Thursday, March 23, 2006

A better day for Connor...

Mama and "little bug" snuggling .....It's been a good day!!!!
Lots of snuggle time.

Little Bug snoozing on his tummy...

Lunchtime surprise with Marsha, Erin and Kathy. Thanks gals, the "real" food was great!!!
(Kathy's taking the picture...)

Proof that Connor started Pedialyte through his G-tube today. in his tummy!!!

A view from the top of Connor getting all of his tubes and lines cleaned today!!
Nurse Becky was so great today...what love and kindness she showed to Connor.

Connor wide awake and ready to play....

Connor and Mama.....I think Connor's saying, "Mama, where's my daddy???"

Hi Everyone ~

What a good day it is today!!! Although Connor had a rough time throughout the night, he awoke to the morning sun with new strength. What an answer to prayer to see him happy and breathing easier. The docs decided that Connor doesn't need the collar to help position him for better breathing. They concluded that the swelling was probably the biggest culprite of the breathing, but he still isn't out of the woods yet. If, when the swelling goes down completely, he is still having trouble they will need to look into some different avenues of treatment. But for now, he is improving and God is answering our prayers.

We had another major milestone today. Connor was ok'd to start pedialyte through his G-tube. What a miracle!!! He has been tolerating a tiny amount of volume in his tummy and this is an excellent sign that he will be able to get back to mama's milk within a few days. He will still have to go at a very slow rate so that the volume doesn't stretch his little tummy too far, but it is definately progress!! If all goes well, we may be out of ICU in about 3-4 days!! Once we get down to a regular room they will order a swallowing study for Connor to see if he is safe to take his feeds orally. If he passes, then our hope is that Connor could get back to nursing!! What joy this would bring to mama (and daddy too)!!! Please pray on Connor's behalf that he could get to this point soon. I will keep you posted on the progress in this area!!

Lori enjoyed a nice visit today with Kathy, Marsha and Erin. They brought homemade food for lunch and that was such a treat!!! We had a nice little luncheon out on the deck of the family room. They even brought a table cloth and pretty napkins (with bugs) and plastic champagne glasses. Thanks gals, your visit did my heart good!!! Lori's cousin Janel also came to say hello and she got to see how good Connor was doing. Thanks for taking time out of your day for us Janel, it was really wonderful to see you!!!

The entire afternoon was spent holding Connor and snuggling as he slept. This was the longest, uninterrupted time mama has had with Connor since Feb. 28th!!! What fun it was just to smother his cute little face with kisses!!! Oh happy day!!!!

As I write this blog we are anxiously awaiting Daddy's return to us!!! We will spend our first night in the vintage trailer tonight!!! We lost our sleeping closet as the ICU is packed today!!! We pray that Connor has a great night of resting and an even better day tomorrow!!! I hope you enjoyed the pics above. We will take more tomorrow with Connor and Daddy.

All our lovebug hugs,


The Pogreba's said...

So happy to hear this wonderful news of such a great day. We will be praying for Connor to continue this turn toward restored health and for his little tummy so that the wonderful bonding and love that goes with nursing him can be restored to you.

Richele & Nick

The Maulins said...

We are so happy to hear that Connor had a much better day today. It is so nice to see you smiling and of course cuddling Connor. We will continue to pray for healing and strength. Talk to you soon.

Gary, Lynette and kids

Jennifer Klefstad said...

I was so excited to read your latest entry Lori! Praise the Lord!!!! I pray daily for your little bug that he will gain strength and get to go home with his mommy and daddy as soon as possible.

I love the pictures....he's such a beautiful little guy!!!

Blessings to you,
Jennifer Klefstad

Heather Bennett said...

Praise the Lord! God has been and continues to be so good!
Randy and Lori, it is so good to see Connor so awake, alert and responsive to his mommy. What a cutie he is. Lori, I am so happy that you once again were able to cuddle with your little "cuddlebug" today. I know the joy that brings a mommy's heart. I know that there are many long days still to come, but moments like these, when the progress is so visible and exciting are treasures. God is so good to give these treasures to us.

Hopefully you will be able to get some good rest tonight. I pray that your times of rest are maximized miraculously.

Give Connor an extra squeeze for me.

Connor, you eat up and get big and strong. Auntie Heather can't wait to come spend some fun times with you! Give your mommy an extra hug for me.

We love you all!
The prayers continue!
Heather B.

Emery six said...

Let it be known that the Lord does answer prayer! Thank you Lord! I couldn't believe how calm you were through Connor's crisis. You have been blessed with the strength of the Lord! We are so glad you had nurse Becky. She was one of our favorites in the ICU. She stopped by Brent's room today and mentioned you guys. She is so sweet and had such nice things to say about you guys.
Your hospital pals,
John and Susan

Anonymous said...

Yeah! So happy to hear you had a good day today. Connor being so alert in the pictures is such a blessing. We're coming(Mom & I) tomorrow to visit- hopefully around noon..can't wait to see our little "lovebug" and You & Randy!!

Prayers go up for Connor daily & hourly as you are all on our minds. Will pray for Continued healing & passing swallow test..Good luck Conner! Get Strong you Mighty Man of God!

Love & God bless, Teresa

Emma said...

Auntie Lori, Uncle Randy & Cousin Connor,

I love you! You are my sweet baby cousin....I'm glad you feel so much better.I pray for you every night.

Love, Emma

Chloe said...

Auntie Lori, Uncle Randy & Cousin Connor,

I love you and I can't wait to come down & see you! I have been praying for you and I'm so glad God heard my prayers. Get strong & give your parents attitude!

Love, cousin Chloe

Maureen said...

When you said Connor was having a better day you really meant a better day!! He looks so much more comfortable and happy than he did just 24 hours ago.(of course being in Mommy's arms helps!) WOW! Praise God for His mighty touch on Connor. What a wonderful present. I realized today is exactly in between both yours and Randy's birthdays. There is no better gift that Connor can give the two most important people in his life than to feel better. Happy Birthday to both of you from your little man.
Love, Maureen

Mike & Tonia said...

Hello Family,

What a difference a day makes! Everyone looks better today. "He gives strength to the weak, and to those who lack might, He increases power...". Continue to rest in Him and trust He will complete the work.

God Bless,

Mike & Tonia

Anonymous said...

YEAH YEAH PTL PTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved hearring the GREAT NEWS Lori! You look so good and refreshed!! It is amazing how different we feel when everything is better with the ones we care about sooo much. Today we prayed again for Connor at bible study and when we sang the song "I'm Desperate for you" - or maybe it is called "Breath" I went up to interrupt the song and challenged the ladies about what it means to truly be desperate for God. I then used another story about Connor and how he has had such difficulty "breathing" to help demonstrate this. I also talked about how we take life and our walks with God for granted. I sharred how Connors parents are desperate to see the move of God in that hospital and so on. I really knew it was God to share about Connor again and like your mom has sharred with me.....he is already a little missionary. He responded to that call when he was in your womb I hear hee hee. Now look at all the lives he is touching.
We love you guys and hope to get up to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lori, that is sooooooo WONDERFUL!!! Oh how beautiful COnnor is, and looks so at peace today!!! Praise GOd for His Miraculous touch from HEaven!! I remember when Kenny (my son) was a baby,he was so very sick, and it was so hard. But God also touched his life as well. The prayers will NEVER cease!!! Love ya, Darina

Heather Milliren said...

Oh Lori and Randy,

I am so thankful that Connor had a much better day yesterday. And, I will pray that today is even better. What an incredible gift from the Lord!

So, how was your night in the trailer? I bet it was great to be back in Randy's arms again. Yes, Randy, you have beat us on camping with a baby by four months. There I said it! :)

Enjoy your today with your son. Please give him great big lovebug hugs from Auntie Heather.

Love, Heather
(Your sister-in-heart)

Anonymous said...

Conner (Lori and Randy)-
Little man I just want you to know that your life has really impacted me. I think and pray about you often and I feela special connection with you that I know is from God. Sorry it has taken me so long to write to you but I just want you to know that I know you are going to grow up and be a mighty warrior for Christ. God has such a great plan for your life and He is placing a special love in your heart that few will understand, but many will experience. YOu are such a precious boy and just keep up the good fight!
All my love from South Africa,
Your big sister and auntie Ashley (Johnston)