Tuesday, March 21, 2006

End of the day...

Sleep tight little bug...

Ok, I know this isn't the best picture, but this is the newest contraption they have placed up Connor's nose. If you look really close you can see that Connor is blowing nose bubbles with the new tube. HA HA

Connor rigged up to breathe...his poor little neck has to be getting tired...

Connor with all of his tubes and IV's hooked up.

Hi all ~

Well, Connor has had a rough afternoon and evening. He is still struggling for every breath and they have literally spent about 2 1/2 hours in his room with him trying new things to help remedy the situation. He looks so tired from fighting. His little eyes are puffy from crying and his feet are literally purple from being poked. The doctors ended up having to give him steriods to try to bring the swelling down in his throat from the ventilator in efforts to open up the air passage ways. This did not work. Then they tried something called Heliox, which stands for Helium and Oxygen. They used the nasal canula to blow in both elements at once, but Connor couldn't handle the lower amount of Oxygen and his stats dropped into the 70's. This again did not work. They ordered X-rays and we are still waiting for results.

Now they are trying an NP tube in his nose to open up the passage way. I'm not sure right now what NP means but I will hopefully get a full explanation later. This seem to be allowing better movement of air for Connor. It's not working 100%, but it's not failing either. They have him drugged up again so that he won't fight this new apperatice in his nose, so he is sleeping at the moment. My oh my for what he is going through. They are watching him very closely this evening and I can tell that the intensity of the doctors has changed. I can tell they are worried that he seems to not be able to breathe without assistance. Please pray that his passage ways open completely to allow free air to flow through his body.
I am grateful that the docs aren't rushing to re-intibate him, but I also hate to see him like this. Once again, we must rally together and pray for the docs to have perfect wisdom on how to proceed with Connor. They keep calling him a "complicated boy" and I think that Connor just wants to keep us all on our knees praying for him!!
Thanks for the visit tonight Larry & Maureen, Kyle, Tyler and Derek. It was great to have you here at the very time the docs were with us. I needed your strength and your company...Thanks!!
Randy is home in Auburn tonight after leaving from here to help my folks out with their lawn. I could tell that my dad was getting frustrated that the lawn wasn't mowed on Saturday when I was there so when I talked to Randy about it yesterday, he was more than willing to jump in and help. Thanks honey for looking out for Dad and Mom. He also had to spend some time working at the base today, so he will rejoin us here at the hospital tomorrow.
As for me, my heart is heavy with worry for sweet Connor tonight. After watching him struggle most of the day I am exhausted from what my eyes have seen. Oh how I pray that God will put an eraser on my eyes so that I don't remember some of the sights I have seen. Only God can wipe away some of these memories. May I wake tomorrow with new hope and may Connor feel strength in his body and the breath of God in his lung. Thanks for your prayers faithful bloggers!!
Lovebug Hugs,


Anonymous said...

Randy, Lori and Connor,

We are praying that God will raise Connor up to a level of strength that will amaze the Doctors, so even they will have to bring glory to God.

Our prayers are also with you, that the Holy Spirit would minister strength and peace to your bodies and souls.

Sorry it's taken me so long to write, I was having trouble understanding the whole blogger thing and my schedule in here at the computer at 4:00 AM was not corresponding with Steve's waking hours. :)

We love you, and hope to be able to meet Connor in the near future. You never know, this little boy may acutally get me to venture into Washington if we can swing it. :) Wish we could be there for you now...yet I think that would just add more to your plate and you need all your strength for Connor and each other. Just know that our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.

I'm glad to here that your Dad is doing well enough to be frustrated by the lawn. :) How wonderful that Randy was there to be able to help out.

Steve was wondering if you would mind him telling his listeners about your blog? He has 1 or 2 who also have Downs Syndrome babies and expressed that they would be praying for you.

We understand if you don't want him to let them know.

I hope you have a better day and that Connor breathes peacefully so he can get rest and strengthen.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lori I just had written you and then i clicked something wrong and I eraced the whole thing. Connor is truly stretching me into new things.
As I was writting this morning I wanted to share with you my heart waking up so early. Maybe the Lord wants me to write it twice for me to realize that His word is stronger than anything I could say.
Is.4l:lO Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am YOUR GOD. I will STRENGTHEN YOU, surely I WILL HELP YOU, surely I WILL UPHOLD YOU with MY RIGHTEOUS RIGHT HAND.
Lamentations 3:21-24 This I recall to my mind, therefore I have HOPE. The Lord's lovingkindnessES INDEED NEVER CEASE, for His COMPASSIONS NEVER FAIL. They are NEW EVERY MORNING;
the Lord is my portion, says my soul, THEREFORE I HAVE HOPE IN HIM.
Lori when I got up this morning I remembered when I would get up with you when you were a baby when you were sick and how we would pray that the morning would bring a miracle that you would feel better and also would pray that when you had a baby that God would be your strength for your little one. Oh Lori this we pray right now that God would bring strength and healing for precious Connor. Just like that one song says breath of heaven fall afresh.... on Connor breath into him Lord renewed strength to make him a very strong boy. Oh Lord we pray that you would be the lifter of Lori and Randy and Connor's heads and show them Lord that you are not a man that you would lie but that you are their refuge you are their strong tower you are their peace their comfort their strength you Lord are mighty and Lord like it says in your word your ear is not dull that it cannot hear you hear all the prayers even when they are whispers in the night oh Lord surround Lori and Randy and Connor with you loving strong arms and hold them close to your heart.
We truly love you to the last number and back again and clear to the moon and like you say lovebug hug and kisses to you.
Always remember when we realize that God is so big He is still bigger than what we think.
This little song has been going through my mind....
What a healing Jesus I found in you
What a healing Jesus you
You're my healing Jesus for such
a time as this..
Arise on healing wings son of
Oh dear Lori and Randy may God's pressence fill Connor's room today you never know you may even feel a breeze fom the wings of the angels. Ps.91:11 For He will give His angels charge concerning Connor, Lori and Randy to guard you in ALL YOUR WAYS.
Love you and we'll talk to you tomorrow uffda that's pretty soon.:) Love Mom

support from Canada said...

Hi Connor,

Your Mom's words are so touching and bring tears to my eyes.
I shared your website yesterday with my walkingbuddies and I'm sure you will be in their prayers too every day.

Hang in their strong young man,
You are one of the Robertson's clan

Lori, Randy and family, I wish you all the strength in the world, also from Opa.

Love Oma Denessen.

Candy Bennett said...

Oh what a sweet handsome little man. So delicate and yet fighting so strongly! Praise The Lord for HIS strength. Lord, be with Connor this very moment. Give his body peace and his heart a gentle pace. Give his mama encouragement from your intervention. Let them both know your presence in a calm way.

Candy Bennett

Anonymous said...


I am continuing to pray for you and your family. They are so precious. No matter where or what I did, I knew throughout my life, that i could find a loving friend in you and your family. Constantly fervently praying continuously for Connor and Randy and Yourself. Love, Darina

Auntie Maureen said...

Although those pictures are hard to publish they do give a sense of all he has gone through. It also helps people have a visual of what to pray for. He's such a pumpkin. We love him to pieces.
Love Auntie Maureen
PS Connor: Uncle Larry says you look like Grandpa John when you're sleeping in those pictures. Don't tell Grandpa this but I think you're much better looking :) !!