Thursday, March 23, 2006

I take great delight in you...

Yippee....Daddy's back!!!!!

Today was such a great day with Connor. I sat for hours holding him and cradling him and at one point in the afternoon I whispered in his ear, “Little bug, I take great delight in you!” As I watched his every breath and his every movement and twitch I was overwhelmed with delight. I just looked up the word delight in the dictionary (my mom would be proud!) and this is what it said, “To find enjoyment in, to take pleasure in, to find pleasing to the eye, to be excited to behold, and to fill ones countenance with joy!! Wow, that is exactly how I felt today. I found delight in the tracking of his eyes with mine. I took pleasure in his ability to snuggle into the crook of my arms and fall off to sleep. I was excited to behold my beautiful boy and I found him incredibly pleasing to my eyes. It’s amazing how one little life, Connor’s little life, has changed me from the inside out and filled me with more love than I ever thought possible.

Being a mother now, I find myself gushing with a waterfall of love for Connor. How can such an innocent child capture your heart and melt your heart all at the same time?? What an amazing gift our son is!! He is teaching me so much about the way God loves us. I was just talking with a friend last night and I was sharing with her that I have to say thank you to Connor so often because he is teaching me so much about Jesus. Even as I write this blog I am reminded of the scripture in Psalm 149:4a that says, “For the Lord takes delight in His people…” And to think that my love for Connor is just a tip of the iceberg of God’s great love for us. I believe that this is one of many lessons that Connor has in store for his mama. I look forward to each new realization and to each special truth that our little bug will teach us. Thank you Lord for this wonderful illustration of your love for us.

As I was searching for the scriptures in the Psalms I also came across a great verse that seems to describe my experience over the past few weeks. Ps. 92:10 says, “But you have made me as strong as a wild bull, how refreshed I am by your blessings.” I believe this describes what God has been doing in me over the past days. I know that God is giving me the strength I need to get through each day and it’s not a common strength. It is strong as a bull!!! I have described to many of you that there are days where I can’t even feel my feet on the ground. I believe that, through all of your prayers, God is allowing me to glide through the toughest of days with a beautiful sense of grace!! And the blessings that my eyes are beholding are countless. Whether it is a small victory for Connor or whether it is bringing encouragement to another family in the waiting room, there are great and marvelous blessings that I see here.

I will leave you with this challenge before I head off to bed….Take time in your day, in your world, where you live at the moment to take great delight in those you love. If you take a minute to see them with that awe inspiring kind of love, I promise it will change the way you look at them forever. May you be captivated by your delight this very day!!

Lovebug hugs,


Anonymous said...

Can I just say one more time......."that you need to write a book one day!" James and I will read all of your entries and just say......."WOW!" God is good and you do have the strength of a Bull.
Good night

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Randy and Lori and precious Connor,
It's kinda early yet but I just couldn't sleep the Lord is so good in the morning hours and it's just so quiet to listen to Him. When I came to check the computer before going back to bed I was so excited to see that picture of Randy and your words yepee opps i may have mispelled that ha and also your new pictures of the day and then to read what you shared oh Lori can you imagine if you feel those exciting feelings how it makes the Lord feel when we tell Him how much we love Him so many times when I get all wrapped up in so many things I get at a distance from the Lord and then when I come to my sences and run back to Him He must say also yepee shes back. Oh Lori thank you for putting words to express your heart and your excitment for the mircles for Connor today He is becoming such a strong boy can you imagine what the Holy Spirit is revealing to him through each step of his healing oh to be in the heart of a little one. It makes me think of our precious Brayden when he says oh God I just love you God. I can just see Olivia, Brayden,Bergen Luke and Connor someday playing and then Connor could say hey guys let me tell you what Jesus did for me when I was really little at Children's Hospital you know that could really happen someday so I'm going to ask the Lord to get my grandma ears all ready not to miss the words that come out of their little mouths. Just think if Connor had words right now what he would say to you and Randy. Yepee mama and daddy love me soooooo much and yes you both see those words when he looks at you so intently. I think of that verse in Ps. where it says the Lord has done great things for us and we are glad. Just like today when dad and I went to the doctor for his first appointment after surgery and the doctor said that dad was doing amazingly well oh how thankful we both were to the Lord for his healing and for the wisdom of the doctor alot sure has happened in a few short months God truly knew and He sure has given the strength not only now but for every day that comes.
We pray so much that Connor has had a good sleep in the night and that you and Randy have also had good sleep in the trailer. Just think of all the memories in that trailer all our camping trips and the smells of meals we've made and the games we've played yes Randy I will learn to play Rook ha all the times we've listened to tapes late at night and how good we slept. We would have never thought that someday that trailer would be parked at Children's Hospital for you and Randy to have as your little home as you care for your precious little bug. Just think God knew and He has everything in His hands oh thank you Lord for taking care of our children and our precious grandson.
We'll talk to you later today and we pray you each have a really good day. We love you so very much clear to the moon and back again.
Love Dad and Mom XOXOXO


Heather & Brennan Bennett said...

Uncle Randy and Auntie Lori,
Hi!Baby Connor looks so happier!
I love you and I'm going to play on the computer now.

Randy and Lori,
Brennan and I were just looking at all of the pictures from yesterday. Brennan saw the 1st pic of Lori holding Connor and with joy said, "Baby Connor looks much happier!" This morning as I told the kids how much better Connor did yesterday, Brennan said, "I hope he gets better and better and better.":)

I know those are simple things, but children just seem to thrill your hearts, so I thought I would share them with you.

I can't wait for the day that you call me and say, "You wouldn't believe what Connor said to me today." :) I smile just thinking of it.

I have to get on to my activities for the morning, but I wanted you to know that before you were ever awake today (at least I hope you weren't awake yet) prayers were being said for you three.

Love you all!
Heather & Brennan

Lauren Bennett said...

Uncle Randy and Auntie Lori,
I Love Connor.I love you guys. Connor looks happy.
Love Lauren

(short and sweet :))

Susan Milliren said...

Dear Lori, Randy, and Connor,
You have been ever present in our prayers and thoughts. I was so releaved to see you holding Connor today. Oh how your arms must ache when they are empty! I pray that you will be able to return to breastfeeding soon- it is such an amazing gift for mother and child.

Your blog today made me think about my latest realization as a new mom. I have been entirely amazed that my love for my son keeps growing! I know that I love him fully, mindfully, and gratefully and do not hold back. So I think to myself that I cannot possibly love him any more than I already do, yet somehow I fall more in love with each new day and with each new thing he learns and with each new revelation of his unique personality. As I sit here today with my joyful 16 month old, I think that it is impossible to love any more than this, yet know that tomorrow my heart will swell again.

I wish you the blessing of each new day to fall deeper and deeper in love with your precious boy. I pray for the day that he gives you that first, sweet kiss (The sloppier the better- yesterday I was blessed with a chicken nugget, runny nose kiss and couldn't have loved it more!).

One last thought, it sure does make you appreciate, at a whole new level, your parents' love for you once you have a child of your own, doesn't it?

Susan (with love and prayers from Jason and Tyler)

P.S. I agree with the post that you should write a book. I was thinking the same thing. I think you could turn your blog into a book just as it is.

Anonymous said...

Hi lori- My name is Dakota. My mom told me she told you about The Gigantic Little Hero. I wanted to tell you I am praying for Conner & prayinng that Jesus makes him & you really strong. Remember Phil. 4:13 I can do anything threw him who gives me strength.
from Dakota.

Amber Berck and Family said...

Hi Lori,Randy and Connor-

What a true blessing and answered prayer that Connor is doing well. We will continue to pray for him as well as the family. May you all get rest and peace as you endure each new day. We hope that we can be able to meet connor and the family soon. I am sure the boys will get along well with him another playmate :)

Love Always the Fam from California
Aaron, Amber, Caleb and Isaac Berck

Tara Marie said...

Hello Lori, Randy and Connor.....we wanted to say hello and tell you that we are praying for sweet Connor. We join you on this journey of 'the road less traveled' and want you to know that it is the most amazing journey you could ever imagine.

Connor is just precious and we will keep him in our daily thoughts and prayers!

Peace, Tara Marie & Emma Sage and family