a great funny story to share with your little bug someday, when he can razz daddy with it. I bet that unknown mom hopes she doesn't run into Randy either.

We are so happy for you with all of the possiblity of Connor being able to go home and we will be praying for that to happen.

What a difference a day makes and what a joy to hear positive news and see the happiness glowing from you.

The pictures are absolutely darling. I had a chance to chat with Aunt Carla yesterday and she said, she would check out my questions regarding the Reems.

Again, you are such a blessing and inspiration to us and I'm sure all who read this blog.

Blessings and prayers for continued good and even greater new and complete healing for your little bug.


Anonymous said...

Okay, who ever said God does not have a sense of humor??!! THat is the best story.........I can just imagine it now.

Aunt Kathy said...

Randy~ I know why you didn't lock the bathroom door......... It was a slip down memory lane to the green army blanket. Hee Hee. Well, for all of you that are curious, when we were growing up in a home that was under remodel, our parents nailed a green army blanket over the door entrance for a substitute door until the bathroom was completed. Blanket down (bathroom in use) Blanket to the side (o.k. to enter) Randy, you knew what you were doing with the door closed, it was that lady intruder that didn't understand door closed concept. I hope you never come face to face, cause I can just hear your comments, watch out lady, Randy has a great sense of humor!!!!! Thanks for sharing the story, I needed that good jolt of laughter today, and pleaseeeeee knock the door next time, o.k.

Thanks for the darling pictures. I have said over and over that he is the most adorable littlebug ever!!!! I made the comment to Loren last night that it looked like Connor wasn't hooked up to all the monitors. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! I can't wait to hold him with out being connected to machines. Thank you Lord for hearing and answering our prayers. WOW, Connor getting ready to go home, what a celebration that will be. A magical moment in the precious life of littlebug. I can just imagine how your hearts must be flying high today with anticipation of walking out into the fresh air, sunshine and to drive home to finally being a family under one roof again. Lori and Randy, we will continue to pray for you both and for Connor to continue his upward journey to good health. Connor, I love you lots and lots, keep up the good job littlebug, listen to mama and daddy they know best and love you to the moon and back. Give Connor kisses from his Aunt Kathy.

Maureen said...

Randy & Lori,
I think Susan and John had a great idea to send this story in to Readers Digest....It could help pay the bills!!(The cheeseburger story would be good too)!!
Thanks Randy for keeping your pants on and the door locked at our house...we all appreciate it!!
Love, Maureen

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear that Conner is doing so great. I'm praying that he continues on this up-hill climb. Congratulations Conner!! You are so awesome litte man!!
On the other hand.....poor Randy.....or the woman who walked in on Randy....Oh well. It'll be a great story to tell Conner when he gets older. Kids love the stories that embarrass the
God Bless~Tia

Brenda said...

Uff-da, Randy!

Anonymous said...

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