Saturday, March 25, 2006

Audio Blog?....what next!!!! Connor and Dad say HI

Hello folks....Daddy here with my little buddy "Connor". I keep telling him that we want him to get better soon so we can take him home and play with Abbey our dog! And he tells me to keep on praying so they will take all those "pipes" out of me!

this is an audio post - click to play


Anonymous said...

This is driving me nuts I can not get this to work or at least no sound is coming out and my volume is on. HMMMMMMM well I will try to look at it more later and see if we can figure out what is going on. I may just have to give your mom a call tomarrow to get the updates.
How cool it will be to actually hear you!

Connor & Mama said...

Hi Daddy,
Wow, it's so neat that you and mama got to leave audio blogs tonight. I guess I'm teaching both of you a lot about the computer and how to keep all of the army of prayer warriors updated on my progress. I feel really lucky that you and mama love me so much. Hey, I wanted to tell you a secret....I love it when you and mama call me "little bug" and especially when you say I love you all the time. I think all of those kisses and conversations are helping me to heal. I am particularly blessed when you both lay your hands on me and we say our nighttime prayers. God really does hear your prayers daddy. I know He is healing me on the inside and He will make my healing miracle known to you really soon, OK. I love you daddy and I can't wait to be home with you and mama so we can sing and play and snuggle. Tell Abbey I will be home real soon so we can play. You're the best daddy ever!! And mama's really cool too.
Little bug hugs,
Connor (and mama too!!!)

Denessen's said...

Randy & Lori,

How nice it is to hear both your audio voices! Now maybe you (Randy you can get in on this whole blogging thing more...although you know it might confuse some people!!!It took me like 15 min. to figure it out! (needed my earphones out in the car!!) Anyhow that is called persistence like Raeanne said and it is good for us. Tell our little lovebug(hope you don't mind we have gotten attached to that nickname too!) Hello & to be persistent & to just get better & better so he can go home soon with his playmate abbey & mama & daddy!

We love You guys & will have special prayer lifted up for him today at church.

Lovebug hugs, Teresa, Ted & kids

Kayleen said...

Randy, Lori and Conner

I have been so blessed reading you blogs. I am keeping all of you in my prayers.

Lori - your writings are amazing. After you come through the fire you need to put all of this in a book. God is using you not only to keep family and friends updated but also lifting all of us up with your insight to God's amazing love.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,
It is so hard to see those we love go through so much pain. Yet we thank you that you are so faithful. Your word says that You will never leave us or forsake us! Thank you that You've not left little Conner's side and that You have sent your Angels to watch over him. Thank you for the times that when Mama & Daddy can't comfort him with their arms, You are holding Conner in Yours! Though he can't talk, You hear every word his Spirit is saying to You! Even in the darkest moments, we will trust You. You are our strength!

Lord we pray when fear wants to grip the hearts of Mama, Daddy & all the family and friends, You would be the great Comforter, as You promised.

Thank you for all the amazing things that you've done and continue to do! Thank you that this family reflects Your Love so beautifully! That a hurting Mama still looks for people in this mission field (hospital) and cares for them and speaks Life to them in the hallways, elevators, and family rooms!

We pray today, they would sense your presence in such a powerful way and be reminded how much You love them all!

Continue to bless this family we pray in Jesus' name!

Anonymous said...

Randy & Lori,

The audio blog is awesome. Technology is amazing. It was great to see your Mom & Dad's picture Lori. They look great!!! Your "little bug" is adorable I love seeing his picture. What an incredible gift you got in his smile. God is soooo good and so faithful to us just when we need it. Praying for many smiles to come!!!!!!!!
Love Sue

Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez