Monday, March 20, 2006

Answers to prayers....

A morning view of Connor with his little lamb and new Prayer Bear looking over him.

A special visit with "Auntie Linda" and "Granny Kathy". You gals are awesome.

Hi Friends ~
We were visited today by our dear sweet Bible study pals who have honorary status as Auntie Linda and Granny Kathy. We so enjoyed an infusion of joy from these wonderful women of God and they even brought treats with them. Of course Randy loved the chocolate kisses (thanks Nita) and the little red prayer bear for Connor is adorable. We were also blessed by a special time of prayer for Connor and, as always, we gain so much strength from the prayers of the saints!!! We appreciate each and every prayer that is going up on our behalf. I know that God is answering your prayers and I must share a few specific and personal answers that I have already received.

Just the other day I was speaking with my sister-in-love Kathy, and she shared with me a specific prayer she had prayed for Connor the night before. She prayed that the angels would rub Connor's head the same way I do to put him to sleep. I was taken back by that because I pray every night that God would cradle Connor the same way I do since I can't pick him up. What an answer to my prayer that Kathy was praying specifically for Connor in this way. Thanks Kathy, I love you!

Another answer for Connor came in the form of one word, HOPE! During our first 5 days here at Children's another sister, Auntie Maureen, brought us a special Willow Tree figurine (something we collect) with a little boy holding a balloon that said "Hope" and then just today I received an email from another sister of my heart, Heather from Virginia, entitled "Hope". Every day I have also prayed that in the midst of all of our uncertainties that God would find creative ways to give us "Hope!" Thanks sisters for being a vessel that God is using in our hearts.

Yet another answer to prayer came with a nurse that I can't even remember her name. She called Connor a "mighty boy". Since Connor was born, we have prayed that he would become a mighty man of God. It's one thing for the nurses to speak sweetly to Connor and call him cutie pie, and lovebug, and muffin, but this particular nurse actually called out a character quality that we are praying for our son. Thank you unnamed nurse for being a voice of prophetic truth to us.

A few nights ago I was in the chaple here praying for Connor and I encountered the sweetest experience. I watched a little old lady come in bearing a small basket upon her arm. She looked like a very old version of Little Red Riding Hood. I watched her go about her business and then she came over to me and she asked in the shakiest of voices, "Are you praying for your baby?" I said, "Yes I am, his name is Connor." She then asked if she could give me a special prayer scarf to put in his hospital crib. I replied, "Yes!" She reached into her basket and pulled out a white and yellow scarf and said, "Here, this one is intended for a little boy and I just want you to know that when I sit and crochet these scarves I am praying for each child that will receive it. I pray for their healing in Jesus name and for their complete health to be restored." With tears in my eyes I received this special gift and she reached her hand out to pray with me. When she walked out of the chaple I knew I had been visited by a very special angel. You see I have also been praying that in our experience here we would encounter angels around every corner to bring us love, and encouragement. I know this was a specific answer to our prayers.

I am grateful for the way that you all are receiving these blogs and for your specific prayers. Please be faithful to share with us how the Lord lays it upon your hearts to pray for us. I will be faithful in return to report how you have been used in our lives.

Goodnight & Lovebug Hugs,


Mom said...

Lori you are the most famous daughter in the whole wide world. Just wanted to say goodnight and to tell you to give Connor a big love in the morning. Many times in the night now the Lord will wake us to pray. Love you very much


Anonymous said...

Well after reading your entry about the experience you had with the sunset, I know that I am suppose to tell you about my afternoon on this beautiful day of SPRING that we just had. I tried to type this all out earlier this after noon but was too distracted and could not find all the words,so here I go

About1 year ago Oct, I ran the Portland Marathon but since then I have not been able to get back into the groove to run. Everyday I seem to come up with some sort of excuse as to why I can not run and it almost seems as if it has become some sort of mental block,but today was a different day! I had spent some time earlier this morning on the phone with your sweet mom, read some of your blogs, did some house hold things then decided to hit the pavement running. James sent me off with some awesomes worship music and within the 1st 2 steps of the run.......who came to my mind but Connor! Tears filled my eyes and I literally gasped for air but I was in awe at the same time as I looked all around at the beauty of spring and the bloomed cherry blossom trees that bordered the side walk which Iwas running on. I began to think of one of your previous journal entries about Spring! I began to focus on all the beauty that was before me and decided at that moment that this run would be dedicated to Connor. I guess you can say it was like a prayer run instead of a prayer walk! Anyway I have to tell you that it was a very refreshing run and I was very touched by God, thanks to Connor!

During that run I had a lot of thoughts about God's goodness as I gazed around at all the beauty surrounding me. I then began to intercede for Connor and his family. The songs that came on during this time were sooo worshipfull but I must tell you of 1 spcifically that is for you. I was suppose to tell you this earlier today but now it has been confirmed that I should share this song with you at this moment. I guess better late than never right? LOL

As I was praying a song came on called "What Am I?" by Sean Mcdonald. Let me share with you the words Lori.....

2nd verse - As I look off into the distance watching the sun roll on, by beautiful colors all around me, painted all over the sky. The same hands that created all of this created you and I. What a beautiful God, What a beautiful God, What am I that I might be called your child, what am I , What am I that you may know me my King. What am I that you would die so that I may live. What am I?

As I look into the stars wonder how far away they are, how You hold them in your hands and you still know this man. You know my inmost being Lord even better than I know myself. What a beautiful God, What a beautiful God. ....

When this song came on I can not explain what I felt and the joy that filled my face as I continued on with this hard but good run. As I continued on with each step of the run I prayed that there would begin to be "step by step" of moving forward for Connor. IT was such a visual as I worked so hard up the hill but in order to make it up the hill I had to stare at my feet taking one step at a time. If I looked to the top of the hill I would feel too tired and overwhelmed and would have been tempted to quit but I knew where my focus had to remain. As I had these thoughts I just kept praying harder and harder for Conner and knew from the bottom of my literally POUNDING heart (due to cardio -LOL) that he will come out of this because he is a CONQUEROR!

Have a blessed night

john and susan, your hospital friend said...

Hi Randy and Lori,
You guys are such loving parents and an inspiration to Susan and myself. Your Sunday night reflection on Abraham's journey brought tears of inspiration to my eyes. We are blessed to have other strong believers with us here at the hospital. Susan will be there this afternoon (tuesday). I'm working today and will be around on Wednesday.

Dear Lord, make your face shine upon little Connor.