Monday, March 20, 2006

A couple of pics of things we've talked about...

Here's a close up of the IV line that Connor had in his head where he received his blood transfusion.

Daddy, mama and Connor with our surgeon, Dr. Kim.
Thanks Dr. Kim for preforming a successful surgery for our little bug!!!

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Andrea said...

Lori, Randy & Conner ~

I am so blessed to know and love you guys! Pleae know that my prayers are constant. I just can't wait to see this "famous" little fellow! He has captured all of our hearts through his mama & daddy's words, the pictures of him and the prayers that we have been faithful to send. Lori, I know that the words "endurance" and "faithfulness" are not new to you, and it appears that by you learning them before Conner was born, not only brought you to Randy, but has allowed God to bless Conner with these traits as well! I am so in awe of the gift of motherhood God has blessed you with, he is amazing. It is evident through your writing that you are a natural (not that anyone would have doubted that you would be)! Please give Conner a great big squeeze for me and tell him that I am so proud of him! I love you guys!!!

Love & Prayers,