Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ventilator out...for now

This afternoon we made a big transition. Thd docs decided that Connor was ready to be extibated (that means removing the ventilator). When the respitory team came to do this Connor seemed to tolerate it just fine, but then 15 minutes later he began his struggle for breath once again. I could tell that the docs were worried about this because when they listened to his lungs they said they sounded great. What then would be happening to compromise his breathing in this way??? They started the heavy meds once again to settle him down and get the breathing under control. Since the surgery on Friday, the medical team made the decision not to use the c-pap any more because it could force pressurized air into Connor's belly and this could be disasterous for him. So what that means is that he will have to be re-ventilated if he can't start breathing properly on his own. Please pray that his breaths would be smooth and even. Please pray that he would be peaceful and restful so they don't have to keep drugging him up.

I was able to hold Connor for about 15 minutes when the ventilator came out. However, he was so upset I couldn't even calm him down. What great frustration fills my heart not to be able to soothe my own little bug!! He seemed to be in pain, and maybe he was from his incision for the tummy tube. I ended up laying him back down on his wedge (that we affectionately call "the throne) and he quieted down nicely. Hopefully after he rests for a while they will re-assess him and he can continue to be off the ventilator. I will keep you posted on what the rest of the day holds for us.
Lovebug Hugs,

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Heather Milliren said...

Lori, Randy and Connor Scott:

We are praying that Connor can stay off of the ventilator and such strong medication. We are holding your hands long distance too. Thank you for your words of encouragement to us--your extended family away from Connor's bedside. We pray that each of you will continue to feel the Lord's presence.

My co-worker, Cindy, called this morning and shared with me all of the blessings that she and her husband experienced admist all of the pain while at Children's so many years ago. I know that she wrote you an e-greeting last Thursday, but I wanted to remind you of one specific thing she wrote about. Her little girl, Victoria, was there in the springtime too. One of the few opportunities that she and her husband had to get outside ended up being an amazing blessing. The blooming cherry tree lined parkway that leads up to the hospital was such a gift from the Lord. They refer to them as "Victoria's trees." So, the next time you and Randy can slip away for a few moments, go outside for a walk and enjoy "Victoria's trees." Let them serve as a reminder that despite the ups and downs of Connor's progress, the Lord is always, always there to be your comfort and guide.

I don't know if there isn't a moment in the day that I don't think of the three of you down there at Children's. In fact, this morning as I bathed my little guy I kept getting this strong sense that Bergen was trying to tell me something. I think it went something like this. "Mommy, when will Connor be able to play with me? I can't wait to teach him all of the signs that I know. Wouldn't it be fun to have a bubble bath with him, too? I think I could show him a thing or two. Please tell him to be strong and get better."

I know that you are waiting for the day to leave the hospital and head for home and Connor's spa. Won't that be wonderful!

Lori and Randy, I think I will go ahead and speak for the majority of the people who take the time to read Connor's blog. Your words and pictures are such an incredible gift to us. Your testimony speaks volumes. To think that it should be us who serve as an encouragement to the two of you. And, once again, you have reversed the roles.

A long time ago I shared with you how when I think of you, Lori, I think of someone who has chosen joy. It is no doubt that you once again have chosen joy to penetrate your every being. You radiate joy even when you have faced so many trials at Children's. You are an amazing woman, wife, mother and best of all, sister-in-heart. Please continue to be strong for your little lovebug. And, give him a BIG hug from Auntie Heather.

Randy, you cease to amaze me, too. You are full of energy beyond comprehension. I think you must have a little "Tigger blood" in you! I am so thankful to the Lord that you are able to be there for Lori and Connor. Thank you for having strong hands to hold your little family. Excuse me--OUR little family.

Connor, my little bug-a-boo, do your very best to show all of the medical personnel that God made no mistake when He created you. I admire your stamina and desire to make yourself known in the ICU ward. Keep working on getting better so that you can go home and enjoy your airplane room and toys. I love you little bug.

Big squeezes from Mt. Vernon.

Auntie Heather