Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend Update...

Uncle Les, Auntie Marsha, Cousin Haley, Daddy & Mama with Connor.

Uncle Loren, Auntie Kathy & Cousin Kacie with baby Connor. If you look real close you can see a little stuffed "Abbey" dog on the back of the crib from Uncle Larry and Auntie Maureen. (Thanks guys, the dog is so cute!!!)

Hi friends ~

This weekend Connor has not had a lot of activity because he has been heavily medicated. Most of his moments have been spent sleeping peacefully. Since they wanted to keep him very quiet, I took some time on Saturday to retreat down to my folks house and check up on dad. He is recovering so nicely from his open heart surgery. His scar looks pretty impressive and I think my dad kinda likes to show it off!! HA! My mom is taking such good care of him and they are faithful to go on their daily walks to get dad stronger. Continue to pray for him because he is still in a time of recovery!!! I'm proud of you dad!!
Randy spent some time away on Saturday as well doing some dog training activities and we met back together at the hospital on Saturday evening. Today, Sunday, we were visited by lots of family and we had a great time visiting with everyone. Thanks for the visit Loren, Kathy, Kacie & Lindsay, Rick, Kathy & Sarah and Les, Marsha & Haley. We love the encouragement you bring to our hearts when you come to see Connor!!!

The doctors are starting to talk about weaning Connor off of the ventalator maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. Please pray that Connor can tolerate the breathing on his own and can show everyone what a big strong boy he is.

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