Monday, May 08, 2006

Another day of the climb......

We are climbing once again today. Connor slipped a little bit today and spiked a fever. Guess what that meant??? Yup, more blood. This poor guy gets poked so much. After 7 attempts they finally got blood and put a new IV line in. We're still hoping he can get off the antibiotic so we can say goodbye to iv lines for a while, but we are still waiting on that one. Early this evening I met with more of the pulmonology specialists and they feel that Connor's X-ray did not exhibit any change since being on the steroids. They won't discontinue the steroids yet though, because they want to consult with one more doc. The docs I spoke with today are concerned about what's called Tracheal Malachia (sp??). Basically that means a floppy windpipe. They are requesting permission from Connor's main docs to do a Bronchial Scope where they would view his airway and windpipe with a fiberoptic scope. This would hopefully be able to tell them if Connor has a tendency to have his windpipe collapse. This could possibly explain the reason for his "episodes" when he gasps for air and his respitory rate goes sky high. We should know later this week if that is the case. We remain in ICU for the time being because the rooms on the floor cannot accomodate using the c-pap machine for infants. We are happy to be in the ICU. Everyone knows us there and they love Connor.

We had to say goodbye to daddy again this morning as he leaves for "unknown territory" early tomorrow morning. It was hard for him to leave today as we had such a great weekend with Connor. It's so sweet to see how Randy worries about us when he knows he's going to be gone. Thanks honey for your love and support. Thank you especially for working hard to defend our freedom and our country. You take your job so seriously and for that we are so grateful. I promise to keep our little bug safe and sound while you are away and we will try our hardest to continue on the path of healing. We miss you terribly already and we sense your absence in our hearts. But, we will pray for your safe and quick return to us, OK. I love you my dear. Thanks for being the greatest husband a girl could ever ask for.

I know it was great for all of you to hear our positive reports over the weekend. Please don't stop praying for Little Bug. He isn't out of the woods yet, and it seems we are always just a corner's turn away from slipping backwards. Connor needs to get stronger and healthier and our prayers are going to support his progress!!!! By faith we believe he will be up and feeling 100% better soon!!!

Lovebug Hugs,


Auntie Heather Milliren said...

Dearest Randy, Lori and Connor~

You can count on our continual prayers for all three of you. We are sorry to hear that Connor slipped back a bit today. But, we are confident that the doctors will figure out this "complicated little guy" soon.

"Lord we pray for wisdom. Please help these doctors to know exactly how YOU want Connor to be treated. Lord, give strength to Randy and Lori. Protect Randy as he goes into the "unknown" with his heart and mind on Lori and Connor. Lord, give Lori the patience (did I pray that word?) and strength to manage all of Connor's medical care. Thank you for the amazing staff at Children's Hospital. Amen"

Sending you lots of lovebug hugs for a good night's sleep,

Auntie Heather and family

Auntie Kathy said...

Dear Lord Jesus we ask that you will put your sheild of protection around Randy today and each day of his trip, until he returns home safely to his family. Give him clear thoughts and strength to do his job. Lord we continue to ask for healing for Connor. We know you knit him together in Lori womb, you know the number of hairs on his tiny little head and you love him way beyond are wildest comprehension. Lord, we pray that the Docs would have infinate wisdom, which can only come from you. Thank you Lord, for Lori and Randy's strong faith. We pray that you will give Lori an added amount of strength, peace and protect her mind from the frustration associated with hospital life. Lord, lift her up today and each day until Randy returns. Lord, we thank you that you have a plan (as hard as that is sometimes to accept) but we know that you do not make mistakes. Please continue your work of healing in Connor body. Sending lots of Love and Prayers, Aunt Kathy

Anonymous said...

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